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Being Unforgettable:How To Fight Your Ideas to Stardom

Fighting is as old as man himself. This struggle to overcome another by means of combat, unarmed or armed is perhaps the legacy handed down to us from our ancestors, the cave dwellers. Man has formulated scientific principles through the ages in his efforts to subdue enemies by fair means or foul. This quest for domination sowed the seeds for the fighting art.
The same can be said of content and ideas. Right from the time of Aristotle till date, man has fought to ensure his content and ideas are embedded on the sands of time.
This can be seen etched on the pyramids of Egypt, written on the Wailing Wall in Israel and embossed on the stone marbles of Greece.

To safe guard it, man has killed and has been ready to die. In his ingenuity, man has even crafted scrolls that laid dead in the Dead Sea only rise

Sweet Ways on How to Send Massive Traffic to Your Food Blog

Driving traffic to one's food blog can be a difficult task; it's one  the most important part of blogging.

It gives new and old bloggers sleepless night.

You may have asked yourself, what can I do? What steps can I take to draw traffic to my blog? Or How Can I drive people to my site?
Before I tell you what step to be taken, I will like to ask this question, are you passionate about owning a food blog? Or are you into it because your friends are blogging in that niche?

If your answer, is not the first, then go rediscover where your passion lies.

This is because blogging can sometimes become challenging. Will you be able to maintain the rat-race or would you give up?

10 Great Tips on How to Drive Traffic to Your Food Blog

How Neil Patel Preserved His Integrity After The Instagram Fiasco

In our quest to make money or to make the world a better place, you and I are sometimes faced with a dilemma-the option to compromise our values, and get immediate benefit or stick to our values, suffer the consequences while keeping our integrity intact.

While compromising one’s value may achieve a seeming benefit, series of compromises has the ability to dent one’s reputation.

This is why a Japanese proverb says:

The reputation of a thousand years may be determined by the conduct of one hour.
This goes to show that a single bad choice has the ability to destroy a lifetime’s worth of integrity.

Is it worth the risk?

“Trust me; the scandal scarred former boy wonder said. No way, responded California’s highest court.”….CNN

This is despite Stephen Glass claim to showing genuine remorse.

The Neil Patel Experience

As a serial entrepreneur, Neil has been known for his trademark giveaways and his love for testing- all geared towards reinforcing his brand and generosity.

In his desire to conti…

How to Get Sacked From Your Job, Move to Paradise and Get Paid to Change Lives

Do you have a dream of leaving your suffocating job in order to embrace the life of freedom?
Not to live in the trapping of sumptuous wealth, but to have time for yourself, your families and to do what your heart desires.

You want to quit that job, because it chokes your very soul.
You want to because you feel depressed.
You want to because you feel yourself snapping, just a thin line-a brittle thread holding together what remains of your quest to live.

It’s a dream, and you feel it’s impossible-that you don’t have what it takes to break free.

But, is it True?

No, it isn’t.

I know what your mind is saying to you… Do you doubt? Okay let’s see…
I don’t have the writing bone.
I can’t be successful as Ryan Biddulph.
I don't have the time to do this

Do you really think it’s true?

Do you really think your excuses are not just the imagination of a tattered mind, perhaps unleashed on you by the circumstances of your life?

Well you feel blogging success lies in the realm of infatuation. …

The Picture Guide To Using Keyword Planner To Create Fantabulous Content

Am sure you’ve heard that for you to become a successful blogger you need to publish quality content. The following question then is: how can I go about publishing quality content?

Or perhaps another question diving through your mind is: How do I write awesome content in a niche that is boring?

In this guide I’ll share with you strategies you can use to achieve

How Can Newspapers (both offline and online) Compete With New Medias, while Making Money

Got this question on quora and this is my response

The answer lies in providing tremendous value.


Newspaper, need to understand that they should start leveraging their writers as a way to boost loyalty.

This is what the most popular blog out there have done.

When you look for avenues to let your writers shine out, people will become attached to these writers. In this way they will also become loyal to the brands.

In order to achieve this, newspapers house-those who are strictly offline would have to embrace the online space.

Newspaper house should also understand that there is need to allow for readers to subscribe to a specific writer feed.

When this is done, the number of subscribers on these sites will increase, because the subscribers feel an affinity to the writers.

At this stage, the newspaper site can work with the writer to see how to monetize that list.

