Don’t Reinvent the Content Wheel like Nelson Mandela, 71/2 Things You Should Do

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Do you struggle with creating the content your audience need or are thinking of how to satisfy their voracious appetite?

If yes- then you need to do some soul searching and ask yourself this bloody question-Am I Martin Luther, Jesus Christ, Ghandi or The Indefatigable Mandela who just passed away a few days ago.

Because you need to know if you have the mental strength to go through the challenges they faced and not cave -in?” if you don’t have that kind of strength-it is best you follow their path and not blaze a new trail. Blazing a new trail doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be unique. What have been trying to say is that you don’t need to create original content (non pre-existing content to be successful). It just means that to be a successful content creator solve your audience problem


For many new and existing content creators including you, there is a challenge-the need to satisfy your audience needs.

Slimy Path

But many times you get lost in the river of mental block, just because of your quest to reinvent the wheel. This quest to become original becomes a cog in your blogging journey. It becomes a slimy path to your blogging success. You become obsessed with writing the best of post that you end up doing nothing. You become like the artist who spends 20 years designing a boat that he wanted to enter into a competition until the boats becomes so obsolete that it became a grand waste.

Being Different Can Be So Bad.

I heard of the story of Khidir, the teacher of Moses who proclaimed the demise of all water not specially hoarded. He also predicted a change in the character of the new water that will eventually emerge.

According to the story no one paid attention to the story except one man.
This man listened to his advice-collected water, stored it and waited for the demise of the water.

On the appointed date, this man watched the disappearance of all water and its subsequent reappearance.

Men out of thirst ran to this water that suddenly appeared and gulped the water as if it would disappear in a twinkle of an eye.

The man who had set aside his own water, watched as the sons of men raved mad.
He ran to his source, quenched his harrowing thirst, went back to meet the sons of men and tried to convince them to abandon this water to no avail. They even thought him mad and showed hostility and compassion not understanding.

At first he refused to drink none of the new water but went to his concealment to draw on his supplies. Finally, however he took a decision to drink the new water because he could not bear the loneliness of living, behaving and thinking in a different way from everyone else.

He drank the new water and became like the rest. Then he forgot about his own store of special water and his fellows began to look upon him as a madman who had miraculously been restored to sanity.

Essence of The Story

“Walk on the shoulders of those before you.”
Instead of wasting time in creating original content your audience may not buy into-one which there has not been any pre-existing question. It is better you create content that would solves an already addressed problem.

The Problem

Many bloggers out there feel that since this problem has been addressed then there is no need to write a post on that problem……WRONG NOTION…. To be frank with you even the most creative of bloggers steal the content of others.

What To Do

Just put a spice to what you blog about by introducing your personality. This is what +Adrienne smith does

So let’s get into how to create a steady stream of content that your audience Loves.

How to Get Steady Stream of Content Ideas That Your Audience Loves.

1. Find out What Other People Already Love

One of the best ways to find out what your audience crave for is to find out the popular post in your niche.

Once you determine this from the number of social shares and comments generated, simply write your own post on this same topic, add relevant link from sources you cited and you are nearly good to go.

2. Engage in Keyword Research.

Keyword research is another grand way to provide content your audience will love. Keyword research makes it possible for you to solve problems your audience never thought of but one which they needed answers to.

When you write such content your audience gets this dejavu aura. And they feel so indebted to you. This is because they feel like, “how come he knows that I had this problem even when I myself am not aware.”

Doing keyword research requires tools-most of which are paid. If however you need a free version, you can always make do with Google Keyword Planner.

When doing keyword research -use exact match or phrase match- doing this helps give you a more accurate way of determining what problem your audience is facing.

Google is now even in love with long tail phrases- and this is essence of the humming Bird update. So using long tail keyword propels google to rank you higher in her search engine especially if your article is centered about a particular theme.

3. Exploit Social Media

I love social media because it enables me keep in touch with friends and build connections.
It gives me the opportunity to keep tabs on topics which are dear to my heart.

As a blogger you can use social media to get the latest topic in your niche or to follow discussion pertaining to a particular topic.

The search option on twitter should get you going if you are looking for a way to create targeted content.

Using TWITTER to Generate Topic Ideas

Put in a fairly broad phrase into twitter search.
For example you could put in the phrase-buying perfumes.

When you do this, you will find a list of people who are talking about this topic with the information at your disposal. Save the search and monitor the conversation.
When you hit gold in form of a question-enter into the fray of the conversation by clicking the reply button.

You can also use twitter to drive your link building campaign.

Aldo Baker contacted me through a mail were he mentioned how he found me on twitter.

Hi Peter, I saw the link you shared from Jeff Bullas on social media usage I wanted to reach out to you with a suggestion for a followup post:

I am promoting this infographic on How to Rock Social Media in 30 Minutes a Day, and I thought your readers would enjoy it. In case it makes it easier, here is a Dropbox file with additional image crops:

If you decide to share, all I ask is that you credit the source. I can also send visitors to your site as a thank-you if you are interested.

Aldo Baker
This is the Awesome Infographics Aldo Asked me to share. It effectively captures -How You Can Effectively Utilize Social Media Within 30 Minutes

Rock Social Media in 30 Minutes a Day [INFOGRAPHIC] - An Infographic from Pardot
Embedded from Pardot

4. Use Surveys

Survey is another way you can get the thoughts of your audience. +Jon Morrow  of Copy Blogger did that recently when he sent an end of year survey to his subscribers asking them of their challenges.

Another blogger who inboxed me with a survey is +Ti Roberts of SEO REBEL. This goes to show that survey is an extremely useful tool to understand what your audience wants.

If you are looking for a survey tool to use then surveymonkey and Qualaroo are two tools you can make use of.

5. Solve People's Problems

What are the pressing problems in your niche? Do your audience a favour and answer those question and you will see them hail you from the high tops. Take note, even if others have provided the same answers craft yours, just tweak it by making it more friendly.

6.Engage In Blog Commenting in Your Niche

Comment on the blog of other bloggers in your niche. When you do this you would find a gem in some of the question asked. For example if you are a frequent commenter on a particular blog, you would have the opportunity of coming across challenges that other bloggers or loop-holes you can fill up by creating a post that addresses that challenge.

7. Ask Questions On Social Media

When you ask people question on twitter, you stimulate conversation. There was a time I asked Danny Iny which social media profile does he get the best lead from.

You can see his response below.

8. Write Tutorials

Tutorials is a great way of making your audience crave for you. When you write tutorials, you make yourself look like an authority in that field. That is why bloggers who create tutorials find their e-mail list expand daily.

By teaching your audience what you learn in your blogging journey you create a strong bond with them. If you are looking for how to write a great tutorial read +Sue Neal  post Titled: How to Write Tutorial Blog Post That Go Viral

So What other ways can write content your audience crave?

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