Win up to $250 in This $500 Guest Blogging Contest

As a blogger one of your aims is to make money. And this is where blogengage comes in. Blog engage as a blogging community is there to assist you achieve your goal.

However, many people who want to become part of this community have been inhibited by lack of finance or are just reluctant to pay the money required for them to join this top notch community. This should not be so anymore, as Blog Engage has decided to give out free accounts to bloggers who are willing to offer quality guest post on their blog.

Some of you may have grown goose pimple based on the fact that Matt Cutt has said no to guest blogging.

You don’t have to be, the essence being that when you offer to guest post, do it because you want to gain exposure not just because of the back-link. Guest post targeted basically for back-link isn’t the best. And believe me; Brian will only accept guest post which has quality in them. If your desire is basically to get a back-link then this competition isn’t for you.

How To Win The Competition

In order to win the contest, simply write about the contest on your blog; submit your guest post; promote the guest post. And the post with the highest number of interaction will be declared winner.

If you feel that you have limited audience, I will advice you promote your post on Google communities, they’ve been an awesome source of traffic to me.
And I think you are going to benefit from it.
Remember, that this is an opportunity for you to get more eyeballs to your content.
Perhaps you are wondering why this community is unique. Then consider some of the listed features:

- They offer do-follow links
- RSS Syndication & Social media marketing
- BlogEngage Groups
- Youtube Syndication
- Contest Giveaways
- Hashtag Marketing
- Justretweet Bonus (up to 5000)

The cost for their various package are listed below:

- Standard Account gives you access to:
Manual submission
Community Blog
Free Ebook
Justretweet Bonus (3000)
Cost: £19.99 – one time payment

- Platinum Account gives you access to:
All standard account features
Content Syndication (1 feed)
Social media marketing
Youtube video syndication
Justretweet Bonus (3500)
Cost: £19.99/Month

- Business and Business Plus account offers you:
- All standard account features
Content Syndication (3 – 5 feeds)
Social media marketing
Youtube syndication
Hashtag Marketing
Justretweet Bonus (4000 – 4500)
Business Plan: £19.99/Month
Business Plus Plan: £29.99/Month

- Direct to front page with feature
- All standard account features
Content syndication (8 feeds)
Social media marketing
Youtube syndication
Contest Giveaway
Hashtag marketing
Direct to front page
Facebook groups
Justretweet Bonus (5000)
Cost: £199.99/Month

So you can see that just by engaging in this contest you can simply gain £19.99 for free.

And not only that, $500 is also up for grabs. The question is what are you waiting for since these awesome benefit is up for grabs.
Not to forget you can also make money from their platform by becoming their affiliate.
To know more about the contest you can check it out on blogengage.
The following listed sites are sponsors of the contest:

Contest Sponsors

Guest Blogging

Sandy "AIDY" Hoffman - Writer. Gamer. Awesome.

Garden Directory

Go Garden Guides

Just Gardening Fun

Segura Trading

Hydroponic Production

Earth Care Greenhouses

So are you going to participate in the contest? Remember its advantage? It automatically makes you a member.


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