Why Buying SemRush Will Generate You More Search Traffic

how to use semrush to find competitors keywords

Do you know a website that you had love to outrank? But you have a problem-you don’t know what keywords the sites target or rank highly for.

Perhaps you don’t really know how to use Google Keyword Planner but you want to know the actual position of that site on Google for a particular keyword. Don’t worry you are in the right place, because am Going to show you how to use SemRush to achieve your goals.

I won’t just be showing you how to get the keywords your competitors are ranking highly for; am also going to show how to write content that outranks them.

In fact this guy used this strategy to increase his traffic by 74%
In order to get the best out of this strategy you had better compile a list of your competitors out there.

How To Find Your Competitors

Before we get started, you need to create a list of all your competitors first. You should aim to know which of your competitors rank the highest in Google for keywords specific to your industry.

If however you are at a loss on how to achieve this- simply make a list of the top keywords that drive traffic to your site, and enter them into Google. If you are about setting up a site, simply search for keywords you desire to target.

Use the incognito mode and ensure you set the appropriate zone. (If you want US search results and you're outside the US add &gl=us to the end of the search URL). Make note of who is ranking on the first page. You should also type "related: www.yourURL.com" in the Google search field to get a list of companies that are similar to yours. Having gotten a list of your competitors url the next step is for you to key it into SEMrush.

For the sake of this exercise I will be using Mytopbusinessideas

So once on Semrush site I key in mytopbusinessidea.com
finding competitors keyword with semrush

Hover you mouse on the organic research drop down button which reveals the position button. Click on this button
why semrush is one of the best competitor analysis tool

Just to the right you can see the trend of traffic to site

steps to take to find your online competitor

To get the best of backlinks, set the graph to an all time period.

Below you can see your competitor backlinks

To get a robust information of the details, you need to export this data and to do this simply click on the export option.

Select one of the given three option. When you order the custom report you will be provided with the entire list of your entire competitor url, the keywords, the positions, positon change, and traffic each keywords given

Here is what the exported data should look like if you typed in mytopbusinessideas.com.

Once you've gotten this list you can then  view the various keywords your competitors are ranking for.

The next step is for you create a more detailed content than the one your competitor has written. For example if your competitor wrote an article titled 7 Deadly SE0 Sins. You should up the ante and write a bigger list post say: 23 SEO Mistakes That Can Land You in Google Hell.

What Next

The next step is for YOU TO find the number of back-links pointing to your competitor site.

To do this you can use Ahrefs, or Majestic SEO or Open Site Explorer

Once you have the link, the next step is for you to carry out outreach.

What do I mean by Outreach?

It simply means reaching out to other people. In this case you would need to reach out to people who are linking up to your competitors’ content.

How do you do it?

To reach out, you should send out an e-mail to them informing them of your superior content and also the link to the article they have written. This way you make the work easier. Providing a link to the content makes it easier for them to update their own content with your own link.

This is basically a powerful way to build authority in your niche.

Here’s a word-for-word script you can use: 
Hello NAME,

I stumbled on your site: (Website Name) and found this well written article: (The Article Title).
I found  you mentioned (Competitors Article Name). Just wanted to say the article inspired me to create a more detailed one (Your Url)

Would be quite nice, if you consider linking to the article. Do have a great day

Yours sincerely

Your Name

In order to increase your chance of success, you could also find time to drop off a comment that adds value to the content. This way the owner of the site would be more inclined to link to your content.   source

Other techniques you should adopt include:

-Guest blogging: To get backlinks and more exposure
-Link out to other bloggers 
-Ask for tweet   source: Quick sprout

So why not go out and try this and see the end result.

Yes! the work may be hard. But End result is fantastic


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