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Win up to $250 in This $500 Guest Blogging Contest

As a blogger one of your aims is to make money. And this is where blogengage comes in. Blog engage as a blogging community is there to assist you achieve your goal. However, many people who want to become part of this community have been inhibited by lack of finance or are just reluctant to pay the money required for them to join this top notch community. This should not be so anymore, as Blog Engage has decided to give out free accounts to bloggers who are willing to offer quality guest post on their blog. Some of you may have grown goose pimple based on the fact that Matt Cutt has said no to guest blogging . You don’t have to be, the essence being that when you offer to guest post, do it because you want to gain exposure not just because of the back-link. Guest post targeted basically for back-link isn’t the best. And believe me; Brian will only accept guest post which has quality in them. If your desire is basically to get a back-link then this competition isn’t for you.

Building Your Audience: The Anatomy of a Blogging General

Have you ever wished you could get into the mind of one of the greatest bloggers the world has ever known¬¬-to see his soul, feel his heart beat and know what makes him damn good? To tap into the secret he used in building his audience Well this is Your Chance I don’t like repeating stories, neither do I like reading a novel twice, except it is exceptional. And his stories are out of this world. It can make you green with envy, motivate you and  piss you off . It could even make you scared, or transform your life. That’s the power inherent in his word. His word has a hypnotic effect-AND Believe me they are damn good.

Do Business Like A Snake

The animal called snake has been given a bad rep-right from the beginning of the world up to this present time. Its journey has been fraught with hatred, anger, fear just to mention but a few. To give you a better understanding- I love to ask you how you would feel if someone calls you a snake? Qualities of A Snake I bet that you will feel livid, sad, angry, annoyed, pained etcetera. To some it’s a stabbing bite. Why? It’s because snakes are considered to be cunning animals that mirrors all things deceitful. However, in this article you are going to understand the business benefit of acting like a snake.