51 Awesome Benefit Of Blogging To You and Your Business

Is blogging a hype way of building a lucrative business? This question is one which many businesses are asking based on the number of blogs inhabiting the blogosphere.

Benefit of  Business Blogging
Benefit of Blogging

The answer is no especially when done right.
This is because blogging has so many benefits.
Before diving into the awesome benefit resident in blogging, you need to understand that to take your blogging to an inspiring level you must understand that relationship building together with creation of awesome content is a must.

So, no matter how much great content you create, if you are not able to leverage an existing relationship or build new ones-your blog is as good as dead meat.
So let’s get the ball rolling.

51 Powerful Advantages of Blogging

#1 Get a Better Job

Blogging is an outlet to show people the stuff you are made of. It gives you the opportunity to show how you can build relationship with others in real life situation and also to show your expertise. This was how Kiley Stenberg of a Sequin Dress at Breakfast got a job with A Local Men boutique, Badower’s. Through her blog she was deployed to set up the female line of this male store…. That’s the power of blogging.
In that lovely article she said something that touched me-it was an advice to those who intend to use blogging as a tool to get a job. You can read it below

"Always write for yourself first. Blog because you love doing it and your excitement for what you’re writing about will come through. Keep in mind you never know who is reading your site. I also think it’s important to type like you talk, so readers get to know your ‘voice,’ so when people or potential employers meet you in person they are getting the same voice and person they got to know on your blog."

#2 Start a New Business

Blogging is powerful platform to set up your business. It also provides you with the opportunity to reduce your business cost. You do not need to set up a physical office for your business as it can be done from the comfort of your home.

#3 Get More Clients to Your Existing Business

An editor through blogging can expand the reach of his existing business. For example through focused blogging Bamidele has been able to earn over $4000 a month through his freelancing service.

Also a store owner who deals in shoes can deploy blogging to expand the reach of his business.

#4 Become a Better Writer

It was +Johnny B. Truant  who said something awe-inspiring - You can only become a better writer by constant practice without practice-without constant writing, no matter how knowledgeable you are-you will simply suck.

This was his exact words:
“Regardless of innate talent, the more you write and the more you read, the better writer you will become. You’ll begin to recognize that certain sentences work while others do not.
You know how when you’re reading something, and it just kind of loses its “flow?” You’ll start to see that when you read your own writing… and when you do, you’ll go back and make a change, read it again, and see if it flows any better. You’ll learn to do that until you get it right.”

#5 Published Author

Through blogging some bloggers have become published authors. This was how Michelle of Scribbit became a blogger. Because she set up a blog, she has been featured in publications such as Better Homes and Gardens, The Denver Post and The Wall Street Journal –and was ranked fifth in the list of ten Top Motherhood Blogs in the Wall Street Journal, "The Blogger Mom in Your Face"

#6 Get Immediate Feedback

Blogging gives you the opportunity to get immediate feedback from your customers.

Bloggers like Jon Morrow has done this with a blog post others like Adrienne Smith has deployed this strategy when trying to find solution to her spam filter

#7 Learn More About a Your Audience

Through blogging you develop relationship with your audience such that you get to know their challenges. This provides you with a platform to develop better product or create articles that solve their problem.

#8 Gain Influence

Blogging is a great way to gain influence especially if you create content everybody is willing to share

#9 Establish Yourself as an Expert in Your Field

One way of confirming that you are an expert in your chosen field is by having a portfolio that shows your work. What better way than to blog? Blogging easily gives you room to share all the brilliant ideas deposited inside of you.

It also gives others the opportunity to critic your work and hence confirm your expert status.

#10 Build a Network

It provides you with the opportunity to connect with others you can do business with.

Through blogging Kristi Hines has been able to build a close relationship with Neil Patel of QuickSprout such that she is the only blogger Neil Patel pays TO GUEST POST on his blog

#11 Learn How To Use Social Media

Through blogging you would be able to connect with the best social media players who would share with you actionable tips on how you can use social to make money for your business.

