Social media, Replacing your Friends-a Sure Way to Blogging Growth

There is one thing you need to know-something that is prerequisite to your blogging success.
It’s the ability to drop off your friends like an old hand-bag.

I don’t know whether your eyes just popped out. I don’t know if you feel this guy is crazy, or if you feel this guy has no feeling.

You see sometimes we must be brutally honest with ourselves. It’s only in being straight up with ourselves
that we can achieve that which we desire to achieve.

No wonder some people wonder why I don’t frequent face book. They complain that he is a mis-communicating dude- a new habit he just picked up.

Whenever I come across such comments I give myself a good laugh.

You know why? Because it’s my way of shutting down comments that will only end up setting me into a sour mood-it’s just my way of switching off from the negativity that fly by noon day.

Have heard people say he wants to build relationship, but he is shying from using Face Book. They forget that in building relationship you must first ask yourself this important question; “What do I stand to gain from this relationship? Is it a relationship that would lead me to my goals? Or is it one that is set to derail me.”

When we take our time to answer these seeming easy questions, we would end up building stronger relationships that are in tune with our target goals.

This is why I desire to build relationship with people who are more brilliant than me-people who would drive me to become a blogging superstar. These are people who would change my outlook on reading, and would galvanize me into more productive isolation.

Now, when I say I need friends who are more brilliant than me-I don’t mean to say that my face-book friends are a dumb set. It’s just that most of them do not share the same passion as me and this is why am focusing on twitter, because face book kind of make it difficult for me.

You may decide to question my decision. For example you may say there are people out there who have successfully built their business around Face Book.

I agree totally with you that people are building fabulous relationship using Face Book as platform.

Though this is true, I intend to focus on twitter for now while also working on a way to overcome the distraction Face Book did bring to my blogging life. So what’s the essence of this article? Its essence is to discuss

How Social Media can Impede Blogging Growth

Statistics has shown that social media helps increase productivity in the workplace. While this may be true to an extent, real life experience has shown that productivity of students has decreased drastically with high failure rate being the other of the day.

If social media can lead to decrease in student’s productivity, it also shows that it can impede blogging growth. The reason being that the amount of information being unloaded on social media is so much that our Face Book or twitter stream can act as a source of severe distraction.


We somehow find ourselves engrossed in replying to comments not linked to activities that support blogging growth, but also reading streams of information that will not assist you in achieving your set goals.

With the distraction created by social media, it’s important that we streamline the individuals who we relate with. This is especially true as even the bible says. Iron sharpeneth iron.

As Jim Rohn famously said, “You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”
So we need to consistently examine our relationship, cut off that stale relationship which is set to send us down a sharp bend to failure.

We also need to ask ourselves, "Will our friends lead us to our desired goals?"

How to sharpen your Blogging Career to become a Blogging Superstar.

1. Storm the Yard with Influencers:

In order to triumph in your blogging career, it has been recommended that you establish key relationship with influencers in your niche. While this is true I also recommend spreading your tentacles. The reason for this is that linking up with influencers outside your niche can give you new perspective on several issues. For example: if you have a great relationship with key influencers in the psychology industry. A peep into one or two post can give you great insights into new topics that you could never have dreamed of if you had restricted yourself only to influencers in your niche.

2. Use Online Tools:

There are various online tools out there that can help you improve your productivity. Since I use twitter to connect with influencers, I advise you use twitonomy to monitor your list, and segment those who follow you.

If your desire is to build connections with influencers and you have difficulty in achieving this because you feel it’s a lot of work, ProBlogger article titled: 6 Essential Twitter Tools to Find and Connect With Influencers should solve your problem.

3. Soak Yourself

Jon shows that you don’t need to have an IQ of 200 to become a blogging superstar.
What it takes is for you to constantly read and consume new information. By so doing you find yourself connecting the dots to intricate sets of ideas.

He, in-fact recommended the following:
- Replace Your Friends
- Become a Know-it All and
- Do Less

4. Don’t be a Professor: 

I may still be guilty of this but am working hard. Sometimes I feel that to be smart blogger I need to use Smart English. This I discovered is damn wrong.
There are many people out there who prefer the plain simple English as against English whose structure requires another calculation on its own.

5. Understand thy self. 

With the never ending rave about social media, many people are forced to jump into boat like never before.

- The question now on the burner is how productive have you been since joining the bandwagon

- How much time do you spend on social media doing those things that will further your blogging career.

If you can satisfactorily answer these questions-you are a step close to becoming more productive.

Why? Knowing helps you know how unproductive you've been and hence gives you the chance to work on them.

Now it's your turn, what other ways do you think we can become blogging superstars?

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