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How an Organization Can Use the Internet To Sky Rocket International Sales

A few days back, I talked with a US based company with branches in Africa. They wanted me to write sales letters that would help increase the income of their subsidiaries. The request was based on the desire to see an increase in target buyers from the African market-a fast growing e-commerce enclaves. 

How Nigerians Can Make Money Importing Product From China?

There are waves of people out there who genuinely seek to get into the importing business. They however have two major hindrances, which is: - Startup Capital and - Where to set up their shop These set of people already know how to convince people to buy their product. They however ask themselves this question: “How can I lay my hands on $6500 in order to order my first consignment?” If you truly believe this is the major factor that has hindered you from establishing your importing business, to be frank with you- I must sincerely tell you that there is more to it than just solving the above problem. What then are the other challenges?