How to Make a Customer Forgive your Little Transgression

Wondering how you can make a customer forgive you?

No worry in this article I shared a life experience that will definitely help you.

Recently, I had an ugly experience while visiting a friend who manages a cyber café. In this case a lady who bought a ticket almost engaged the lady in charge of tickets sales in a shouting match.

What was her gross?

She was angry that the internet connection was slow and as a result she couldn’t do much, hence she requested for a refund of her money, but the lady in charge of ticket sales vehemently refused to return it to her arguing that the customer has already spent the time embossed on the ticket.

The customer therefore resigned to fate that she wouldn’t be given a refund. She did this with anger etched on her face.

Knowing the damage her anger could do to my friend business I decided to intervene.

First what did I do?

I quickly went to the customer and spoke to her in an apologetic tone and told her that I would see what could be done about the case.

Note: my friend wasn’t available to manage the situation.

Secondly, I also spoke to the lady in charge of ticket sales in a gentle manner.

I told her the effect a disgruntled customer will have on my friend business and how she should manage the situation.

At the end of the day, she gave the lady a new ticket thereby reducing the lady’s anger if not totally wiping out the ugly experience.

I could see an amount of satisfaction oozing from her(the customer). It was a win –win situation since my friend still retained the customer while the customer went home happy.

Ladies and gentlemen this is the way one should handle a customer’s complaint.

And this is the reason why provision of outstanding customer service is an important factor in sustaining any business.

The question so many young entrepreneurs ask is how one can create loyal customers who will be with you through thick and thin?

This is what would be explored below.

How to strengthen Customer Service that Wins Loyal Customers

Providing excellent customer service is the top tactics that businesses are using according to an AT&T survey of small business. This is why you need to do the same.


Train your Employees

Just as my friend employee almost made him to lose a customer. An employee can make you lose your customers if they aren’t properly trained.

It is advisable you start with simple rules, such as be courteous, listen carefully always wear a smile-not a mechanical smile.

However, it’s very important you treat your customers with love. This is because the way you treat your employees is likely how your customers will be treated.

You can also find experienced trainers, people who will teach your employees the concept of professionalism and carriage.

Do More than they Expect

While most organization treats their customers with respect and courtesy, doing this isn’t enough. This is because most organizations already provide excellent customer service. 

Hence you need to set your company apart by going above the norm. In order to do this you need to set up special offers, loyalty programmes and appreciation events. 

By so doing you convert your customers into loyal ones.

Admit mistakes and correct them:

There is nothing worse you can do to your customer than proving to them they are wrong.

And having seen this play out numerous times, I can tell you what great damage this does to any business.

This is why when you make mistakes, acknowledge them and go all out to correct them. Also, let the customer know what steps you are taking to address the issue.

When you do this your customers become more comfortable doing business with you since they know you would go out to help them address issues they raise.

Ask them for Feedback

No one knows your weakness better than you, your employees and your customers.

This is why it’s important you get feedback from them. The feedback could be in form of a questionnaire that would ask them how they are doing, what they like about your business and what they dislike about your business. 

You could also ask them about features they would like you to introduce.

Most times getting negative feedback that may move your business to the next level may be difficult. This is because most customers feel uncomfortable providing such feedback.

In order to solve this issue it is advisable your create room for anonymous feedback such as inserting a “Contact Us” button on your website.

Prompt Response

Customers love speedy delivery. This is why you must ensure your response time to issues is fast. If you can promptly attend to a customer’s complaint then you’re on your way to having loyal customers even when the economy is bad.

Say Thank You

Just like I am sorry is so great a word. Another word which is simple but packs so much punch is thank you. 

It’s simple but it makes a customer feel good no matter how it’s delivered.

It doesn't matter whether its delivery is through mails, a person on a printed page.

It helps show how important you consider your customer. So if you can practice the above tips I bet that you are on the way to capturing more loyal customers.

What other ways do you think you can increase customer loyalty? 

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