How To Use Quora- How Michael Dell Protected His Brand

Do you know that Quora questions get indexed quickly and ranks very well in search engine?
Do you know Michael Dell, Ashton Kutcher and Bill Gates all make Use of Quora? If you don’t not to worry you are about to tap into the awesome benefit of Quora.
Do you know that Quora profiles rank very well in search engine?
Are you looking to pilot your businesses to the zenith by getting incredible leads from an awesome platform?
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If you are-then quora is an awesome platform and in this article you would be shown unique ways to deploy this tool. Perhaps you consider yourself a newbie on the Quora scene and you are little bit scared about how you could utilize the gems that would be shared below- not to worry the ultimate guide should do you justice.

Perhaps like many bloggers you do not know the importance of quora or you consider quora one social media site too many.

This article is primed to provide you with how awesome quora is and why you should deploy this tool as it could help drive your business to the zenith.

But before we take a dive on the potentiality inherent in Quora take note of these three brilliant points I stole from +Kaitlynn Russo Post, "The Three Untapped Frontiers For Content Marketing"        

1) Captivate, Then Answer

Most posters on Quora tend to just provide their answers-without trying to captivate their audience while this may work it aint the best way. The best way to provide answers on Quora is for you to weave it with a story or use punch lines like quotes. In short make your answers as enticing as you would do when writing an awesome guest post.
When you do this-you engage your audience and make them want to find out more about you.

2) Use Images-Kill them off

Quora lets you impute images into your post, so one way to drive people’s focus to your answer is to use images.
Images that entices and hooks the reader should be used. As you know images are sometimes more than a thousand words.

3) Don’t do Underhand Deals

Don’t use this platform for self promotion, when you do people are simply going to down vote your article out of existence, or send it to a fetid journey of slow death, strangling the life out of perhaps your already weakened credibility-a journey that might take perhaps Ben Carson to revive you.

How to Use Quora

As a Tool to Share Knowledge

Perhaps you don’t have a blog and you do not plan to have one, but you've been looking for a platform to share out “90% of what is locked away in your brain” that could go down 6 feet below in between 10 to 60 years from now never to be captured by any machine, never to be shared to anyone.

You've been looking for this platform because you don’t want that brilliant idea to rot in your white box-so that people won’t consider you to be a wicked person.
If that has been your problem then look no further as Quora is the in thing for you.

Why do I say so?

With a rich data-bank of questions-Quora is the perfect platform to share the huge deposit which God has given you the opportunity to curate. ALL YOU NEED to do is browse through the open question categories because you may just be the best person in the whole world to answer that question and you would have become a tool in killing ignorance.

By Asking Ashton Kutcher.

Another way you can use Quora is to use it to source for information. This is what a Quora user did when he asked the specific question, “How did Ashton Kutcher Prepare for His Role as Steve Jobs?”

Read Quote of Ashton Kutcher's answer to Ashton Kutcher: How did Ashton Kutcher prepare for his role as Steve Jobs in the new movie Jobs? on Quora

So Quora is a great place to get the best answer from the most qualified person.

As a Tool to Establish Authority

Do you know you can use quora to establish authority in a particular niche?
If you’re in doubt this subhead should clear your head.

In Quora there are different niches where people are allowed to post questions. These niches are also called topics. When you write answers to questions posted in your niche, you end up boosting your authority.

To boost your authority there is need for you write high quality content on Quora that speaks to your prospects and answer their questions.

This is a credible way of getting into your customers head.

To drive prospect to your blog- the content you create on Quora should be linked to your blog- this way when prospect check out your comments on Quora-they are then compelled to visit your site to get more information. This way you could easily convert your prospect into buyers.

To Curate Your Own Ideas

If you are one of those who distaste the question and answer format of Quora -there is a way out. With Quora blog available you can leverage Quora’s distribution system without having to conform to their Q&A format.

The blog on Quora allows you to share knowledge that is in a presentation format.
Quora also allows you to properly format your text giving it a prettier look.

To Manage Your Credibilty

By setting up google alert for the query “Your Brand Name Quora” you would be able to monitor what people are saying about your brand on this platform. With timely intervention, you would be able to correct a misconception as Michael Dell did.

How To Use Quora
Michael Dell Response On Quora

To Generate Leads

Quora gives you the opportunity to see people who viewed your answer to a particular question.

These groups of people are good target for building connections. This is because they belong to your niche and it is easier for you to engage them with targeted offers that would drive them from prospect to clients.

To get Excellent Ideas to take your Post to the Next Level.

As a business or blogger, writing quality content that speaks to your audience or prospect is very important, however this sometimes may become a problem as a result of mental block. When this happens it becomes or appears impossible to create content that resonates with your audience or intending prospect.

This is when Quora becomes very important. By going through a list of topics in your niche you are primed to defeat the monster and create compelling content that your readers needs.

Do you use Quora to generate ideas or to connect with influencers?

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