From the Masters: Insane but Simple Ways to Increase Twitter Following

I had a severe problem, my twitter followers were so low and I began to wonder what wrong I had committed, what ethics I hadn’t followed and that which I could do to tilt the unbalanced equation.

I decided that I would implement my searched answers, and I challenge you too as my journey has just begun. And I hope yours has also. What a journey I hope it becomes-a journey to getting targeted twitter followers and a race to create retweetable tweets. In order to make our journey easier I decided to consult expert post on how to increase one’s twitter followers.

Disclaimer: this isn’t about buying twitter followers to increase those following you. If that was your aim then you’re on the wrong boat.

So what this post about?

This post is about expert tips from Ankit of Blogger Trick; Amanda Julius of Quality Logo; Derek Halpern of Social Triggers and Dan Zarella- tips which will drive insane traffic to your sites and also increase your twitter followers.

So let’s get rolling
1. From Ankit of My Bloggers Tips and Tricks:

In his article titled:

How to Increase Twitter Followers Instantly?

 He discouraged people from using programs like Addmefast that could certainly increase your followers but won’t provide you with any benefit as the followers aren’t targeted.

To get targeted followers, he recommended that you make a list of some big blogs in your niche that have lots of twitter followers and follow them. And not only that, follow their followers and delete those who eventually don’t follow you except perhaps they are a major name in the industry.

2.From @imamandajulius a Content Developer at Quality Logo.


In an article she wrote for buffer titled:

7 Ways I Accidently Got More Twitter Followers

Mandy Kilinskis recommends that to get followers on twitter you should do the following:
Connect to your local businesses (as long as they aren’t competitors), new sources and city accounts.
Mention smaller brands in your tweets.

In mentioning smaller brands as strategy am going to share a little story of hers.

“When I love a brand, I want everyone to know it. …..I mentioned how much I love Chicago-based forever yoghurt in a blog post; I really wanted to let them know. So I mentioned them in a tweet with the link.

Check out my @foreveryoghurt fangirling Brand Advocates: Our Bloggers Favourite Brands to Buy –Mandy Klinskis(@ImamandaJulius) November 11, 2011”

According to her, “Not only did Forever Yoghurt follow me back, but they also retweeted the article”

Key Result
Other lovers of Forever Yoghurt also followed her, hence more followers and exposure for her.

Other tips she shared includes:
Replying to Big Brand
Use buffer to schedule relevant article: As this helps extend the life of your own blog post.
Mention individual Authors in Tweets-because people love recognition.
Reply users that mention other users
Write guest post as this creates credible relationship.

3. Daniel Sharkov of #ReviewzandTips

In a guest post on titled

6 Tips to Grow your Twitter followers,

Daniel considered twitter to be his number one social media platform with twitter bringing him a massive 5,500 visitors in a month.

He therefore advised those who wish to get off to a zip-start to do the following:


A) Start with a profile picture

He recommended that one should use a personal profile picture instead of a computer generated image- even if it’s for a business.

B) Use a Hash Tag:

He said that Hashtags are kinda like when you use specific keywords within an article to make it rank higher in the search engines. However, he had a disclaimer.

Disclaimer: Don’t add too many hashtags as it will end up cluttering your tweet and secondly you shouldn’t use too specific a hashtag.

He recommended guest blogging, following other twitter users and the use of a tool called Tweepi which allows you filter the list of followers by how active they are, how much tweets they are sharing and how much followers they have.

He also described how to maximize the use of tweepi. Other tips include creating a signature in your e-mail containing your twitter link and feeling free to ask for retweets

4. Derek Halpern(@derekhalpern)

In an article titled

How to Get More Twitter Followers and Keep them,

> Derek really coughed out some fabulous tips I will love to share with you. His article centered on what to share and what not to share to your followers in order not to annoy them.

He based his article on a research carried out by some guys from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Georgia Institute of Technology.

According to Derek; cryptic tweets, old news, using too many hash tags, links without commenting, and boring tweets were regarded as tweets not worth reading.

So what about boring tweets?

Boring tweets accounted for 82% of all tweets rated “not worth reading.” Examples of such tweets include:

Yes, its fine,

And so?
I saw that just now

With this at the back of your mind let go into those tweets considered to be great.

Tweets Considered to be Great were Tweets that:

I) Creates curiosity by opening an information gap e.g; you’ve got to see this graph showing possible link between SAT scores and income-

II) Are funny: me+hair+gel+no shower=Don King

III) Tweets that are interesting

5. Dan Zarella

In a guest post on Problogger titled

What Motivates Reader to Share

, Dan provided a hard fact for those who love research.

According to his article; those article which received the greatest retweets were:
i) article that were less complex(or less challenging to read)

ii) Articles that contain more nouns and verbs than adjectives and adverbs.

iii) Words that contain you, how to, top 10 and please-retweet which was the best phrase.

Are you surprised?

Dan also shared some other powerful list which I think you would be interested in.

So now you’ve read what it takes to know how to multiply your twitter followers join me in this brilliant journey to the top.

Note: If you have any other exciting ways in which one can increase his or her targeted followers, please send me a comment through the comment box.

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