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How to Create Link Bait Content With Topsy

Topsy is one tool that can be used to create content that people are willing to link to. The question is how? If you’ve used Topsy before, am sure you know that it can be used to view content that are extremely popular over a period of time and here lies the magic of Topsy. Hence in this guide with the images I will explain to you a step by step guide on how you can use Topsy to generate incredible content that people are willing to link to. Step I: Log into Topsy Website To do this simply key in into your task bar menu-doing this will bring up the website you see below. This is the home page of topsy and as you can see there are several mini tabs just under the white search bar. This various buttons helps you tweak your search as you deem fit. But for the sake of crafting linkable content I’ll be focusing on the Link Tab. Step 2: Select The Link Tab Step 3: Put Your Keyword Into The Search Bar Once you have put in your keyword, the next