Being Unforgettable:How To Fight Your Ideas to Stardom

Fighting is as old as man himself. This struggle to overcome another by means of combat, unarmed or armed is perhaps the legacy handed down to us from our ancestors, the cave dwellers. Man has formulated scientific principles through the ages in his efforts to subdue enemies by fair means or foul. This quest for domination sowed the seeds for the fighting art.

The same can be said of content and ideas. Right from the time of Aristotle till date, man has fought to ensure his content and ideas are embedded on the sands of time.

This can be seen etched on the pyramids of Egypt, written on the Wailing Wall in Israel and embossed on the stone marbles of Greece.

Being Remarkable is Not Impossible: Just Show People You Care (Tweet This)

To safe guard it, man has killed and has been ready to die.
In his ingenuity, man has even crafted scrolls that laid dead in the Dead Sea only rise
like a living beacon in our times.

All for a single purpose-that knowledge doesn’t sleep the sleep of permanent death.

The question then lies, “How can One Create Knowledge that can Withstand the Vagaries of Time and Seasons, whose sole purpose is to be transmuted from Man’s Ink onto Man’s Heart?” Or how can One Dare to Become Remarkable?

The Answer lies in being different. 

Creating the remarkable doesn’t just lie in the excellency of our writing, it lies in solving world’s problem

It lies in us asking our bloody self, what do I want to be remembered for?

That’s why I tell people that for one to aspire to be the world richest man isn’t remarkable but an act of selfishness. Okay I might be wrong. But, I think being remarkable is about making the world a better place.

And this we can do by putting our thoughts into writing.

Let it sink deep, being remarkable, is not just for those whose hands can scribble deftly in our dailies.

No matter your field of endeavour, you can become remarkable. What it takes is for us to become unforgettable in the minds of people.

How Can a Mere Decorator or Photographer Become Remarkable?

As a decorator, you can document your thoughts on how to become a better decorator; or as a photographer you can teach people and document how man can speak images to life.

To achieve this, you must understand that there is an important need for you to let your content shine out, you must learn to be unselfish, and you must learn to give until your hand bleeds. It’s in doing this nature rewards you.

How to Make Your Ideas Find Stardom

Just for one moment imagine, you stepped out on the first day of a dark wintery night, only to find the stars close up-so close that your hands and the embodiment of your body can feel the brilliance of its beauty.

I bet you would sense a surge of emotion flow through your tiny vein-emotion that can range from fear, awe, comfort, happiness, just mention it.

This  just goes to show that to be remarkable or unforgettable:


You Must Learn To Create Emotion


To do this, you must sink your teeth and devour this brilliant article titled: “5 Ways To Write A Damn Good Sentence”

In the above article Demian Farnworth has this to say.

No Sentence can be effective if it contains facts alone. It must also contain emotion, images logic and promise.
To create emotion you would need to string your words carefully. Your words and phrases should be such that it sets your audience in mood for your innermost desires.

Create Images


Do you know why children books are filled with images? It’s because they help the story. In short images put light, darkness, beauty, just mention.

But the images am talking about isn’t the images you are familiar with. It isn’t images of the Sistine Chapel or that of the glorious Eiffel Tower. It isn’t that of Victoria Falls or Burj Al Arab.

Please take a peek

“Imagine a fifty-something year’s old man in a blue long sleeve shirt, the cuff unbuttoned, his knuckles thick and coarse, he’s on the side of the road quibbling over a stack of used cinder-blocks with a merchant.”-~Demian Farnworth

That is word imagery at play. Quibbling instead of chatting is used.

Use it and see your content jump alive like that of the Blue Nile River.

Build and Retain Your Reputation.

Reputation is like diamond gotten deep beneath the earth surface. Polished by years of experience, guide it with your whole life. Never take it for granted, renew it constantly; one false move and its gone forever. Not taken care of, its lustre diminishes and its beauty disappears from sight.

Adapted from the 48 laws of Power by Robert Greene.

This is why you must deliberately ask yourself one question: “what do I want to be known for?”

Is it generousity like Bill Gates or compassion like Mother Theresa?
Is it a statesman like Mandela or an engagement Superstar like Adrienne Smith?
Is it a free giver like Neil Patel, or Great Copywriter like Jon Morrow?