A couple of monetization stream that can be adopted include:
- Offering specialized training based on the specific sk…

How To Use Review Sites To Drive Traffic and Sales

Before I dive into how review sites can be leveraged into driving traffic to you business site or blog, I will start with a simple definition.

What are Review Sites?

According to Wikipedia, a review site is a website on which reviews can be posted about people, businesses, products or services. These sites may use web 2.0 techniques to gather reviews from site users or may employ professional writers to author reviews on the topic of concern.

Now we've dwelt on the definition of review sites, it is also important you understand the necessity of using them.

Why Review Sites Are Important
With the advent of online criminals, most consumers are unwilling to make purchases of new product no matter how appealing the product appears without at least first looking up for a favorable review of that product online. As a result, it has become pertinent for local business or start-ups to get their review up there.

If at this point you've not still understood how powerful these sites are …

How to Create Link Bait Content With Topsy

Topsy is one tool that can be used to create content that people are willing to link to. The question is how?

If you’ve used Topsy before, am sure you know that it can be used to view content that are extremely popular over a period of time and here lies the magic of Topsy.

Hence in this guide with the images I will explain to you a step by step guide on how you can use Topsy to generate incredible content that people are willing to link to.

Step I: Log into Topsy Website

To do this simply key in into your task bar menu-doing this will bring up the website you see below.

This is the home page of topsy and as you can see there are several mini tabs just under the white search bar. This various buttons helps you tweak your search as you deem fit. But for the sake of crafting linkable content I’ll be focusing on the Link Tab.

Step 2: Select The Link Tab

Step 3: Put Your Keyword Into The Search Bar

Once you have put in your keyword, the next thing for you to do is to click t…

How an Organization Can Use the Internet To Sky Rocket International Sales

A few days back, I talked with a US based company with branches in Africa. They wanted me to write sales letters that would help increase the income of their subsidiaries.
The request was based on the desire to see an increase in target buyers from the African market-a fast growing e-commerce enclaves.

How Nigerians Can Make Money Importing Product From China?

There are waves of people out there who genuinely seek to get into the importing business. They however have two major hindrances, which is:
- Startup Capital and
- Where to set up their shop

These set of people already know how to convince people to buy their product. They however ask themselves this question: “How can I lay my hands on $6500 in order to order my first consignment?”

If you truly believe this is the major factor that has hindered you from establishing your importing business, to be frank with you- I must sincerely tell you that there is more to it than just solving the above problem.

What then are the other challenges?

Images: How To Send Files To Your Mailchimp Subscribers

I am sure you’ve heard the saying that the money is in the list. Hence today I will be sharing with you how to send an e-book to your subscribers on Mailchimp.

Mailchimp as a newsletter sending services doesn’t allow you to send attachment to your subscribers-but there is a way round it.

The way out

Mail chimp allows you to upload files, mp3 and video directly to their server.

Once you’ve uploaded the file to their services they would provide you a link which you can insert inside of your newsletter or an auto responder series as you deem fit.

In the steps to be outlined below I will be sharing one way in which you can share documents or files to your beloved subscribers

How to Share Files to Subscribers on Mail Chimp

5 Magic Formulas for Crafting Irresistible Headlines

“On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.”-David Ogilvy

Crafting the perfect headline is like killing two birds with one stone. It requires skill and ingenuity; a repertoire of ideas stacked in your secret tool box and diving through the mind

World Cup 2014: 3 Lessons You Can Use To Capture Your Customers Loyalty

Dear Business Owner,

You may have often wondered if it’s possible for you to capture the attention, and loyalty of your audience like football teams have done in this world cup.

The question you may have asked is: Can it ever be possible?

The simple answer to this question is yes

In case it surprises you, let us consider Arsenal FC-an English club that went trophy-less for good 9 years.

For 9 years, I heard all sort of abuse under the sun issued against the Arsenal team, its manager-Arsene Wenger, and the club management.

In all these, the fans still persisted.

In case the name doesn’t still ring a bell, Arsenal FC is the club in England that just won the F.A cup –the oldest cup in English history, and some of her players like Fabregas did feature in the present World Cup.

So back to my illustration

Over the years, I saw them come close to clinching trophy after trophy without success. And as a result of this, many fans of the opposing clubs offered up mock ticket and pleaded with me to…

Do You Know This 7 Ways To Turn Your Blog Readers into Raving Fans?

