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Why You Should Stop Blogging About Blogging?

Have you reached the tipping point, the point of no return, just a thin thread holding you back and your passionate self really mean it? You never believed you would do it, no matter what. But today, the story is different. Today the spirit is willing but the flesh is dead. Hence, you’ve decided to signpost the end of your blogging journey. And return to your non-writing days. You say “At least no comment that will make my heart flutter-comments that deceive me into believing that am good, when I know blogging isn’t for me.” But I say What of if you’ve got it damn wrong? Perhaps, you feel he is at his deception best. Your thoughts silently saying; “This guy is just out to flatter me” Nope, that’s not my plan; because I sincerely believe you are remarkable . You need just do one damn thing. You need to ask yourself one seeming crazy question. What question? Have you sat down, to really ask yourself one thing you are so passionate about that you can witho