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Success Ahead .. Helping others is a pillar of Judaism.  King David declares: Olam Chesed Yibane – the world is built through kindness. That is the essence of Judaism. (February 10, 2012 / 17 Shevat 5772) ...
Today he decided it was not time to tell a compelling story but a time to walk together with his wife into a food store. A usual practice by him as it gives him the opportunity to plan the family meals together with his wife.

However, today is a special day. On this day, he approached the produce section of the food store and found floating before him a large sign introducing seedless grapes
and oranges.

At first he rejoiced at the joyful prospect of being able to enjoy these grapes without the inconvenience of having to remove seeds.

So he quickly grabbed two pounds of red and white grapes together with a bag of orange; his thought centered on how sweet tasting and easy going the grapes would slide in his mouth

His impatience to experience the thrill of seedless grapes made him to place a bag of grape by his side, so that he could enjoy them while driving home

On a second thought, he waited until he could get home.

His thought was however on what pleasure lay ahead of him-he imagined the pleasure he would get when he sinks his teeth into the fresh, juicy sweet grapes without worrying about seeds. It was like a dream come through.

Soon after they got home, he quickly sliced into an orange and stood amazed at the feat of a seedless fruit. Again he experienced a new pleasure-the pleasure of sucking the juice out of this seedless fruit.

Later that day he decided to enjoy the rest of his discovery and to marvel at this feat of botanical science. Suddenly in this feat of pleasure, he became startled by a thought.

“If these grapes and oranges have no seeds, how can they reproduce another generation of fruits, after all, the life and power is in the seed, not the fruit”

~ Quoted in Maximize you Potential by Dr Myles Munroe

Immediately, he realized that this enjoyment is only for a fleeting moment, since the fruit has lost the ability to reproduce.

There are people out there who are letting other people seeds die, that why I want to ask you:

Is Your Blog like This Fruit which has Lost its Seed Generation Ability? Or are you one of those who have turned to waste that which you have deposited in you?

What is that potential in you which you’ve not utilized to its maximum?

Are you one of those who have decided to rob the next generation of trees sending them into the fetid journey of death before they even emerge?

You may ask, “What potentials is he talking about?”

It may be your ability to strike up a conversation, or the ability to write a compelling story. It may be your ability to make people laugh or to make people cry.
It may be your ability to design wordpress sites or to write about the best wordpress themes.

Whatever it is, why do you hide them when now is the time to help others?

When it is the set time to make people happy

What then hold you back? Is it your lack of marketing skills or the tenacity to put into action what you’ve learnt?

What if you could make use of a little help

Many bloggers or people who desire to get their products to others have a problem. They wonder what pattern to use to drive traffic to their blog and to draw convertible prospects. They worry every day without working toward killing their worry.

This is why this system is targeted towards:
1) Helping you reach a wider audience.
2) Helping you boost your confidence level by killing any lack of self believe you have
3) Building relationship with people that matter

Why because many people out there need your services as content creators but haven’t seen you.

They need you to help them create a seedful tree that is trans generational.

So stop hiding and stop hoarding information or brush up yourself and swim in that ocean of traffic that will shoot money and provide you with a sense of fulfillment . 
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