Do Business Like A Snake

The animal called snake has been given a bad rep-right from the beginning of the world up to this present time.

Its journey has been fraught with hatred, anger, fear just to mention but a few.
To give you a better understanding- I love to ask you how you would feel if someone calls you a snake?

Qualities of Snake
Qualities of A Snake

I bet that you will feel livid, sad, angry, annoyed, pained etcetera. To some it’s a stabbing bite.


It’s because snakes are considered to be cunning animals that mirrors all things deceitful.

However, in this article you are going to understand the business benefit of acting like a snake.

In short, am going to EXPLAIN the scripture that says, “Be wise as serpent and innocent as a dove.”

To make you understand the above quote I love to share a story with you.

According to Rick Renner, “when I was growing up, we had a lot of snakes in the country side where we lived, and many of my friends thought it was fun to search for and collect snakes. Because I was a typical boy, I joined the rest of my friends in their pursuit of snakes. This firsthand experience…enabled me to have a deeper appreciation for what Jesus meant…”

His story taught me something incredible. It taught me that we could learn something from the most unlikely of places. And this is what I want to share with you today.
Let’s get talking:

Five Qualities of a Snake You Should Imbibe In Business

1. Learn the Landscape of Your Environment

When serpents get into a new environment or territory, they don’t just take the fast lane by announcing their presence. They do something unique. They stay quiet and try blending into their environment.
In fact, they adopt camouflage tactics. By so doing, the enemy can walk past them without noticing their presence.

This is why you need to understand the environment where you intend to spring up your business. You don’t just move for the kill without first thinking, and planning. Doing that is tantamount to failure.

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2. Locate Area of Shelter

The snake quietly moves round its new environment as it tries to locate places of shelter-places where it can find comfort and safety from other enemies.
So it is very important that before setting up your business, you should consider if the location is good. It is advisable you work silently at the background, figuring out where your ideal clients are and try to place your business at its center.

Your location doesn’t just have to be physical. It could be web based or could even be your Search Engine Ranking.

No matter what it is, ensure your intending business is situated at the best location.

3. Check Out For Potential Attacks

While a snake hovers quietly in its environment, it takes note of likely predators, and looks for means in which it can outmaneuver them. If it suddenly finds a human being in the environment, it doesn’t mind moving out of that place. For example, it can move from an open space to an available bush or forest.

So also in business, it is important to identify potential problems-is it high tax rate or poor security? You just need to find out the potential problem that could act as a hindrance to a successful take off of your business.

4. Take Time To Maximize Opportunities

Though the snake may have seen several preys, it carefully observes its environment to see where it can get the easiest of prey.

This also pans out in business. This is why an entrepreneur should ensure he takes the right steps in order to maximize profit. For example, if there is a huge demand for his product or service; it may be wise for him to go for a higher price while if the demand is low he can go for a lower price.

The essence being that he must look out for the best method to maximize profit at the lowest cost, while at the same time not damaging his brand’s image.

5. Time To Act

After the snake has taken note of its environment and the opportunities that abound and knows that the new environment is not under threat, it then goes into the acting mode.

For example, when a prey passes before a serpent-the serpent knows it’s time to strike! It knows that waiting too long can cause the prey to move beyond a position it can be captured.

In business after having done the SWOT ANALYSIS and you’ve come to a conclusion that you will benefit from the business-wasting time can be deadly because that opportunity could float away within the twinkling of an eye.

Many times, people ask God for divine opportunities or they come across a beautiful opportunities that once missed can never be regained; rather than seize the opportunity they pause a while to pray some more or let the fear to grip them and the opportunity slips by them.


Though snakes are considered harmful, only about 1% is actually poisonous. And though to be called a snake can appear demeaning, it doesn’t mean we can’t learn from it.

So What Do You Think? Are there any other lessons we can learn from this intriguing creatures? 

photo credit: nasmac via photopin cc


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