3 Business Lessons Four Lepers Taught Me

3 Simple lessons That Can Transform Your Life

My perception of lepers has taken a u-turn.

INDIA047/ A mother, a leper.

Perhaps you are asking how? Perhaps you are thinking; “Where on earth was he opportune to meet the men who changed his orientation?.”

If you have  this thought, then its time do away with it, because In the Book of 2 Kings 7:3-10 the Bible spoke of four lepers who were outside the gate of Samaria.

These lepers as the passage goes-were at the brink of death-and as was the custom of Israel at the time-they weren’t permitted to get into the gates of the city to look for food as they were regarded as outcast.

These lepers were even ready to defy the law of the time if it would bring them succor. However, on considering the various options at hand, they knew that entering the city gate wasn’t in anyway the best of option as even the city was under severe famine-with no food available.

Instead they decided that their best option was to advance to the Syrian camp even when they knew they could end up being killed by the Syrians.

What then are the Lessons learnt?

1. Always Strategize

Before the lepers made the move to quell their hunger, they systematically planned the next step to take.

They refused to remain at the same spot. Most Christians wait for God to always tell them in their dreams; “Do this and do that”. Without revelation they sit down at the same spot. And continue earnestly in prayers-forgetting that the Holy-Spirit wants us to make a move so that He can back us.

They forget that in order to succeed, they need to plan like Joseph did. According to Genesis 41, Joseph set up a plan that ensured there was sufficient food during the time of famine.

This goes to show that as Christians we need to plan if we desire to succeed.

2. Be Willing To Take Risk

The lepers knew that moving to Syrian camp to find food was risky; however, they decided to go to camp-instead of staying at one spot to wait for Manna from Heaven.

At the end of the day the risk paid off and they personally delivered Israel from the throes of death. This shows us that it is only the man who is willing to come out of his comfort zone that will end up succeeding in life.

3. Acquire useful Information.

The lepers had useful information that enabled them to put in place a skillful plan with which they achieved success.

The take away from this story is that as a Christian, there is need for you to update yourself with the latest trends in your field and not only that, there is need to keep abreast of the latest policy changes in government.

For example, as an individual whose business is the importation of lace material, if government decides to ban the importation of these goods into the country, your being privy of the announcement will put you in good stead to take the next step.

Based on the information received, you can decide to import more containers of these goods before the deadline or you can decide to partner with the best producers of the material in the Local market.

This will give you an edge over others who weren’t privy of the information and as an end result

They are likely to suffer loss of their goods being impounded at the Port on deadline day.

So what other strategies do you think we can learn from this story? Share your view


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