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send e-books to subscriber on mailchimp

I am sure you’ve heard the saying that the money is in the list. Hence today I will be sharing with you how to send an e-book to your subscribers on Mailchimp.

Mailchimp as a newsletter sending services doesn’t allow you to send attachment to your subscribers-but there is a way round it.

The way out

Mail chimp allows you to upload files, mp3 and video directly to their server.

Once you’ve uploaded the file to their services they would provide you a link which you can insert inside of your newsletter or an auto responder series as you deem fit.

In the steps to be outlined below I will be sharing one way in which you can share documents or files to your beloved subscribers

How to Share Files to Subscribers on Mail Chimp

1) Add files to final Welcome Mail
2) Use Digioh

I’ll be explaining each step below.

How to send E-books by adding files to a welcome mail

1. Move to the list page

2. Select your list name and click on sign up form

If you haven't created a list, this form will pop up

click on the name of your news letter

The next step is for you to click on the sign up form

3. Select general forms-and open up the form builder

 4. Select the final “welcome” email from

5. To bring up the editor, you’ll need to be on the build it tab. Then click on the red dashed lines up the editor

 To remove any of the form field click on the field. For example to remove last name-click on last name. When this is done a + and - button will appear. Click on the - button to remove the form field. This is important since most subscribers to your mail prefer less form field.

6. Edit the text, create your own link and upload your file to their servers.

7. Click the save now button to close the editor

8. When you’ve finished editing click on the list button on the left of the page to go back to the list page

To check if the file is good to go, you’ll need to check the final welcome e-mail and you’ll also need to go through the double opt-in process.

ii Sending a File Through Digioh

To send a file to your subscriber through Digioh you would need to go to general forms as illustrated below and select form builder. This is only when you've opened an account with Digioh

general form and digioh

Once you do this, you would be taken to the create form page. On the create form page you would see the form and response drop down menu which you need to click


 Listed are several options-just select the final welcome e-mail option

Next Step-just put your Digioh link in the body of the email!

So now you've had the form set up, and a final welcome email with a download link in it – whenever someone signs up to your list they’ll receive the welcome email which will contain a link to download your file!

 Hope you enjoyed this tutorial?. If you have any question don't fail to drop a message in the comment


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