Newbies: Simple OffPage Optimization Techniques that will Double Your Traffic

off page optimization technique

While creating awesome content is an important strategy to drive traffic. In order to boost your traffic level damn fast you will need to consider off page optimization.

What is OffPage Optimization ?

Off Page optimization is the process of optimizing your site outside your website. Its aim is to push up your blog ranking on Google. And this involves building of back links
to your site.
The back links which you build should be from credible sites as this authority sites help you rank higher on Google search.
The number of credible links you get from these sites determines how high you rank on a search engine.
One factor that helps you determines how important or credible a site is its PageRank. If you’re interested in knowing more about page Rank then this article would help a lot: 

One Extra-Quick Way to Build Up Your Page Rank Authority+Bonus

In order to carry out effective off page optimization, you must understand some simple techniques which would be shared later in this post.

One of these techniques is the act of guest posting. Guest posting is an easy and hard way of building back-links to your site. The reason it’s easy is because even newbies can do it if they know how to write interesting post.

On the other hand it’s not quite easy. More on this later.

Having mentioned Page-Rank metrics there are other factors you should consider inorder boost OffPage Seo Optimization


Submit Your Website to Feedback

According to Brian Dean of Backlinko One simple way of getting link is by submitting your site to feeback sites that provide you with information on your sites conversion potential.

This sites are important since they provide you with do follow links and not only that they have high page rank.
Examples include ConceptFeedback and they are both PR5 sites


The Rel Follow Attribute

Before you strive to get a back link from a site consider if the link is either a do follow or no follow link.

Do follow link though not easy to get are links that pass authority to your sites and most websites deactivate this attribute in order to reduce the activities of spammers who are on the lookout for do-follow links.

So as a site or blog owner you should aim at building majority of your links from do-follow sites or sites that have the Rel-follow attribute.

However, try to balance out the desire to obtain Do- follow link. The reason is because Google considers backlinks from only do follow sites as unnatural and this could make your site to be slammed by Google. Try using the 70-30 ratio using this should keep you on the safe side.
If you have problem getting do follow links to comment on, this article should have done half of the job for you:


Get Links from Similar Niche

When striving to get links to increase your authority-ensure you links from sites similar to yours. Links gotten from a site not relevant to your niche can make you susceptible to Google punishment.

What do I mean by not related niche? For example: if your niche is Health-it wouldn’t go well with Google for you get a link from on Vipper-Chill which is a SEO niche site.


Have an Excellent Social Media Presence

Set up a profile for your blog or websites on your various social media channels. A well set up face-book page or twitter page can drive you quantum of traffic that influences authority. A site that pulls in 90000+ visitors is more likely to have more authority sites linking to them than a site that pulls in just 3000+ visitors monthly.

As a newbie why it is important to have a social media presence, trying to maintain an even presence on these entire major social network can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t have the resources to outsource to teams of dedicated people or if you’re not a social media addict. So its better you focus on a few social media network. For me I use twitter( you can follow me( to get fab updates from great minds

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Utilize Social Bookmark Sites

Social bookmarking sites like stumble upon are a great tool to do off-page SEO. They send valid social media signal to tell Google that your content is loved and hence should be ranked higher.
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Vary Your Anchor Text

Some bloggers tend to over optimize the keyword they wish to rank for; doing this will only make Google penalize you.

So it’s important you differentiate your anchor text. For example: If is your web page and you wish to rank for arthritis, you can use your real anchor text Arthritis as the anchor text for 29 percent of the back-links, you can also use varied anchor text like arthritis pain, cervical arthritis in 33% while generic keywords like click here, visit this site should be used in 28 percent of the cases.


Upload You-tube videos

With you tube ranking high on search engines. Using it to build back-link is a great way to optimize your site through off-page sources.


Guest posting

Guest posting is a great technique to get backlink to your blog. As I said earlier while it gives you the opportunity to get contextual link back to your site. Many newbies are scared of even pitching a guest-post.

The fear is unwarranted, because if your desire is to become an A-list Blogger you shouldn’t be scared of failing. In order to make the transition easier consider reading:
Anorexia and Guestposting

Below is a thought by Adam Connell of Blogging Wizard

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