Blogspot: How to Make Your Image(Picture) Appear on Google Search

The Complete and Non Geek Guide to Getting Authorship on Blogger

Getting Google authorship is for either wordpress blogs or google blogger blogs is one way to drive traffic to your site; this is because it makes your image visible on Google search. However, getting it done has been a difficult task for bloggers to accomplish.

Have gone through series of tutorial on how to get this done, it appears many of this tutorials are targeted mostly for the WordPress platform; some even require you to install a plug-in while others take you through the difficult process of inserting codes to make them work.

Perhaps you are not someone who loves doing codes as you do find it difficult, not to worry, your problem is about to be solved.
Just read on.

As I speak to you my picture is already visible on the search engine. Thought it was never going to happen.

However, even after implementing this method, it may take Google about 1 week to insert your pictures inside the search engine results, so let’s embark on the journey to claim Google authorship for a blogspot blog.

Steps to Claiming Google Authorship for Blogger or Blogspot Blog


The first step is for you to get a google plus account. If you already have one this step won’t be necessary.

One thing to note: images to be uploaded should be clear. Images like logos, caricatures, faded photos and cartoon images may not be accepted.Below is an image of my a search result showing that I have finally gotten google authorship.

STEP 2: Link your GOOGLE+ Account

When you log-in to your blog and get to the dashboard simply click on your blog title.  You can see that for this tutorial- mine is Provalein. Click on it and it will  take you to your main blog dashboard.

On the dash board click on the google plus icon as shown below.

When you click on google + another page opens up as seen below.

On clicking the get started option you would be taken to Google plus page

You would need to fill in your name, upload your pictures and put in your website name.
 When your through with the registration and you save. The following appears

below the above profile you would be required to accept Google terms and condition after which your Google  + account would be linked to your blogger account.

After this is done you would be taken back to your dashboard.

Click on the Google plus icon,, (If you've registered a google plus account the red circle should bear an image) doing this takes you to your google plus  account where you would be required to click on the about page.

When you do this, scroll down and you should see the contributors link as shown below.

Next you will click on the edit button, which will require you put in your website details. After this click on the custom link and add your website and click the save option. You can add more sites if you so wish.

When you are through, your link should look like the above. Note: The blog used in part of the demonstration has no image. Ensure insert an Image where you are prompted to. If you skip this step be sure your blog won't get approved.

The Last Step: Use the Google Rich Snippet Site

This is a simple way of checking that what you did worked.
Type your blog URL, or the URL of one of your posts into the box and click 'preview'. You should see something like this:

On a Final Note: This may take some time to appear, say about One week.

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