Whatever it is you choose; you must guide that quality with all your heart, your soul and your might-because this is the one quality that sets you apart and gets other people to talk about you.

To illustrate the importance of reputation, let’s consider Bill Gate as our example.

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft understands the importance of reputation and to buttress this fact, he decided to give out A BIG CHUNK of his money worth to charity.
This he did to build his reputation as someone who is generous.

He understood two essential wisdom nuggets

i. He understood that being generous is a great way to write his name in gold.

ii. That reputation will protect him in the dangerous game of appearances, distracting the probing eyes of others from knowing what he really is like and hence gives him a degree of control over how the world judges him.

This is why Microsoft as an organization in the subconscious of most people is no longer considered the monopoly it once was while in actual sense it still is.

Ride on the shoulders of Giants

Perhaps you feel you’ve stumbled on a brilliant idea, written great resources on your blog, or crafted the best recipe of the year. All this doesn’t matter as much as how good others think you’re.
And this is dependent on the number of people you can get to believe in your ideas, cause, content, or recipe.

For one who is just starting out, increasing the geographical spread of people who believe in you is most challenging but not impossible.
Hence there is need for you to turn your knowledge or ideas into an effective marketing tool.

According to +Kristen Hicks , you don’t have to start from the ground up.

She emphasized the need for you to:
a. Identify influencers
b. Earn relationship

     you can do this by:
     *sharing their blog post
     *asking them questions based on what they’ve shared
     *customize what they’ve shared while referencing them on social media platform
     *write a post about them and mail them
     *mail them to ask questions, express gratitude or provide feedback

c. In expressing gratitude being specific helps:

Instead of saying an awesome post, say your post on 51 Benefit of Blogging has made me decide to blog.

d. Offer to Help

If you know of a way, your ideas can solve a problem of your target influencer-then go for it. If you are great at design, you can offer to do it for free.

If you can expand on a particular idea the person has, you can offer to pitch a guest post.
When you’ve executed the listed steps above, it becomes really easy to get them to endorse you when the time comes.

For example, if you write an awesome post where you mentioned them, they will be willing to share your article, because they know you and consider you to be friends.

Secondly, they would be willing to offer you free advice.

Show That You Care

Sometimes, what it actually takes for you to BE UNFORGETTABLE is for you to show people that they are special.

According to +Adrienne Smith
“It all starts with building your own community”

Building a community where you treat people with respect, love and care will make you stand out from the crowd.

In order to become unforgettable, there is need for you to:

- Share great content or ideas that will draw people close to you.
- Engage with your audience.
- As much as possible reply to people who find time to write to you or comment on your blog. By so doing, you build stronger bonds that would bring them back again and again.


- While communicating to your readers, endeavour to drop the air of superiority.

- Be humble enough to explain concepts to them in an easy and digestible manner.

- Also try to visit your reader’s site if they do have one; by doing this and dropping an awesome comment you build a stronger connection, that can turn them into raving fans.

Let Your Personality Shine Forth.

Many times we place the real us under house arrest.
We don’t let him shine forth in our writing or speech. Instead we fake our personality and it just doesn’t work.

I am guilty you know?
And I struggle to let the real me come forth.

Little by little, step by step it’s a journey but one in which I know have made substantial progress.
Some others have succeeded and I doff my heart to them.

Perhaps you’re still trying to come in terms with your own voice. If you are in such a predicament, it’s not a dead end.

You simply need to study the writing style of those who you admire, merge them, practice and practice until you become comfortable because without practice you cannot aspire to be truly exceptional.

Never Appear to be Too Perfect

“Appearing better than others is always dangerous, but most dangerous of all is to appear to have no weakness.”~ Robert Greene

Deeper connection is made when you share your weakness with people.

This much can be seen in Jon’s Post, "On Dying, Mothers, and Fighting for Your Ideas"
It was this post I believe that cemented his position as an A-List Blogger-reason being that he shared his weakness.

And I must confess, tears dropped as I sobbed quietly.

I cried not because of pain but because of shared hope.

"So back to you guys, how do you intend to fight your ideas to stardom?
In what way would you want to be remembered when you transcend this world"

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