Have you ever imagined what it takes to have raving fans-
fans  who can point out the little details

Do you know what it feels like?
The euphoria of stumbling into an open secret

Not the run of the mill kind
Not the kind that peters out after a few days
Not the euphoria of going high on coke
Nor the indolent cravings that comes with it.

Am talking of a prolong excitement of given birth after 15years of marriage solemnization

And that's what we will be looking at today.

Let take a breath as we embrace this journey.

Dangers of Brands Lying To Their Customers

Have you read a dose of misleading headline by brands or organizations whose aim is to lure the reader and sign post him or her to buy your product?

For me this is a common thing as I scroll the world of the net. And it’s something I dislike with passion-reason being that its aim is to get the reader to part with their hard earned cash.

I have been scammed about twice by these guys whose trade is deception. They’ve studied the craft of writing exceptional sales letter and don’t give a damn about whose feet they land on. Their sole focus is money.

Such Shallow Thinking

Why You Should Stop Blogging About Blogging?

Have you reached the tipping point, the point of no return, just a thin thread holding you back and your passionate self really mean it?

You never believed you would do it, no matter what.
But today, the story is different.

Today the spirit is willing but the flesh is dead.
Hence, you’ve decided to signpost the end of your blogging journey. And return to your non-writing days.

You say “At least no comment that will make my heart flutter-comments that deceive me into believing that am good, when I know blogging isn’t for me.”
But I say

What of if you’ve got it damn wrong?

Perhaps, you feel he is at his deception best. Your thoughts silently saying; “This guy is just out to flatter me”

Nope, that’s not my plan; because I sincerely believe you are remarkable.
You need just do one damn thing.

You need to ask yourself one seeming crazy question.

What question?

Have you sat down, to really ask yourself one thing you are so passionate about that you can without blinking explain the intricate…

How to Build Your Audience Through Blog Commenting

Before we take a dive into the world of blog commenting let’s start with a quote from Robert Greene:

“The world is dangerous with troves of enemies everywhere. Hence everyone has to protect themselves. A fortress seems the safest. But isolation exposes you to more danger than it protects you from. It cuts you off from valuable information; it makes you conspicuous and an easy target. Better to circulate among people, find allies, mingle. You are shielded from your enemies by the crowd. ”

The importance of this quote cannot be over-emphasized. The more you become a recluse deciding only to write the best of content without reaching out to others-the easier you dig your blogging grave.

Am sure you must have heard of the Pareto principles i.e the 80:20 rule in blogging relationship, it can be paraphrased as:
“Do your writing 20% of the time and promote it 80% of the time.”
When you do this you make yourself relevant in the scheme of things.


Human are social animals and as such …

Win up to $250 in This $500 Guest Blogging Contest

As a blogger one of your aims is to make money. And this is where blogengage comes in. Blog engage as a blogging community is there to assist you achieve your goal.

However, many people who want to become part of this community have been inhibited by lack of finance or are just reluctant to pay the money required for them to join this top notch community. This should not be so anymore, as Blog Engage has decided to give out free accounts to bloggers who are willing to offer quality guest post on their blog.

Some of you may have grown goose pimple based on the fact that Matt Cutt has said no to guest blogging.

You don’t have to be, the essence being that when you offer to guest post, do it because you want to gain exposure not just because of the back-link. Guest post targeted basically for back-link isn’t the best. And believe me; Brian will only accept guest post which has quality in them. If your desire is basically to get a back-link then this competition isn’t for you.

How To Wi…

Building Your Audience: The Anatomy of a Blogging General

Have you ever wished you could get into the mind of one of the greatest bloggers the world has ever known¬¬-to see his soul, feel his heart beat and know what makes him damn good?

To tap into the secret he used in building his audience

Well this is Your Chance

I don’t like repeating stories, neither do I like reading a novel twice, except it is exceptional. And his stories are out of this world. It can make you green with envy, motivate you and  piss you off. It could even make you scared, or transform your life.

That’s the power inherent in his word. His word has a hypnotic effect-AND Believe me they are damn good.

Do Business Like A Snake

The animal called snake has been given a bad rep-right from the beginning of the world up to this present time.

Its journey has been fraught with hatred, anger, fear just to mention but a few.
To give you a better understanding- I love to ask you how you would feel if someone calls you a snake?

I bet that you will feel livid, sad, angry, annoyed, pained etcetera. To some it’s a stabbing bite.


It’s because snakes are considered to be cunning animals that mirrors all things deceitful.

However, in this article you are going to understand the business benefit of acting like a snake.