#12 Improve Your SEO

Blogging provides you with the opportunity to write in-depth articles that satisfy your customer needs. When this is done on a frequent basis, Google has no option but to take notice and drive traffic to your site.

#13 Build a List

The best means of communicating to your loyal audience is through e-mail. This is because e-mails let you contact your audience whenever you desire. It also gives you the opportunity to offer products updates and also to find out from them what it takes to improve your business or challenges they themselves are facing.

#14 Stay Knowledgeable in Your Field

By blogging, you easily build a connection with people more knowledgeable than you.

This gives you the opportunity to develop yourself better towards becoming an expert in your field. The connection also built through blogging allows you to get something’s done for free.

For example, if I have an issue on my site that I can’t seek out, just a call or mail to a blogging buddy of mine who is involved in web design will get the situation fixed.

#15 Sell a Product

Unlike online ads that doesn’t outline the whole benefit of a product; blogging gives you the platform to do this, hence making you develop a deeper connection with your customer-thus making them loyal.

Through blogging you can provide efficient customer care service through the use of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

This also leads to low cost in man power especially for new start-up; since most cost aside that of product development is usually incurred through servicing of customers complaint.

That is why for a small E-COMMERCE firm with limited capitals who may not have the finance to hire many virtual assistant should consider creating an in-depth FAQ that would answer almost all possible questions a customer may ask.

The blog is also important for these businesses as it provides them with an avenue to build closer relationship with their customers.

#16 Talk to Your Idols

It gives you the platform to communicate with your idols. When you have a blog, it becomes easy for you to pitch an interview with influencers or people who you hold in high- esteem. This was how +Gilbert samuel of Viral writer was able to get over 45 experts to talk to him on their best monetization strategy.

#17 Express Yourself

If you are looking for an easy platform to write down your thought-blogging is it. You can use any of the free platforms from blogger to word press. You don’t need to publish your thought for the whole world to see; you can leave it at the draft stage if you so wish. The essence being that some people need their thought to be anonymous.

Another benefit of using a blog to express your thought is that it allows you to easily edit them without the need of wasting paper.

#18 Help Others

Blogs are powerful tools you can use to educate people. No matter your endeavor, you can deploy blogging to solve people’s problem. From Health, web design to Astronomy, you can use blogging to help others.

#19 Build Trust Online

An easy way to build trust online is to blog. When you create content your audience rave about, you make them trust you and whenever you say something, they hang on to your every word. But this only happens when you provide valuable content on a consistent basis.

#20 Protects Your Online Identity

In the world of identity theft, setting up a blog is a great way to protect your identity.

Just imagine a scenario where your name or brand is typed into Google search and what pops out is a site about sex, alcohol or other vices. By blogging and establishing other social account you can easily establish yourself as someone who is genuine.

#21 Diversify Your Income

Blogging will enable you diversify your income. Through blogging you will be able to create e-books; become a speaker and even appear on CNN

#22 Diversify Your Marketing Channels

By blogging you would learn how to use technologies like you tube, instagram, tumblr to market your brand.

#23 Blogging Makes You Know What Works as Against What Doesn’t Work

Through it you get to know which social media strategy works effectively for your business or niche.

#24 Thought Leaders Will Easily Adopt Your Product

When you mix blogging and relationship building, it becomes easy for thought leaders to adopt your products.

#25 Blogging Will Make You a Teacher

Perhaps you never believed you could ever teach. Through blogging you would learn how to communicate in a language your audience understands.

#26 Blogging Will Help You Kill Timidity

One reason people are not bold is because of lack of self-confidence. You can help defeat timidity by blogging. Michael S. Rosenwald wrote an article that seems to suggest that Facebook has helped people who are extremely shy become less shy. This goes to show that when you as an individual engage in blogging, you discover that you would gradually kill the anxiety that comes with interacting with people. This is because you build a connection with people who are quite intelligent and a ripple effect occurs. The effect is that your confidence level increases.

