6 Killer Tricks To Make Your Tired Audience Read Your Content

how to make your content more readable

You and I live in a damn busy world-a world where information zips past us every nano second.

Despite this, we need to capture the desire of our audience, hook them with a sickle and drag them to the finish line.

But this hook must be something special.
It should be like the first crush you never wanted to end. The best novel you’ve ever read.

Ye we can’t do this consistently, but like superman we must strive do our best-giving our audience the feeling of their lives.

Perhaps you’ve written the most enticing headline… and have gotten many views. But something somewhere tells you; “something ain’t right.”

You decide to investigate… You set up your killer instinct and finally discovered the culprit is your bounce rate.

What Could be wrong, you ask yourself?

Don’t Worry, just hold on!

And I promise you an awesome change, if only you apply these 6 simple tricks to your creative content.

1. Entice Them With Magnetic Hooks

Killer headline are magnetic hooks that entices your readers to click.

When done right, they sweep the reader of their feet, ensnaring them in the process.

That why these 3 headline are an abomination to your clicky audience.

- Vague headline: e.g Don’t Forget the Worm-Your headline should be a phrase that is crystal clear, if the reader begin to ponder what the phrase mean then you know your headline is vague

- Short headlines: One liner headline or two liner headlines are a no-no- Because they make it difficult for you to communicate your offer and are seo unfriendly.

- No Promise of Benefits

2. Be Enchanting-by Finding This One Thing

Writing enchanting stuff is not magical; all it takes is for you to find your voice.

Jeff Goins in this post tell you what to do. According to him all you need do is:

  • Describe yourself in three adjectives. Example: snarky, fun, and flirty
  • Ask (and answer) the question: “Is this how I talk?”
  • Jot down at least five books, articles, or blogs you like to read. Spend some time examining them
  • List your favorite artistic and cultural influences: use them
  • Ask other people:
  • Free-write
  • Read something you’ve recently written, and honestly ask yourself, “Is this something I would read
  • Ask yourself: “Do I enjoy what I’m writing as I’m writing it
  • Pay attention to how you’re feeling

3. Don’t be Scared of Being Uncomfortable

Have read many SEO optimized articles written by people who detach themselves from their writing.

While I completely understand this in the business world, it makes me dumb founded when I find this on a blog? Could it be it’s an ingrained fear-a loss of confidence?

If so, how can one become truly remarkable if he or she is scared of becoming uncomfortable?

All it takes is a simple step.

JUST confront your fears.

what brilliant way than using live experiences as Matt Ackerson does

4. Tap into the Magic of White Space

Ever read through a wall of text?

What was it like?

The feeling, the desire-was it fun?

For me, it’s like wading through a forest just to get the beautiful bride.

Spicing your writing with white space makes it easy to read. It relieves pressure from the eyes of your reader, gives them the opportunity to rest their eyes.

What To Do:

- Use bullet proof points

- Reduce the sentences per paragraphs-for me I use at-most 6 sentences except I need to use bullet          point

- Confirm if your article has enough white space.

5. Spice That Bland Text With This Tools

Images can be used to tell a story, and communicate in ways text cannot.
But that isn’t their only usefulness.

Images also help in reducing readers fatigue as they break up the blocks of white text.

For that reason image sites like pinterest, youtube and Instagram have become so popular.

You don’t need to be a graphic designer to create inspiring images-all it takes is a little creativity from you. For my images I use Canva, Pagemodo and sometimes Google plus if I need to simply add a text to a back ground image
Some examples of Images you can use:


• Infographics

• Slideshows

• Charts

• Comics, Memes

• Videos

6. Stab Them With Compelling Benefit

  • Your audience is interested in knowing what is in it for them.
  • Content that just list out the features of your product is damn boring.
  • To entice them into buying, do something simple
  • Convert those features into benefit


According to Duane Hollock

To convert a feature into a benefit, begin by asking So what? For each feature, ask: So what? Why is this information important? How is it relevant? Why should anyone care about that?

Converting a feature into a benefit can seem overwhelming, but it’s simply re-framing a conversation so you are talking from the perspective of an employer.

For example, Henneke in her post outlined the benefit a bike with 24 gears and disc brakes has. Instead of just saying it has 24 gears-she advised you should say:

• These disc brakes won’t slip when they get muddy.

• The bike has 24 gears, so you don’t have to worry about struggling uphill – you can use the lowest gear.

The reader becomes enchanted because you are actually solving a problem.

It’s now Up To you, what other way can you hook your bored reader?
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