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I have talked about how an individual like you can actually do something great for yourself from the comfort of your home. However, today I am here to tell you one of several ways you can make money online in Nigeria without a website by utilizing the Kaymu’s platform. 


I am sure you must have heard of E-bay that gigantic website where you can buy and sell.

You need not worry if haven’t heard of it. This is because the Nigerian alternative is just at your door and you can deploy it as a strategy to make cash online.

Is making Cash Online in Nigeria without a blog Possible?

>For those doubting Thomases out there who aren’t ready to step out of their comfort zone-this article isn’t for you, so don’t bother to read this article anymore-because nothing and I mean nothing will cause you to make that money because you have deep attitudinal problem which you must deal with first.

However, for those who are ready to suffer a little discomfort just to make an amazing #839,547 in 3 months selling on Kaymu as NaijaPreneur did, then this article is for you.

But before I step into how you can deploy this platform to make money, I want to tell you of something you need to know something. A little history before I show you how to sell things online without a website.

What is that?

You see Tito the owner of Naijapreneur in an interview with Lukas Zel, the MD of Kaymu asked a big picture question; “what’s the bigger purpose for Kaymu in Nigeria beyond the obvious- Naira and Kobo? And he replied; “to empower Nigerians through eCommerce by building the safest and easy to use online market place community where genuine buying and selling can take place.”

Wow! What a dream and something which you can also be part of-if only you believe.


It’s simply buying and selling. One question on your mind may be; “How can I get a shop?”

If that’s your problem, then don’t be worried because what you need to simply do is to walk into the closest shop to you and strike a partnership with them.

Here is the Game

Inform them that you would be willing to promote their product for them and they should give you something in return.

If you’re successful in concluding this arrangement, simply move on to the next step.

The Next Step

Set up an on-line shop on Jumia Market Place.

Setting up the shop is quite easy, and no-big deal if you ask me. After setting it up-you would need to load up quality image photo on the site. These images are product which you are going to sell.

That is it, so when you are done you can await Kaymu’ to send you e-mail of potential buyers requesting your items. Then move forward and close the sales. You see it’s possible to make money online without a website in Nigeria.

If you’re however skeptical-let me let you into the benefit of utilizing Kaymu

Benefits of Selling Online in Nigeria on OLX

make money selling online
Blackberry Buys

- It gives you a wide reach: people from far and wide are able to know your product.
- The shop is on 24hrs a day, 7 days a week

- it gives you room to expand your brand: Do you want to plant your brand name in your nation’s space? Then Kaymu’s is it, as it gives you the opportunity to increase the number of people that visit your shop.

- You can provide your (prospective) clients with up to date information about you business: You can actually do this without a blog, you can do this using facebook-so go get a great fan page.

- It offers a cost effective and convenient way of staying in touch with your existing client base and keeping them informed of developments within your business. And you can do this without even visiting the printing banners or fliers, or mailing hundreds of letters.


Now you’ve seen the inherent benefit. It’s up to you to go out there and start up your business-don’t forget to drop a comment about what you think as am all ears. If you feel there is a challenge you’re going through, don’t forget to share it with me and I will see how I can help.


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