Why You Should Stop Blogging About Blogging?

Have you reached the tipping point, the point of no return, just a thin thread holding you back and your passionate self really mean it?

You never believed you would do it, no matter what.
But today, the story is different.

Today the spirit is willing but the flesh is dead.
Hence, you’ve decided to signpost the end of your blogging journey. And return to your non-writing days.

You say “At least no comment that will make my heart flutter-comments that deceive me into believing that am good, when I know blogging isn’t for me.”

But I say

What of if you’ve got it damn wrong?

Perhaps, you feel he is at his deception best. Your thoughts silently saying; “This guy is just out to flatter me”

Nope, that’s not my plan; because I sincerely believe you are remarkable.
You need just do one damn thing.

You need to ask yourself one seeming crazy question.

What question?

Have you sat down, to really ask yourself one thing you are so passionate about that you can without blinking explain the intricate details?

I mean sit down in solitary confinement where no zombie voice will fly into your auditory cavity

And damn you, don’t list down blogging?
That’s a no-no for today.

You know why?

Because she is an ultra competitive field.
Now, don’t get me wrong blogging isn’t dead, what I mean is that to break even in this, you will need to do a hell lot of work.

Don’t Get Discouraged

Perhaps you feel the easiest way out of your dilemma is to take a walk. You probably know someone like this. He is probably, back at his 9-5 job sweltering out and earning some buck.

 But doing the job he hates most.

You know it and you distaste it, you feel mad. Believe me there is a way out, if you just did what I say you should do.

What Should Be Done?

What To Do If You Are Tired of Blogging?

1. Target these keywords

Target keywords that make money not traffic. To do this simply head over to your Google analytics and ask yourself one question-what percentage of my keywords are those that will make people buy my product.

If you haven’t taken this step, quickly head over to your account and do this: look at the top 20 keywords driving traffic to your site and ask yourself how many of these keywords will be typed in by your ideal prospect.

If your percentage is low, maybe it’s time to rethink your content development strategy.Or perhaps it's time you sit back and start a niche blog.

If you're scared of keyword research then read this CopyBlogger post on how to start a niche blog

Now am not advocating that all your keyword be buying keywords as non buying keywords can also help build your brand and indirectly lead to the sales you want to achieve.

2. Write Content That Answers this one Question

Writing content that answers consumer question is a great way to become highly successful. You can deploy, twitter search, Google plus or even search engine, to pull out these question. And once you’re done, write with clarity and steal your audience heart.

3. Focus on The Big Five

According to Marcus Sheridan

• Cost
• Problems/issues
• Versus/comparisons
• Reviews/awards
• “Best of” questions And reviews are five subject areas people focus on when they search aggressively online.

Though writing content that focuses on these subjects may not drive the best of engagement they will surely increase your sales.

Reasons this strategy works:

• People need answers and they will get these answers one way or the other
• It makes it easy for potential customers to fall in love with you
• Reduced spending
• Allows you to use “assignment selling
• Provides the kind of content that Google wants to reward and that creates natural back links
• Gives you the money the money you desire

4. Don’t write for search engine

When people stumble on your site, they are looking for articles that draw them in, and engage them.
Hence, write article that is targeted at engaging your audience. Through your choice of words and by inscribing your personality you will also get repeat visitors.

This is why it’s important, you forget about acting like a robot. But instead make sure search engines understand what your article is all about.

5) Don’t worry much about the competition

Many times the failure to succeed is because of undue attention giving to your competitors.

You then strive to know their every move, instead of focusing on giving your audience the best content they deserve.

So doing this makes your content suffer, as there are just few hours in a day which you can create the awesome content that attracts and converts your audience.

Do you feel you are at that cross road- or do you feel there is an insight that can help other people?
Please share your thoughts as others would find them useful.

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