Do You Know This 7 Ways To Turn Your Blog Readers into Raving Fans?

ways to find fans that love you
Have you ever imagined what it takes to have raving fans-
fans  who can point out the little details

Do you know what it feels like?
The euphoria of stumbling into an open secret

Not the run of the mill kind
Not the kind that peters out after a few days
Not the euphoria of going high on coke
Nor the indolent cravings that comes with it.

Am talking of a prolong excitement of given birth after 15years of marriage solemnization

And that's what we will be looking at today.

Let take a breath as we embrace this journey.

7 Open Secrets to Getting Raving Fans

A few years ago when I was still studying for my undergraduate degree, I observed something remarkable, something that made me grow goose pimple as I watched it unfold before my very eyes.

It was the climax-the end of a soap opera-named Paloma.

That blissful day, over 500 men, women and children all converged round a single television set, just for one purpose.

They congregated  to watch this one program.

These were people who could tell you the story as the back of their hands.

There that night, I could feel the pressure, as they waited anxiously to know what will become of Paloma.

At that moment, not even the world cup match between Holland and Spain could stop them from watching the climax.

At that moment they were ready to fight, fight to have their way, and fight to get the prize(in this case the end).

Now, you might find this creepy, but ask yourself these questions:

Why hasn’t soap operas petered out?

Why are they still waxing strong, or what can you say of The game of Throne series that has driven people to tears, angst and palpable tension?

The Answer

It’s Simply because they are super fans.

How to Create Super Fans

Creating super fans is not a walk in the park. it requires that spice of dedication from you and it would become possible. Just bellow are the listed steps

1. Offer Them A Free-Ebook

When people land on your site, they are in no hurry to sign up for your newsletter except you are able to convince them otherwise.

And this is where a free e-book works.

An e-book is a gateway gift or incentive for visitors to your site to join your list. It’s very important because captured e-mail gives you the opportunity to send out further content, deals and promotion that you can use to establish your brand and also make money.

However, there are people out there who provide e-books that are not befitting of the e-mail they are trying to capture:

The Problem with this strategy

This leads to unsubscribed bitter readers.
That is why it’s important that your e-book is something that is highly valuable. This way you can easily get 100’s or thousand of happy subscribers

2. Make Your Free EBook Work For You

You see there is one thing you need to do when writing your free e-book. This is apart from providing valuable content.

While providing valuable content is important, there is need for you to insert certain things that can make your book go viral. And also help you build a tribe.

Example includes:

- Linking to some of your best content out there

Linking out to your best content helps increase the number your blog page views; this on its own help increase search engine rank for your keywords.

- Placing Share Buttons

By inserting viral buttons you can increase the chances of people reading your e-books.
This can lead to more subscribers if you insert a call to action requesting people to sign up for more content.

To prompt this demographic (those who read the e-book as a result of people sharing the content) all you need do is to make sure you provide them with a compelling benefit such as an only subscriber benefit.

3. Include A Thank You Note

Offering a thank you note to your subscribers is a great way to cement the bond you have built with them.

By making your thank you note memorable and witty, you could improve the chance of increasing the number of your fans and subscribers.

The thank you note can be included in your e-book offered to them.

You can take It A Step Further

You can insert a puzzle to stimulate your fans attention. What it takes is for you to offer them a freebie for every solved puzzle. You should only do this if you know the freebie on offer is better than the previous this way. You are certain to capture their minds.

4. Turn Them Into A Brand Advocate.

One new trend in social media marketing is letting your customers convey the message for you. If you have fans or subscribers or ordinary people who post your tweet or video.

Why not repost it? By so doing, you make them feel loved and appreciated.

Take it a step further

- Feature Your Customers in a Video.
- Safe Auto Insurance, did just that.

In a boring niche like insurance, safe insurance ran a promotion called “Do the Jingle”. In the promotion Musicians created 30-60 seconds jingle for "Safe Auto" and the winner received an appearance in a television commercial. Through this Safeauto received over 3 million social referral (source)

5. Reward Fans

Giving your subscribers a memorable gift such an E- books can make them fans, but delivering the books in a hard cover form to your fans physical address is sure to turn some of them into raving fans.
The gift doesn’t have to be expensive: a simple mug can do the trick. You can simply add your brand logo to personalize it.

If you’re looking for cheap logo design for $5 you can check out fiverr.

If the fan you get is a raving one, be sure to see your mug or book all over social media. Through this you would draw in more subscribers.

6. Run Contests Like A King

Kingedd it used commenting contest to expand their brand.
Kingged simply offered $75 to commenters who had the most comment in a day. Through this simple strategy they were able to spread their name in the blogosphere as bloggers struggled to outdo one another in the contest.

7. Make Your Subscribers Make the Choice

Jeff Goins, used this method recently when he offered his subscribers two choice.
Jeff had just finished writing a novel and because he wanted the input of his tribe, he gave them the opportunity of choosing the cover they loved.

This act, simple as it appears is sure to cement the bond between him and his fans, because apart from the great content Jeff dishes out, they are sure to feel that Jeff cares for their opinion.

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