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I have less than five seconds to capture your attention with this post, so here it goes. If you read this post you would learn how to write

   1)    What to do when you are tired of blogging
   2)    What kind of update do well on face book
   3)   How to use information gap to hypnotize people into clicking      your tweets.
  4)  How to reverse engineer the type of content your visitor wants
to read

Before you take a dive into the above subheads, I need you to know that the number one factor for you to multiply your shares is for you to write breath-taking post.

How to Write Jaw Dropping Post?

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With thousands of articles saying the same thing, everyday-you might have asked yourself this question; “Is There A Chance That My Post Will Go Viral?

I Have Good News For You. Yes it’s Possible

But to do this you need to write damn lovely content that people will develop an innate desire to pull the trigger?
For you to stimulate a reader to pull the social trigger you must be able to do the following:

     1)    Write articles that addresses a certain problem
     2)    Have an engaging audience
     3)    Tell a story
     4)    Use the personal words I and you. Do you Know why?

It’s because “I” talks about one’s personal experience. To better understand what I mean- I love to ask you this question-“What do you look out for when you get into conversation with friends?”

I bet it is to know how your friends are faring, what they doing, their success stories and the challenges they are facing.

This is what I would refer to as personal experiences. Then just imagine a situation where you write content where you share your personal experience.

I can be certain that doing this hooks your audience just like a fish gets hooked by a hook and line. This is why when you are on Face Book or when you are reading the Sun Newspaper you discover that you can forget the concept of time just because of that desire to get to know that person’s personal story.

A Little Work

There are people out there who have written articles on how to write a blog post in less than 30 minutes. They say blogging is a little work.

But Here’s The Problem

That kind of content is at best left for your draft collection never to be displayed to world

The Bitter Truth

Creating awesome content takes lot of work. Just to show you the amount of work it takes-the tweets below should provide you with an idea

That is why +Alexandra Skey  wrote an article on why you shouldn’t blog  and how blogging could actually harm your business.

It’s Not All Electric Fish

So if you decide to join the blogging world or you are already in, know that getting to become Jon Morrow is not a day’s job and it does require an amount of time.

HOWEVER, You can shorten that time if you’re focused on building relationship ?
This is something I learnt from a couple of blogger such +Adrienne Smith , +Ileane Smith and +Ana Hoffman 

Have seen many people out there who focus their link building strategy just by dropping comments without providing any REAL value-all they aim for is just that little backlink to their site.

They forget that by creating value you cement relationships with these A-List Bloggers who in-turn can help multiply your social share geometrically. You mean A-List Bloggers!!!

Ya, I am sincere when I say these guys are approachable. If you doubt it-read +Dean Dwyer   story  on how he connected with Tim Ferriss, the bestselling author of four-hour everything fame, +Gretchen Rubin of The Happiness Project and @Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income not to forget Lewis Howes the linkedin marketing genius .

Below are a few highlight of how you can also do it.

-          Solve a problem
-          Write a Guest Post
-          Invite them on as a podcast guest
-          Provide a Testimonial

If you feel the podcast thing is out of your league then check out this post written by +Adam Connell  on the KISSmetrics blog where he:

-     Listed out how to use twitter to target influencers
-     Mentioned tools to facilitate the process
-   Listed how to find amplifiers-if you’re wondering who amplifiers are-they are simply twitter power users and so much more.

I even wrote an article on how to use twitter titled 

Is this the Only Way

Perhaps you are one of those who feel creating content is not for you- maybe you’re so busy running other business and you have no allocated time to squeeze in blogging-don’t be scared. There is a way out

The Way Out


Curation simply involves three steps:

-          find an awesome content
-          comment on that content
-          and finally share this awesome content.

 It’s that simple,

But it’s like a Rose

You see curation is a strategy and like any strategy it must be executed flawless to enjoy its benefit.

Whether you want to use curation to build up your followers or make sale it ought to be done right.

If you use twitter to curate content:

Then its best you use feedly to find the best content out there.

You can do this by entering the names of blogs you know provide great content-contents your audience and customers would love to read, then pick up the best out of the pack and load them into your buffer account.

