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Don’t Reinvent the Content Wheel like Nelson Mandela, 71/2 Things You Should Do

Do you struggle with creating the content your audience need or are thinking of how to satisfy their voracious appetite? If yes- then you need to do some soul searching and ask yourself this bloody question-Am I Martin Luther, Jesus Christ, Ghandi or The Indefatigable Mandela who just passed away a few days ago. Why? Because you need to know if you have the mental strength to go through the challenges they faced and not cave -in?” if you don’t have that kind of strength-it is best you follow their path and not blaze a new trail. Blazing a new trail doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be unique. What have been trying to say is that you don’t need to create original content (non pre-existing content to be successful). It just means that to be a successful content creator solve your audience problem Why?