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Social media, Replacing your Friends-a Sure Way to Blogging Growth

There is one thing you need to know-something that is prerequisite to your blogging success. It’s the ability to drop off your friends like an old hand-bag. I don’t know whether your eyes just popped out. I don’t know if you feel this guy is crazy, or if you feel this guy has no feeling. You see sometimes we must be brutally honest with ourselves. It’s only in being straight up with ourselves

The Almost Complete Step BY Step Guide to the Art of Tweeting

With the unleashing of twitter from outer space , twitt er no doubt has become the major tool for building influence in your industry. Even the seniors are not left out. According to the fastest growing demographic on twitter is the 55-64 year age bracket. This is just the tip of the iceberg. According to @markschaefer

How to Re-purpose Stale Content: My First Guest Post on SkyHitBlog:

To tell you there is in power in re-purposing one's content, this slide-share has over 500,000 views. Imagine then what kind of traffic this slide will drive to their site. This was also why I also consider guest posting important as you leverage other sites to drive traffic to your own blog. So before we continue don't fail to look at this great slide.

Blogspot: How to Make Your Image(Picture) Appear on Google Search

The Complete and Non Geek Guide to Getting Authorship on Blogger Getting Google authorship is for either wordpress blogs or google blogger blogs is one way to drive traffic to your site ; this is because it makes your image visible on Google search. However, getting it done has been a difficult task for bloggers to accomplish. Have gone through series of tutorial on how to get this done, it appears many of this tutorials are targeted mostly for the WordPress platform ; some even require you to install a plug-in while others take you through the difficult process of inserting codes to make them work. Perhaps you are not someone who loves doing codes as you do find it difficult, not to worry, your problem is about to be solved.