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Don't Provide Quality Content: Provide Content Your Audience Raves About

As you walk down the road, arm in arm with your wife a gorgeous lady with an awesome physique appears. She invades your thought with her charming smile. And for a moment you forget about the ring on your finger. Her perfume draws you in setting you into primitive lust. Then the Battle Begins

10 Crazy and Awesome Benefit of Use Buffer

Do you desire to know this crazy and stupid way to use buffer that cuts across social media, writing, blogging, traveling and even research? Are you damn angry-and looking for a bit of smile to lighten your face? Do you desire to incorporate yourself in the buffer culture of ingrained happiness-and sacrifice loneliness? Do you want to despise practiced deceit and be happy over an exciting story that shows you that whole food could be like Vegas , where you leave broke, disoriented and with a new found knowledge that you have candida?