10 Crazy and Awesome Benefit of Use Buffer

Do you desire to know this crazy and stupid way to use buffer that cuts across social media, writing, blogging, traveling and even research?

Are you damn angry-and looking for a bit of smile to lighten your face?
Do you desire to incorporate yourself in the buffer culture of ingrained happiness-and sacrifice loneliness?
Do you want to despise practiced deceit and be happy over an exciting story that shows you that whole food could be like Vegas, where you leave broke, disoriented and with a new found knowledge that you have candida?

Or do you feel this guy is blabbing and should tell us something about 10 crazy ways one can use buffer to have a fun-fulfilling life or lonesome one.

Sorry to have bored you for so long. Let’s take the jet to buffer land-where we would see the awesomenesss…………………………

How to Use Buffer- The Ultimate Funny Guide to Using Buffer.

1) It Can Alleveiate Pain

Am sure your brain must be in frenzy motion trying to decipher-don’t know if am correct-how buffer can alleviate pain.
Not to worry in just a moment I promise you-you’re going to know.

The Moment Begins

A study has shown that smiling can alleviate pain. Smiling itself can make us feel better, but it’s more effective when we back it up with positive thought.

According to the study smiling is one way to reduce the disaster caused by an upsetting situation.

Psychologist call this the facial feedback hypothesis

The Gold

Buffer helps you alleviate pain by creating beautiful articles that put a smile on your face

2) Makes You Forget About Your Regret.

Do you know that when people are on their death birth, making money aren't in their thought? Do you know the top five thing in the thoughts of those who are dying?

I will share one for you.
It is the failure to stay in touch with friends and family. According to Ware a Nurse who said,

“Often they would not truly realize the full benefit of old friends until their dying weeks and it was not always possible to track them down. Many had become caught up in their own lives that they had let golden friendship slip by over the years”

So perhaps you may be one of those who aren’t giving your friendship the time it deserves and you are looking for a way to remedy the situation. Buffer is there to help you.

The Gold

Buffer gives you the opportunity to schedule tweets into the future, hence giving you more time to share more love with your family and to keep you in touch with friends

3) Spend 8 Hours Doing Nothing

May be this must be some form of joke-no! Not at all; it’s one awesome benefit.
Perhaps you may consider it disgusting-or scandalous. Am sure that why they say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

The Gold

Have seen people become burned out, at times embarrassed at the low productivity social media has hurled at their doorstep just because of one grievous sin- the sin of trying to constantly update their status on all social network
So buffer with its scheduling power gives you room to cuddle your pillow for more hours-hence improving your productivity.

4) Rewires Your Brain

Have you thought about meditation? Meditation has been said to have this surprising ability to improve focus and clarity. New research has also divulged another secret of meditation.
The secret is the tantalizing ability to improve happiness.

The Gold

Buffer can help rewire your brain in two ways:

1. By providing you with articles that teaches you how to rewire your brain for happiness and
2. BY also providing you with the opportunity to embark on that express meditation you've wanted to do.

5) Stingy to Yourself.

Perhaps you know what I am about to say or perhaps you know it’s another sensational subhead
Talking about subhead-have you visited the gluten free section of your favourite super market. The nice ad just overhead, emitting a kind of sensual glow that gives you a funny feel-that gets you hooked. And your subconscious tells you; “Am not leaving here until I pull one into my bag”. Has it happened to you or are you looking for a way to learn how to write excellent subheads? Oh! Sorry! Just forgot … Yes Be Stingy to Your Self

The Gold

Buffer gives you the opportunity to share other people’s article, hence giving you greater visibility. What an irony!
Am sure you must have heard of the 80:20 Rule. This rule originated in business but is very much applicable by the social media community.

In social media the rules states that 80% of your content should come from other people, AND only 20% of your post be about yourself.

According to an article written by +Mike Allton in Social Media Hat;

“It means that most of your post should be information that you’re sharing from other sources, or at least talking about something other than what you do.”

6. Spend 10 Hours Thinking

This may sound outrageous, but this is what Jon recommends. In his words this is what he has to say:

“If I add up all the time I spend writing blog posts, it’s probably a similar ratio. If I spend five hours writing a post, which I often do, I wouldn't be surprised if I spent 50 hours thinking about it before I start writing and in between drafts.
When readers see the finished product, they think, “Oh my God, you’re a genius,” but the truth is, the vast majority of the stuff I think is either worthless or downright stupid. You never hear any of that. All you hear is the 10% I decide to share with you.”

The Gold

Buffer with its ability to let you auto schedule, gives you the opportunity to share content on the go over an extended period to various social networks.
The time gotten can then provide you with the time needed to write that awesome post you've wanted to write.

7) Makes You Starve Negative Emotions

Perhaps you are one of those googlers who don’t know buffer has an awesome blog where they share lovely information. If you belong to this class of people then you are damn missing. This is because Buffer writers share awesome post that helps push you out of depression. One writer worthy of mention is +Belle Beth Cooper of Buffer.

8) Tweaks your Thought Process.

Am sure you've heard of this popular productivity tips such as “To be more productive, get: Better sleep, better food, better work environment e.t.c”

What if I TELL you something that completely blows your mind, something that you probably haven’t heard before, something different from what you’re used for. In short these tips are controversial. These tips were shared by +Leo Widrich of Buffer in his post titled 10 of the most controversial productivity tips that actually work

They include:

1.) Give up
2.) Procrastinate (with structure)
3.) Stop using the words “great job” (especially with kids)
4.) Work less
5.) Stop saying “yes”

6.) Get rejected
7.) Use at least Facebook, Twitter and 3 other social networks
8.) Spend time on email first thing in the morning
9.) Stop visualizing or telling anyone your goals
10.) Do an impossible task

The Gold

Buffer provides you with great dose of fabulous articles that makes gives you an incredible view of a particular dogma

9) Send Fabulous Tweets at the Best Time

One of the most common question on social media is “What is the best time to share your tweets and other social media updates.

With this question at the back of most people, buffer looked for a way to solve this challenge. Hence they partnered with follower wonk making it:

• Easy to find out what times your followers are online
• Easy to find out when followers of influential people or your friends are online
• Easy to Set up an optimized Buffer schedule with a click

10) Post images and quotes

Is there a target image you wish to share or a particular quote you need to share? Buffer has made it insanely easy for you to share your catch. You only need to simply right click the images and click – buffer this image and you are done. There is no need for you to have to save the image on your desk-top before uploading it to your social accounts. It’s an extremely easy process that can send you into giggles if you’re using it for the first time.

Would love to hear your feedback. What other crazy things can one use buffer to do?

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