#27 Blogging Will Make You To Earn $500 An Hour

After Writing The Most Popular post in ProBlogger History, Jon Morrow  of Boost Blog Traffic's was never the same he became a hot cake for major companies even earning $40,000 in one week that PayPal had to shut his account thinking that it was fraud

Bennefit of Blogging

#28 Thought Leaders Will Scramble To Write For You.

By becoming an authority in through blogging, you would begin to receive mails from tons of people requesting for guest posting opportunity on your blog.

#29 You Will Have An Edge Over Your Non-Blogging Competitors

Through blogging you will provide more value than your competitors since you would be answering your customer’s deepest needs in an easily reachable format.

#30 You Would Steal Your Competitors Customer

When you show you are an authority in the blogging field people will live your competitors since they feel you treat them better.

#31 People Will Provide You With Free Opportunity To Build More Audience

Through blogging you would be invited to blog on other blogs hence giving you the opportunity to get new audience.

This is What Harleena Singh Gained by Blogging

#32 It Will Give You Financial Peace


Just read this amazing story of how +Carol Tice fought the battle to ensure Good writers made a better living and how she achieved financial peace

#34 People From Diverse Works of Life Will Seek For Your Advice

People you never imagined would seek your advice will come looking for you.

#35 Through Blogging You Will Learn The Art of Building Relationship

Blogging allows you connect with your readers. You can leverage this relationship to build your brand an expand your business

#36 Blogging Makes Your Business More Likable

If you can effectively connect with your audience, and humanize your brand, you will eventually make your business likable.

#37 It creates free Public Relation.

Benefit of Blogging

Looking for a way to get free press-blogging is it; Seth Adam Smith an Alaskan-born blogger and the editor-in-chief of ForwardWalking.com got that through this article that netted him over 24 million views

#38 Helps you stay ahead of the curve.

By blogging, you are forced to stay on top of news, trends and competitors. It helps you be a leader, not a follower.

#39 A blog keeps you focused on your content marketing strategy

It enables you create a schedule and stick to it to continuously deliver purposeful content.

#40 Let’s You tell your brand story.

A blog is a great place to offer more insight into your company, philosophy, employees, and ideas. Through it you can tell your customers why you’re in business and how you can help them.

#41 It gives your company a voice.

A blog creates a place to talk about new products, or services, comment on timely news topics or market trends, and share company initiatives beyond your website. It’s also the place let your brand’s personality shine and show people what you’re all about.

#42 Re-purpose the content

Blogging gives you a residual of content that you can be cost-effectively re-purposed for newsletters, eBooks and other publications.

#43 Reward employees

Through your company blog, you can celebrate a spectacular employee by publishing his or her achievement.

#44 Humanize your brand

By blogging you humanize your brand especially if you can incorporate storytelling into the mix. Buffer has an excellent culture of humanizing their brand. The staffs of buffer share their personal stories on their blog. They connect with their readers sharing stories that inspire love and happiness.

#45 Test an Idea

You can read Nina post on how How to Test Market Your Book Idea with a Blog

#46 Facilitates the Uses of Image

In order to ensure more effective communication, images are usually deployed and this helps facilitates learning. This because people are more in-tuned with images

#47 It Shows You Have Nothing To Hide

A blog that allows for commenting shows others you have nothing to hide. It also helps build trust as mentioned earlier.

#48 It Teaches You How To Boost Your Productivity

Blogging can sometimes appear difficult. If you however connect with other experts in your industry, you will discover productivity tips that will help you not only in blogging but also in your business.

#49 Blogging energizes you to find out what others are talking about you

Blogging enables you to be in-tuned with the latest information concerning your industry, hence giving you the opportunity to know what people are saying about your brand

#50 Makes For Easy Update

Blogging makes it easy for people to know your company or brand latest policy. Whenever, there is an update the easiest way for people to reference this update is to visit a primary source.

This can easily be achieved if your organization has a blog.

#51 Blogging Gives People A Reason To Revisit

Blogging gives people the opportunity to revisit a site especially if done frequently. +Sherice Jacob  in a post she wrote on Crazy Egg shares some salient point.

Have I missed any other tips, please share them in the comment box

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