The Genius Move That will Knock Millionaires your Way

I came across an awesome marketing article strategy that targets millionaires. It’s a simple strategy that you can use if you desire to catch the big fish in your industry.

And when I mean it’s a simple strategy-my two cents it’s really simple. However, for it to work you must be authentic and really know how to create catchy title-i.e clickable title because without a worthy title you will not get that e-mail opened.

So let’s get going

The Email Strategy to Generating Awesome Profit

Generating profit from your proposition can only occur if you’re capable of increasing your sales conversions.

And to be frank with you this can be difficult if you’re just a new entrant into that industry, except maybe you have a big marketing budget to place you strategically on facebook or other big websites.

So How do You Convert Millionaires when you don’t have a Track Record

1) Be Yourself

According to Gabe of, “ Being yourself is critical to success”

People most times try to replicate an idea without letting their personality shine through. They forget that it’s at best an imitation.

He also said “Authenticity drives a good tactics home to homerun, while just copying another person’s tactic has mild success.”

2) E-mail Them:

 Having decided to be yourself, the next step is for you to e-mail them. Your e-mail should address their key concerns, what I mean is that you should not only tell them what the problem is but how you’re going to solve their problem.

I guess most people fear will be-if I tell them how to solve their problem in detail-they will simply use the information and forget about me.

My Response

This could actually happen, and this is a risk you should be willing to take. No person becomes successful if he isn’t willing to take a risk.

However, note that these guys are busy people and are more likely to hire you or employ you to do the gig since they have less time to do it themselves.

Below is a copy of the e-mail Neil Patel sent to investor Michael Moritz.
For the original article read: How I Built My First Business Though E-Mail Marketing

3) Be Polite:

When you shoot across an e-mail, your e-mail should not drive home the fact that you’re arrogant and one other thing is that you should not in the act of writing the e-mail send vibes that makes them feel that they are a bunch of fools.

Your attitude instead should convey to them the improvement your offer brings on the table in a polite manner.

4)  Be Persistent:

Michael Faraday is one guy who thought me that persistence pays. His persistence made him succeed in finally discovering electricity.

So in this case, even if your e-mail is not responded to-don’t shy away from trying again “Those who are shy to try again are certainly shying their way to failure.” ~Peter Kanayo

Why Should this Work

It will work because in Psychology there is what we call the act of reciprocation- It works this way (especially for the millionaire cadre)

I help you point out a problem; so in essence I am doing you a great favour.
So the person who you’ve done this favour is more inclined to ask you in return to solve the problem. This feeling of needing to payback the favour is the reason why this should work.

So go out and try it and tell me your feed-back


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