How to Re-purpose Stale Content: My First Guest Post on SkyHitBlog:

To tell you there is in power in re-purposing one's content, this slide-share has over 500,000 views. Imagine then what kind of traffic this slide will drive to their site.

This was also why I also consider guest posting important as you leverage other sites to drive traffic to your own blog. So before we continue don't fail to look at this great slide.

It hasn't been long when I and Avi struck up a relationship. Can't remember exactly how but am happy I retained that relationship. This assisted me in getting my guest post accepted.

This is why building relationship is essential when pitching a guest post. Just getting across your post without building that relationship can at-times be difficult.

For Avi blog, my strategy was to add him to my Facebook list-am grateful he accepted.

After which I engaged him in a sequence of communication. It was just like the normal chat we normally engage in and may be a couple of question which to the best of his ability he answered.

This took me to next stage of the pitching process, I ensured I did retweet his post. The essence was to make sure am not that strange guy trying to pitch a post just because I had something to gain. So when I finally told him I had a post I would love him to post on his blog he wasn't reluctant to take a look.

During process from editing to the final publishing he was of tremendous help.

Why am I sharing this story? It's simply to emphasize the importance of relationship building.

One other thing I failed to mention which can help to build relationships is blog commenting, there this awesome post by +Ti Robert which she published on BasicBlog Tips owned by +Ileane an awesome pod-caster. If you need to develop expertise on pod-casting she is the point of call.

As for commenting, it's a tad helpful when done on time. Hopefully am going to steal some of Ti tips and hope she ain't going to be angry.

Am sure you had want to know what the guest post is about. It's actually on how to Repurpose One's Stale Content and givE it a COKE RefresHing FeeL

Would love to you hear other tactics you use in pitching your own guest post. Tell me your story am willing to hear.It's an avenue to build more fruitful relationship.


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