Valerie Harper Benefits and Features of the Awesome Twitonomy Tool

Have you been less than optimistic about getting a good tool for your twitter analytics? Then you don't have to be. Just like Valerie Harper who has fought cancer to a standstill despite doctors prognosis of having less than six months to live-you too should be optimistic about getting that twitter tool of your dream.

In fact, you no longer need to bother about looking for one because-I just discovered the ultimate twitter analytical tool called the Twitonomy Analytic Tool.

How I Stumbled on this Awesome Tool

When +Ana Hoffman in one of her link round up mentioned Twitonomy as the best twitter analytic tool she had ever seen, I said no way am I missing out of using this tool. You see whenever Ana recommends a tool I am always excited. So this time was no different.

With much anticipation
I clicked on the link and headed over to MarketingLand to see if the hype was going to be as amazing as she said it would be.

On heading over, I must tell you I wasn't in any way disappointed with the monstrous benefit Twitonomy would provide to anyone who uses it. There in that awesome post I saw some incredible features that will certainly blow your mind like a silver grenade.

Features Present in Twitonomy

Before I talk of some of its features, it’s important you know that Twittonomy has both the free and paid version. Hope you don’t feel like oops? The free version is so splendid that you would be devastated if you haven’t been using the tool. This article is therefore geared towards listing some of its great features.

Features that Makes Twitonomy Tick

1. Ability to Monitor Users, List and Keywords

This section allows you to keep an eye on tweets from your favourite users and list-just by using the keyword search menu.

If you look at the image below you can see the option to add a new user, add a list or to add keyword search; all this are geared toward giving you a robust twitter experience.

From this formidable platform, you can access the tweets of users and not only that, you can also decide whether to retweet them or copy it using your mouse before posting on twitter.

If you just look at the above screen shot from the said post on Marketing Land you should be able you see +Lee Odden tweet where he said that “The Limitation we face in life are the ones we place on ourselves.

If you also look beside this option, there at the right side you would be able to see the favourite button.

So we can see that twitonomy allows you at a glance to see your tweets with the most favorites.

Most Favorite Tweets

2. Generate Content Ideas

I love twitonomy because I can use it to access my favourite tabs where I store link that could be relevant to new content I wish to create.

3. It Allows You To Send Retweets

Just like the normal twitter interface, you have the ability to retweet, reply and favourite people all without leaving the platform.

4. Follow and Unfollow People

The analytics tab on twitonomy can be used to follow and unfollow people within the twitonomy tab. This tab allows you to view the analytics of your followers and other accounts you follow. It allows you to view the tweets of these groups, when they last tweeted and how many tweets they've sent; based on the information provided you can then determine followers who are active and those who are non-active.

5. Activity Times (Days/hours of the Week)

Twitonomy allows you to know the best time to send a tweet. This is because the tool gives you information on when your followers are most active.

6. Users Most Retweeted

In the analytic section of this tool you can see the users I retweeted their post the most. If you can see below some of them are @mashable, @AnaTrafficCafe of Ana Traffic Generation Café, @neilpatel of QuickSprout and @JeffBullas of The analytics also shows you a piechart representation of the tweets.

Knowing the number of retweets act as an indicator of how sharable a content is.

List of Favourites

At a single scan you can also see the favourite tabs that list all the articles you love. I use the favourite tab to jig up some content ideas. And just viewing them all at a single click is makes life easier.

Export Option:Export Your Data to Excel

The tool allows you to export data to EXCEL for further analysis. +Eric Miltsch in response to a comment in a post titled: Pro Tool: Get More Data From Your Twitter Account with Twitonomy said that a dealer can utilize the data obtained from the export to note the frequency of post, how they are received, and the number of retweets.

Doing this gives you an idea of how great your content is or if you need to take necessary steps to modify your content. The data can also give you information on who you interacted with the most.

This data can then be used by you to determine if you need to build relationship with this person. If you love the tone of the conversation you could do further research by visiting the profile of the person and if possible the website to get a feel of the person you are dealing with.

In Summary

According to Twitonomy the tools allows you to:

• Browse, search, filter and get insights on the people you follow and those who follow you
• Backup/export tweets, retweets, mentions and reports to Excel & PDF in just one click
• Monitor your interactions with other Twitter users: mentions, retweets, favorites...
• Get and export Search Analytics on any keywords, #hashtags, URL or @users
• Get insights on and download any user's retweeted & favorited tweets
• Browse, search, filter, sort and batch add/remove people to your lists
• Monitor tweets from your favorite users, lists and keyword searches
• Find out easily those you follow but don't follow you back
• Download your followers and following lists to Excel
• Easily add & remove people you follow to your lists
• Get the list of the followers you don't follow back
• Track clicks on the links in your tweets

So you see twitonomy is a great tool if you want to build relationship with influencers.

If you know of any other benefit that twitonomy provides, please drop it off in the comment box.


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