Don't Provide Quality Content: Provide Content Your Audience Raves About

As you walk down the road, arm in arm with your wife a gorgeous lady with an awesome physique appears.

She invades your thought with her charming smile. And for a moment you forget about the ring on your finger. Her perfume draws you in setting you into primitive lust.


Then the Battle Begins

In peripheral of your soul, two people wage a battle, and the weak you give-in to your naughty thought. And before Jack Robinson can be said, you had committed adultery.

Your marriage now hangs on a balance, dancing the dance of divorce.
You may ask, “What’s the relevance of this story”

Not to worry, you will soon be in the know.

To explain its relevance, I want to ask you this question.

Do you know this same story pans out in the blogging world?

Many bloggers out there are just like the man in the story. They are willing to risk their audience (wife).

Instead of putting their audience need above their needs, it’s the other way round-they put their need to make wealth above solving the needs of their audience.

And this is why their audience is nowhere to be found. Low subscription is the other of the day. And they feel like it’s time to give up. They feel there is nothing more they can offer that can make a difference. They think that they’ve provided the best content- “Quality Content”- an approach that has nailed many blogger to their blogging death.

A Wrong Approach-Quality Content is the Best

When +Michael chibuzor  said there is no such thing as quality content-and that the word itself was best an anathema-there was lots of dust raised.
However having read that article I came to understand his thought process

What I realized

Quality content would never help you build your traffic trigger. To understand better-imagine you have a blog where your audience is seeking solution to a mathematics problem. Instead of providing them the solution to the problem, you wrote down the 23 Seo Mistake most blogger makes.

While this article may be of the highest quality, it is certainly irrelevant to your target audience. This in essence defeats the purpose of establishing your blog or website.

Why it’s Important To Produce Content Strictly for Your Audience

I am sure you know it is impossible to please everybody all the time. This is why it is important that you determine who your right audience is. Determining your right audience helps provide you with the following benefit:

- It makes the job a tad easier.
- It makes it easier for you to create content that addresses your audience needs
- It gives your marketing more focus
- It reduces expenses since you wouldn’t need to spend money on other market different from your target market.

Believe me doing this isn’t an easy job and that’s why need you to know that in determining your target audience there is the need for you to know yourself

How to Create Content Your Audience Loves

How to Create Content Your Audience Crave

Know Your Self

In knowing yourself there is the need for you to address the following question:

1) Why am I blogging? You need to determine the reason why you are doing it. You need to know if it’s to build influence or to market a particular service.

2) If it is a service-you need to find out what makes your service offering unique. Is there anything that differentiates you from other bloggers? Is it your writing style or your ease of delivery? Are you an expert in reeling out figures or do you know how to incorporate stories into your article? If you are unable to differentiate yourself then becoming a successful blogger becomes very hard.

3) If it is a product-is your product tailored to a wide niche like blogging or is it for bloggers who are mothers? The more streamlined your niche is –the easier it is for you to distinguish yourself. Does it solve a particular problem? Do you know the benefit offhand

If you can answer this questions properly then you are on your way to becoming a successful blogger

Find Your Audience

I think the question on your lips is this, “How do I find my audience, or where do I find them?”

If this is the question,

Check out the Answer

- To find your audience you will need to stalk them.

- You will have to use the social media to do the job –listen to what is being said on face book, twitter or piniterest. Perhaps you don’t have an audience –SIMPLY

Follow others on social media who are doing something similar to what you are doing. Listen to what questions the audience is asking on these platform. Write them down and try to provide answers. This way you would be answering the questions your audience would like answered.

- You can also craft a post just to find out your audience problem, or what questions they would want to see answered.

- Another way to find out what your audience wants is to conduct surveys. SurveyMonkey is an awesome free tool to use.

If you have a product-you can ask your audience what improvement they would want to be incorporated in the product.

This way you develop a loyal audience that will love you like mad.

- Use Google keyWord planner tools to also find out about your competitors

- You can also use Google alert to find out what others are saying about you, this way you know when your brand is mentioned. The tool can help you keep track of your competitors. You can choose to receive the information daily or weekly as you deem fit.

Having known your audience and you are able to provide content to satisfy their craving-you can then do more analysis to know them more.

Getting To Know Your Target Audience Better

According to Mandy Porta if you want to know your target audience better you need to do the following:

Look at Your Current Customer Base

: check out the kind of people that buy from you or visit your site. Look for similarities or interest. By doing this you would be able to predict the kind of people that would buy from you. Armed with this information you can then target this group of people.

Check Out Your Competition:

What are the demographics of the people buying from your competitors. Are they male or females; young people or old people? This information will help you reduce the cost of going on a wide goose chase.

Check Out The Demographics:

Having known the benefits of your product or services or the reason why you set up your blog or website, the next step is for you to make a list of those people who will benefit from your product or services. You can classify them based on age, sex or education level.

Doing this will enable you determine:

- The kind of writing to adopt
- The social media platform to use. For example if your demography are mostly women, you should ensure you have a presence on pinterest.

Arming yourself with the above information makes it easier for you to distinguish yourself in the blogging word.

What other ways do you use in writing the content your audience deserve?

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