When you do this consistently you would find out that people get to retweet your content.
You could schedule about six tweets each day depending on the demography of your audience.

For you to perfect the act of curation I recommend +Alexandra Skey article on Spokal titled:

How to HACK Content Marketing in 28 Minutes A Week or Less. In this articles she recommends that to create awesome curate you should:

-          find and only share the best(use feedly)
-          curate= comment + credit (you can use scoopit or twitter)
-          Use shortened link in your tweets
-          Use Capital Letters in Post Titles and
-          Insert the source (tweets with twitter handles in them get tweeted the most)

As we all know there are lots of social network each with its unique formula-there is no jack of all trade method-this is because the taste of people frequenting these networks differ.

So in order for you to succeed across the various platforms there is need for you to understand how they work.

The Art of Writing Great Facebook Updates

With over a billion people active users on this facebook-it’s almost a crime if you are not using this network to share your content or to promote your business.

Now don’t get me wrong you won’t be able access these numbers. But how about if you could reach just about 0.0005% of this number-won’t you be brilliantly amazed and hugely contented? Perhaps like OLIVER TWIST, YOU MAY WANT more. And this in itself is good.

The question however is this; Do You Know What it Takes to Write Awesome Facebook Updates that drives followers to your page and hooks them like Zombies?

If you need to perfect this act so much then Neil Post does a lot of justice. This is what I learnt from him.

Be short and to the point

According to Neil, people prefer status updates that are around 225 characters. The reason being that over 33% of face-book users are viewing it through a mobile device-which makes it difficult to read status updates due to small screen sizes.

Talk About yourself

People love to know about you, they want to know your experiences-this gives them a feel that they are speaking to a real person.

Provide a Hook

Just talking about you won’t do the trick. You need to provide awesome advice that will help them solve their problem.

Share Funny Stories

Share quotes

Understand timing

Research has shown that Saturday is best time to share status updates, in short noon EST.

NOW Perhaps you've mastered the art of writing great face book updates but you want something more-you desire to write tweets that hook your reader like dead.

What you want is something that makes your reader fidget in that micro of a second-that will make them to feel if I don’t check this now I may never know it.

Have you ever felt like this?

It is called the power of creating information gap?
For those of you in the dark about the meaning of information gap, here is it.

Courtesy: DIY Theme


Derek Halpern of Social trigger created a FORMULA of 5 Templates  below is three of them.

§ How’d you like to learn about [new remarkable   thing] that [desirable outcome]?

§ Ever wonder how you can earn [desirable      outcome] with [new remarkable thing]?

§ There’s a way for you to [desirable outcome] with  this [new remarkable thing].

Oh are you still in a loop-hole? You are wondering what content to share that will bring flood of social shares.

What if I tell you-you had a way to peek inside the minds of the people who visit your site? A way you could discover the type of content they want to find when they arrive? That would give you an incredibly potent edge on your competition. After all, with that kind of info, you could create articles, blogposts, white papers, and other content that perfectly meets your audience's needs~ +Kim Garst via kimgarst.com.

This is what I call the Art of Reverse Engineering The Type Of Content Your Visitors Want To Read.

According to Kim Garst, do this one thing:

-  Go Directly To The Source: Ask Your Visitors

In order to ask your visitors-you could create a specific blogpost for that purpose. Or you can create a survey as +Danny Iny.

Danny used Survey Monkey to set-up his survey and if you want to know how to do it +Steve Fabian Post should do the trick.

If you are confused about what questions to ask your audience, check out +Kim Garst post 

This is the final CATCH

Belle Beth Cooper in an article she wrote for buffer app listed how to optimize your social media reach. Her article looked at the time factor-from facebook, twitter to e-mail.  A lot of infographics you would love was shared. My take home point from her article was this:

- Facebook Engagement rates are 18% higher on Thursdays and Fridays.

- Twitter engagement for brands is 17% higher on weekends.

-  In a different study by MailChimp open rates were shown to be noticeably lower on weekends.

-  GetResponse found that Thursday is the best day for both open rates and click-throughs.

So what time do your social share bring forth the best engagement and what tool do you use to do this.

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