The Almost Complete Step BY Step Guide to the Art of Tweeting

With the unleashing of twitter from outer space, twitter no doubt has become the major tool for building influence in your industry.

Even the seniors are not left out. According to the fastest growing demographic on twitter is the 55-64 year age bracket.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. According to @markschaefer
Forbes uses twitter as a basis for the measure of social media influence.

So no matter how influential you think you are, if you aren’t on that Alpha list you’re there but you’re not.

To understand the above statement better, let’s use the Forbes list of 500 richest men as an Example: No matter how rich you think you are, if you aren’t on the list, you are not among the world 500 richest men. So this goes to show how influential twitter is.

The question now is, “what did these guys do and how did they get to become key influencers?”

In order to unravel this mystery and build your way to becoming a twitter power user-you must learn the art of tweeting.

11 Steps to Master the Art of Tweeting and Building One’s Twitter Followers

1) Set Up Your Profile

Vala Afshar the  CMO of Enterasys, in an article he wrote for Information Week emphasized the importance of getting your profile right. This is what he said in her own word: “Your profile is hugely important in terms of establishing trust and social connections.”

This is why a profile - without an appropriate picture, a biography, a link is certain to have retarded growth. This is why I advocate those without blog to put in their Facebook account or any of their other social media account.

2) Search for Influencers in Your Niche

The question you may ask is why I should search for influencers when I have Zero followers. The answer is simply to build relationship with who matters.

One thing you need to take note as a starter is that adding influencers exposes you to the latest happening in your industry via their tweets. This is an advantage which importance I will explain later in this article.

One other point I need you to understand is that with zero followers you are unlikely to get influencers in your niche to add you. This should however, not discourage you. For example Daniel Sharkov of Reviews n Tips was at one time a target influencer I wish would add me to his list.

I tweeted some of his articles and engaged in conversation with him. My strategy appeared to be yielding zero fruit and this kind of made me discouraged- then out of the blue I found out he had added me.

So while it may take a little time before your target influencer adds you to his own list, don’t get discouraged.

Talking about searching for influencers, there are a number of tools out there that are able to get you to connect with influencers in your niche.

Some of these tools include:

- Simply Measured: this is a social analytics tool that gives you access to a range of reporting and data collection tools. It allows you to identity the influencers among your network of followers.

- Twtrland: has the ability to provide you with a list of all the people you need to connect with. This can be done under the ‘power users’ option.

- InkyBee: can be used both as blogger outreach tool and for finding influencers. You can do this by adding a list and naming that list as the market where you intend to find influencers.

After which, you add the discovery job by inputting three different terms that you suspect influencers are likely to talk about in a single blog post.

3) Tweet Often-Use the @name Function

The more active you are on twitter, the more likely people will follow you.
For a new user of twitter the @name feature increases the likelihood that your target influencer will get to see your tweets. This exposure provides an opportunity for the influencer to add you to his or her network. So by retweeting influencers’ tweets you increase your chance of being added to their network

4) Use the @Reply Function

The @reply option is another great way to get into the radar of your target influencers. This works because it stimulates conversation. So one way to use this function is to look for influencers in your niche-check out their twitter stream, view their tweets, and determine those tweets that may lead to conversation.

Using the reply option, respond to their tweets. To succeed – Provide meaningful comments that will drive the conversation further. The comments can either be in support or against. You may want to say why should you write a comment that opposes your target influencer? The truth is that there is an advantage in sending disagreeing tweets, but this should be done sparingly can and in decorum. The emphasis should be to provide value. When you meet people with strong opposing view be a tad careful while you try to pass across your own views- don’t do it in such a way that you end up damaging the relationship you intend to build.

5) Ask Questions- Using the @name feature

The @name feature can be used when you want to ask questions on a particular topic. For example in the tweet below I asked Ileane of BasicBlogTips how many hours she spends writing a single article. You can see that this question stimulates conversation with Ileane though I’m not a part of her twitter list.

@compellinadvert Oh - I have no idea. Anywhere from 3 days to 5 hours but I actually don't time myself.— Ileane Smith (@BasicBlogTips) September 10, 2013

6) Provide Great Value

Do you tweet information that are highly valuable? If you don’t, know then that you would not be able to grow you twitter followers. The word valuable is however relative. That which is valuable to (a) may not be valuable to (b). This is why it’s important you focus on your niche.

7) Add a Personal Touch

Twitter is a place to build relationship. And building relationship requires we share part of our lives. While we may not be comfortable doing this, your followers want to know you have a humane side. This is why it’s important from time to time you chip in one or two thing about what you’re doing.

However, don’t make your twitter stream all about yourself, except you don’t intend to use it to build your business.

Just like in the real world where you get tired of a person talking only about him or herself, people get tired and could delete you when you do this on twitter.

8) Tweet more about Others

While it’s important you keep your brand visible, it’s also important you don’t become selfish doing so? Some people advocate the 70:30 PRINCIPLE; 70 for others 30 for you.

This is why Neil Patel of QuickSprout is a success. When you get to his blog you see incredible content that would have cost hundreds of dollars being given out for free. It’s the Law of reciprocating. When he does this, God smiles back at him.

9) The Hash Tag

The hashtag gives you an added visibility online. Let’s consider that you don’t know many influence-rs in your niche or you are too lazy to use other tools to seek for influencers-you can build relationship with total strangers just by using the HashTag #. 

The hashtag makes your tweet to be discovered by complete strangers. One thing you should take note of is that the hash tag you use should be related to your niche. For example, you can’t be TWEETING about food while ADDING the #finance tag.

10) Avoid spamming Your Followers

We are all victims of spam mails. And I guess we all get angry when a particular person consistently pitches you.
So though advertising your product is good using twitter as a platform, doing it in such a way that pisses them off could lead them to press the @delete or @block button

11)Automate Your Tweet

While engagement is very important on twitter, being on the platform always can be time consuming, hence reducing productivity. 

So it is advisable you use automated tools like buffer to schedule your tweets. This helps improve the visibility of your tweets, while gained time is used for other important things.

Also on automation, tools like tweet deck provides you with the opportunity to send automated DM. However, some people feel this isn't a great idea. For me it’s okay especially if the DM is crafted in such a way that it doesn't sound generic. I would love to have your feedback on this subject.

I will be updating this post as the days goes by and I will need your assistance in making this an awesome resource.

Now here is the catch. Share any tip with the links that hasn't been captured by this post in the comment box and I will link-up to that site in the updated post. So up to you.


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