How King Edward Stole 23 million pounds and How You may be Doing so

King Edward VIII the signature that killed the signatory
What would you do if your dad stole your hard earned cash of over 23 million pounds (an understatement) crates it and sinks them down the Indian ocean just for a  plate of porridge.

You’re thinking- this guy is just a damn crazy liar?

Then give me just three minutes and I promise you one thing, you’re going to eat those words of yours and you’re going to have to do one thing in return if you’re sincere.

You’re going to apologize by saying sorry in the comment section. Admitting mistakes is the hallmark of great men. You’re just going to have to ask yourself am I a great man.

See readers, what you are about to read will open your eyes and silence you.
You’re going to grow goose pimples just as I did because the picture you’re about seeing from the British archive will set you thinking because you and I may possibly be guilty of committing the same crime.

But before I show you the proof with the archived document of how King Edward VIII duped his descendants, I want to bore you with a story you’ve heard many times but never understood- a story that you can recite but you’ve never comprehended its true meaning.

That story can be found in a book some people consider a history book because they lack understanding, but one which I consider a wonderful nugget of wisdom.

In that book: there were two men.

Do you know what one did?

One of them sold out his most cherished possession just for a plate of porridge.

Do you know why?

They had different values and made different choices just as we have different values and have made different choices; choices which not only affected them but also affected generations after them.

Though both of them were in their mother’s womb at the same time, ate the same food in the womb, were nurtured under the same circumstances, had the same chances, were under their parent’s roof; they still made different choices just like you and I would always do.

The Signature That Killed the Signatory

King Edward VIII of Great Britain who had several other kingdoms under his jurisdiction decided to abdicate his throne for a woman on the 10th day of December 1936 without considering  the gravity of the crime he was about to commit.

The Tragedy

King Edward not only renounced the throne for himself; he did renounce access to throne for his descendants.

Can you now see how King Edward duped his descendants of over 23 million pounds?
Money that would have accrued to his children as a result of appearance fees can no longer go to them. That money has now been diverted to his brother lineage that has brought forth Queen Elizabeth II.
In the above document we can see the signature of King Edward and that of his siblings confirming his abdication from the throne just because he desired to marry a commoner who is a divorcee.

In history, it’s called the Signature that killed the signatory.

I wonder how his children would feel today.

Are you Guilty?

Are you one of those parents who have stolen their children’s birthright?
The question on your lips may be, “how can I steal my child’s birthright?” You can do this by

  1.       By Eating Their Self Confidence

There is nothing crazy like using degrading words on your children. It’s like infecting them with an HIV virus that gradually weakens their immune system. In this case the virus is your degrading tongue that makes them lose an inward belief in themselves.

  2.       Failing To Appreciate Them

If you are neutral in situation of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality ~ Desmond Tutu

There is everything bad in not showing an iota of appreciation to your kids. When you fail to appreciate them you are like that elephant setting its foot on the tail of a mouse. And if you know your spouse is guilty of these acts and you refuse to lovingly correct this deficiency or if you refuse in your own measure to ensure the kids feel appreciated by being a neutral being then know you’re a dupe just like King Edward VIII. This is because in failing to appreciate your kids you kill in them the desire to aspire to become the best.

You may want to ask, “What’s the relationship between Edward and you who fails to appreciate your children?”

The relationship exist in the fact that by preventing your children from actualizing that which they ought to be either through your action or inaction you are simply like King Edward who stole his children’s inheritance.
This is why I define success as; “Living a positive enduring legacy for both your children and your community”~ Peter Kanayo

So no matter how much wealth you accumulate, if your children cannot speak of your legacy as that which shaped their life in a positive manner-you are not successful.

Speaking Of Legacy

Do you know why?

Imagine a man whose mum took him to the hospital only for the doctor to tell her, “Your son has neuromuscular disorder”…..” What’s going to happen to him? “She managed to say.

“Where most children grow stronger as they get older, your son is going to get weaker. He’ll lose the ability to move. He’ll lose the ability to breathe on his own. And one day, he’ll catch an infection….. giving him severe pneumonia.”

In short the doctor declared that he would die before the age of two.

However, the mum thought different. And amazingly though he had pneumonia a whooping 16 times over the next 16 years he survived because his mum was resolute.

So do you see why I consider her as success? She is a success because she has built into Jon Morrow life the seed of success.

Are you resolute like his mum? Have you told yourself that you would be focused in your blogging journey or in that your cherished career?

Have taken yourself to task to do that which would take you to the next level or have you given up on your dreams because you’ve faced little challenges. Then you are incredible fool.

Such harsh words right?

Yes! because you have two functional pairs of hands and legs. Unlike Jon who has known of this but has been able teach many people how to make wealth.

What then is it that would want to make you take those dreaded pills, just because of little challenges that have come your way? Do you know of the intense pains Jon went through?  Despite all this, he told himself that I must be a success, I won’t let this dreaded illness stop me I would rise above it and I would make an impact on my generation.

If am speaking to you why don’t you arise today, define who you want to be, go for it despite the rough grainy road and shake off the spirit of unbelief. As I hope to see you on the top.


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