Social Media: 4 Ways Brands can Use Quora to Promote their Business

As a business person seeking to promote your business Quora is an excellent platform to achieve your goals. The question then may be, “how can I do this?”
Doing this is not hard once you are a able to get a hang of how Quora works.

This is why the first thing you as brand or business can do in order to capitalize on Quora is for you to have an account if you don't already have one. If you don’t have one and you are seeking for a guide
to enable you set up your account The NearlyUltimate Guide to Quora should be able to get you going. The guide contains detailed images that guide you through the whole process.

Having set up your account the next thing should be promotion. Below are a couple of ways to maximize Quora as tool to get your business to a new market.

How to Use Quora to Promote Your Business

In order to tap the huge traffic potential of Quora you should be able to:

1.    Demonstrate your expertise:

The best way is for you to answer questions bordering on your industry. By showing that you are an expert, people get to trust you and not before long your recommendations would be considered highly.
This gives you leverage because other influencers are more likely to build closer relationship with you since they consider you to someone who is an expert.

2.    Get Insights from Experts in any Industry.

Quora is a platform that allows you to ask questions. So it provides you with the opportunity to ask experts question on challenges you may be facing. These experts are all willing to answer the questions since their answer help cement their authority.

3.    Use it as a Customer Service Tool

Since it is a place where people frequent, it is possible people out there are talking about your brand. Hence it provides you with the opportunity for you to join the conversation where you can get feedback about your product-whether it is doing well or if there is a need to improve it.
It also provides you with a way to increase sales since you may find potential sales opportunities too as people are likely to ask the difference between your products or services compared to others. Ability to provide accurate answers and also answering difficult question can help convert non-customers into customers.

4.    Share content on your Quora Blog.

You could set up a mini blog on Quora were you can provide information about your products. It should be done in a subtle way-so that people don't feel you are trying to force your product down their throat.

Quora provides you with the opportunity of adding a link back to your site. So it is advisable you share quality information that will pique their interest and lead to people up voting your answers; however, in doing this your aim is to provide just the amount of information that will make them vote-up your site while also stimulating them to visit your site to get the complete information.

Do you know any other way one can promote their business on quora? If you do, please share in the comment box.


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