8 Steps To Driving Targeted Leads With Yahoo Answers

how to use yahoo answers to drive leads

You know you need leads, traffic and sales to keep your business running.
You’ve embraced blogging just the way the masters say you should do?
However, you seem to want to kiss your blog goodbye as your blogging seems not to be converting traffic into sales.

You feel you’ve crafted the perfect headline
that‘ll drives the right audience. And as such you think its all deception.

Because of You, I have set out to write this simple tip that guarantees direct referrals of people who want your products or service you offer.

Not to worry- it’s not hard or something difficult. It is simply the use of a question and answer site called Yahoo Answers.

Yahoo Answers is a trump card to effective lead generation if done right.
It doesn’t matter if you’ve began to doubt your ability to become a successful blogger or you feel like an elephant eating like an ant.

All you need do is follow the strategy listed below and see your lead turn into money.

Beware: How to Use Yahoo Answer to Drive Targeted Traffic

Like Quora, Yahoo answers is a great Q$A site. In short to tell you an open secret, Google guys loves them so much that with Yahoo answer you can drive targeted traffic and leads like crazy. I don’t just mean any lead but targeted leads that convert.

To get started all you need to do is type http://answers.yahoo.com into the url space or Google yahoo answers.

Once you land on the site you’ll literally see several categories and subcategories where people ask questions. The categories range from arts and humanities to travel. Just name it.

All it requires to become successful -is for you to be consistent on the platform. To achieve this fully, you need to:

1) Have a Great Content Site.

Now when I say content rich site, I don’t mean a site where you post 300 word articles every day.

I don’t mean content that can destroy social proof, readers building, and subscribers count.

I mean a blog where you plan your post wisely, test your headline and make the post count.

One in which the post is truly awesome and blows the readers mind away-creating an itching to share.

That’s the kind of content you should strive to have in your site because when you link your site to questions you’ve answered, you won’t get banned.
Once you’ve nailed this aspect, the next thing is for you to know your audience.

2) Know Your Audience

Crafting content that is relevant to your audience is very important for you to be successful in blogging. In order to create such content, you need to know the purpose for which you established your blog. Hence, there is need for you to answer the following question:

- Who is my audience?
- Who is my competition?
- What is the focus of my blog?
- What is my blog about?
- What goals am I aiming to achieve?

The ability to answer the above questions is important.

3) Select a Category

To fine tune the questions you will answer on Yahoo answers, there is need for you to select a category from those shown below: For example if you want to answer questions about phones you can select your the computer and internet category

how to select the right category on Yahoo Answers

One thing you should take note of while selecting the category is that you should only select categories that are in tandem with your niche:-i.e. strive to answer only question in your niche.

One Simple Hack

DO you know you have the option of letting answers notify you of new questions by mail.

This is a better option since you don’t need to log into the site to go browsing for questions you can answer.

One hack I do is to type in my keyword in the search space as shown below not just the category.

If you look at the image above there is a box for e-mail notification-ticking that box after clicking the save search button will let yahoo answers send you notification when any of those keywords are used in questions asked by people.In this case apple phones

4) Strive to become a Top Contributor

Getting the top contributor (TC) status requires patience and dedication. The TC status comes with a little perk. I.e. your answer will bear the TC Badge and this gives you an added credibility.
According to Wikipedia, for one to become a TC he or she should:
- Maintain a weekly (mystery) “quota” of answers in the category.
- Users should be at least on level 2
- Users should concentrate only on one category to become a Top Contributor for that category
- And not to forget as a TC your link will be considered to be more valuable.

5) Set Yourself apart

Before you submit that answer, ask yourself this question. If I had time to fashion only one answers, would it be the kind of answer people will want to read-the kind that makes people leave a remarkable comment.

Hence there is need for you to create quality content, so that people will consider you unforgettable.

When you do this, people will be forced to search you out; hence the need for you to link your answer to your content.

The Bottom Line-Don’t do one-liner. That’s simply mediocrity.

6) Use it To Create Content

Perhaps some of the question on yahoo answers has not been answered on your site. You can use that question to craft a post that addresses that need-that way you drive targeted traffic and leads.

7) Don’t Fall for Link Spamming

There is one thing that can kill your integrity, and box your reputation into a corner. And that’s link spamming.

It’s like cancer. So don’t get into the high mood of introducing link to your every answer. What you should ensure is that your answers are awesome that people will be forced to check the profile to your blog.

8) Use Images

They say images are more than a thousand words. So go the extra length to set your answers apart by inserting images into them.

Images works as an enticer and attracts people to click on your link the same way they work wonders on Google+ and twitter.

9) Avoid Linking To Landing Pages

This is against the Yahoo answer policy. The logical explanation for this policy is that a website that is linked should be a good source of information on the question asked or answered. Contravention of the policy could get you banned.

Do you use any other simple hack to drive targeted traffic to your site? If you do-don’t fail to share them with us


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