24 Simple Business Ideas For Small Town and Villages That Requires (Small Capital) in 2017

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Living in a rural area or small town isn't a death sentence to making money.In fact, lots of opportunities abound if only you think deeply.

However in this post, I have decided to solve the thinking part for you. At the end of this post, what will be left to do is for you to take up the gauntlet and start the business of your dream in 2017.

Just know that what I am going to share may shock you!!!

Because, you would wonder why you hadn't thought about tapping into such an awesome opportunity.

24 Small Business Ideas for Small Towns, Villages and Rural Areas

1. Production of Organic Produce

Most rural areas have large arable land.Farming of food crops, fruits or rearing of animals devoid of artificial feed can provide substantial income to a would-be farmer.The farmer can use branding and good packaging to increase the revenue of the produce.If your produce is well promoted, people from within and outside your locality will buy from yo since people are looking for avenues to obtain food which is fertilizer free.


2. Production of Organic Manure

Organic manure is another business one can tap into. People in the cities who need flowers, or who grow their own vegetable in their small garden are potential customers.Organic manure is actually a lucrative market.To get started, however, you need to have the needed skills to produce high-quality organic manure.

3. Furniture Industry

Bahamas Set of Four - Rattan Furniture http://wicker.tw/UfjhIJ @wickerparadise likes this from @thefancy , where some of the most beautiful pictures you can find on the web are.. like our sunroom furniture .

Setting up a furniture business can be a potential money spinner if you have the required skill. A higher profit margin is possible if the furniture company is located close to a lumbering company. This is because the source of raw materials can be procured at a cheap price.


4. Beauty Shop

First Trip to a Beauty Shop

The number of beauty shops in the city is on a high side.This leads to more competition and pressure to provide innovative service to differentiate yourself from the crowd.While there are also beauty salons in rural areas, the number of competition is lower, this gives you the opportunity to easily differentiate yourself in the community.


5. Selling Fresh Eggs

Fresh egg is a good source of protein as it contains most of the Essential Amino Acids needed by man. It's in high demand since it is can be eaten with bread and it's a necessary ingredient in cake making. The huge need makes it a lucrative business to venture into.

6. Photography Business

London Eye sur la Tamise - Moonlight Clair de lune - photo picture image photography

People love memories and what better way to capture them than through a camera, or video.
If you are a person who loves to capture memories- then photography is a good bet for you. If you are however unskilled, you need to get yourself polished before picking a camera


7.Plumbing Shop

I don't know if you are an exception, but I know that most home needs plumbing maintenance, at least once a year. While this job requires skills for you to get started, you can get of to a great start if you learn how to improve your communication skill. When you do this you will be able to get repeat customers and referrals.

8. Moringa Farming

Moringa is a simple tree that can be refined into several products. It is high in vitamins and can also be used to purify water. Hence, it is lucrative. You need to find out if your soil type is good for growing this awesome crop.


9. Florist

If you live in the western world where flowers are appreciated, you can offer your service as a florist to those who want to get married-to those who need to beautify their homes- and to those who need it as a form of therapy.

10. Fashion Designer

Gucci Designer Handbags and Accessories

People living in small communities love to distinguish themselves with their traditional styles of fashion. For this reason, you may have a hard time selling outlandish clothing. But if you dance to the tune of the people by making their kind of clothes, you will make lots of profit. You don’t have to be the maker. You can find one or two tailors in the community and negotiate with them. They produce, and you sell.

11. Vegetable garden farm

Vegetables are needed all year round as they are good sources of vitamins and other important minerals. It can be used in preparing rice and in the making of salad. So it has a good earning potential.

12. Chili pepper Farming

For those with good farming skills, setting up a chilli-farm can get you good revenue as chilli is one of world most important spices.

13. Freelance Writer

If you know how to turn words into life, you can provide writing services to those who need to write adverts in your small town. You can also teach others how to do this, from the comfort of your home, while charging a fee.

14. Become a local goods Retailer

You can start retailing merchandise in rural environment . Retailing local sourced merchandise can serve as an attractive and encouraging shopping experience for tourists who visit in rural areas.

15. Interior Decoration


10 Things You Need To Know About Becoming An Interior Designer

People living in small town are also interested in getting their home furnished. If you have the requisite skills -then- interior decoration can be a good source of income.


16. Sell Clothing Online.

From the comfort of your home, you can sell catalogue of your design online. You can also source for materials from China, and, sell them for handsome profit.

17. Waste Disposal Services

Do you live in an area with inefficient waste disposal service? If your answer is yes- it's time to register with the relevant authority and invest in a pick-up truck which can be used to ferry dirt daily, weekly or monthly as per the agreement.

18. Local jewelry

If you know how to use beads to create captivating design, then being a local jewelry maker is a good source of income. However, you also need to take great pictures which requires skills. So below are resources that can help you succeed in the business.


19. Be A Consultant.

You can build a business by giving advice. If you know how to increase the yield of a farm, you can provide this advice and make lots of profit.


20. Bakery

A bakery is needed in every small town. Bread is a staple food eaten by many people. Apart from bread making, you can also do cake making. The market for cake is huge because people get married every week,and not only that, they also celebrate their birthdays. Starting a cake business isn't expensive if you have the passion and creativity to make stunning designs.

21. House Cleaning

This service can be done in a small town. To get started, create post cards and deposit them in popular places such as: stores, churches,and eateries. You can send customized bulk sms to the phone numbers of people resident in your small town. The sms should contain the services you have on offer.

You can take it a step further by targeting specialized cleaning service such as window cleaning, rug cleaning or roof cleaning.

22. Laundry services

Laundry Service

Setting up a laundry service requires little start up capital. The most important requirements being: washing machine, iron, dryer and detergent. Its lucrative to delve into, especially if there is no other outfit within your vicinity.

23. Gym*

Every small town is made up of active youths who look for ways to keep fit- hence the need for a gym. A gym is a fantastic way for you to earn a living in a small town. To capture the heart of the youths, apart from introducing dumb-bells, you can incorporate simple sports like table tennis that won't require large space.You should also put into consideration the sports activities the residents of the town loves. Doing this will help improve the number of people who would subscribe to your gym.

24. Start a Car Wash

Is there any car wash in your small town? If your answer is no-herein lies a wonderful opportunity.This business is lucrative in areas that are dusty. The most important thing you should do is for you to do a market survey to determine that people are willing to use a car wash.

25. Do Bitcoin Trading

Bitcoin traing can be an amazing business you can start from a village. All you need is internet access. With 50 dollars you can invest in an automated bitcoin trading business. All you need to do is put the money and withdraw daily. They offer  40% profit within 140 days. So if you are looking for a part time business you can do from home, this a sure bet. Some may consider the profit margin to be on a low side, but this isn't the truth as you earn this on a part time basis.

In summary, you need a CAN DO attitude to succeed. If you have any question don't forget to drop a comment.

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