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How King Edward Stole 23 million pounds and How You may be Doing so

What would you do if your dad stole your hard earned cash of over 23 million pounds (an understatement) crates it and sinks them down the Indian ocean just for a   plate of porridge. You’re thinking- this guy is just a damn crazy liar ? Then give me just three minutes and I promise you one thing, you’re going to eat those words of yours and you’re going to have to do one thing in return if you’re sincere. You’re going to apologize by saying sorry in the comment section. Admitting mistakes is the hallmark of great men. You’re just going to have to ask yourself am I a great man. See readers, what you are about to read will open your eyes and silence you.

How to Become a Remarkable and Successful Online Shop Owner

Ellis Strawberry Before we step into the topic of today I will like to tell you “we’ve been fed a lie.” The Lie : Money is the most important requirement for success. Why? To answer this question: I will ask you two questions: I) If money is the most important requirement for success would Bill Gate have been a Harvard drop out? II) If money is the most important requirement for success would Faraday have discovered electricity considering it took him more than 900 tries? This is why you must discover your purpose of setting up that online business or e-commerce site. For me

From the Masters: Insane but Simple Ways to Increase Twitter Following

I had a severe problem, my twitter followers were so low and I began to wonder what wrong I had committed, what ethics I hadn’t followed and that which I could do to tilt the unbalanced equation. I decided that I would implement my searched answers, and I challenge you too as my journey has just begun. And I hope yours has also. What a journey I hope it becomes-a journey to getting targeted twitter followers and a race to create retweetable tweets. In order to make our journey easier I decided to consult expert post on how to increase one’s twitter followers. Disclaimer : this isn’t about buying twitter followers to increase those following you. If that was your aim then you’re on the wrong boat. So what this post about? This post is about expert tips from Ankit of Blogger Trick; Amanda Julius of Quality Logo; Derek Halpern of Social Triggers and Dan Zarella- tips which will drive insane traffic to your sites and also increase your twitter followers.