How to Get Sacked From Your Job, Move to Paradise and Get Paid to Change Lives

Do you have a dream of leaving your suffocating job in order to embrace the life of freedom?
Not to live in the trapping of sumptuous wealth, but to have time for yourself, your families and to do what your heart desires.

You want to quit that job, because it chokes your very soul.
You want to because you feel depressed.
You want to because you feel yourself snapping, just a thin line-a brittle thread holding together what remains of your quest to live.

It’s a dream, and you feel it’s impossible-that you don’t have what it takes to break free.

But, is it True?

No, it isn’t.

I know what your mind is saying to you… Do you doubt? Okay let’s see…
I don’t have the writing bone.
I can’t be successful as Ryan Biddulph.
I don't have the time to do this

Do you really think it’s true?

Do you really think your excuses are not just the imagination of a tattered mind, perhaps unleashed on you by the circumstances of your life?

Well you feel blogging success lies in the realm of infatuation. Not in the real world.
Then I think it’s time I share a story, a story of a blogging friend.

How Ryan Was Sacked

Ryan, was a security guard at Maher Terminals, had no time to himself and had wanted to quit his job, but an ingrained fear-the fear of quitting held him bound- a fear that he couldn’t break loose from-until God through Maher, downsized him.

Now, Ryan is able to live a life of island hopping. And he shares his experience in: How To Retire To A Life of Island Hopping.

What It Says?

Your Attitude

In chapter one, +Ryan Biddulph  espoused the important of having a positive mindset.

A positive mindset is what would make you take that uncomfortable decision. It is what will make you fight your inner demons-and get started on accomplishing your dreams even if you are married.

It’s what will make you see your dreams as a bigger purpose than just money itself.

Chapter two dwells on the need to be focused-Ryan talked about having a blog on Perez Hilton and +Darren Rowse at the same time.

What’s the end result?


To ensure you don’t confuse your audience, you need to define your blog purpose. Defining your purpose bonds you to your audience as your audience are hyper targeted.

To tell you the truth, it wasn’t easy for Ryan to accomplish. However, through meditation and not fearing to let go of the past, Ryan was able to define his purpose.

If you look at his blog-bloggingfromparadise, you get to see the oozing purpose of the site-which is reflected by rich images of his journey.

If you are having a challenge defining your purpose, Ryan’s book does a great job of sharing his journey, and gives practical insight on how you can achieve it.

Landing A Guest Post Without Asking

Landing a guest post is not an easy ride on popular blogs even when you pitch them a marvelous idea-because you are fighting an insane amount of competition.

But Ryan was able to accomplish this and in this book he shared the exact strategy he used to land one on even when he didn’t ask them.


To achieve uber success, branding is an important perquisite. Achieving this is another challenge altogether. But doing this isn’t impossible. All it takes is creating your voice and sharing your experience. That’s why you can’t write like Ryan or speak like him.

You just have to be you. You just have to be a better you. And you just have to spread your magic to your target audience.


Nope! Not In Any Way.

In his book, Ryan shares ways you can become a better you-ways to remove the poison lurking in the corner of your heart and live a life that is freeing.

Using a Robot To Achieve Success

Achieving success by manually connecting to people is uber important but you need to understand that if you continue this way- you will become tired, drained and burnt out.
And this is what made Ryan fall in love with automation.

In as much he fell in love with automation-Ryan doesn’t automate all his social activities. The book shares the strategy he used on facebook to drive massive engagement

Features Versus Benefit

In chapter 6, Ryan talked about what it takes to get your e-book in the market and how to make it a runaway success…

The secret is for you to: sell a dream, sell a benefit, but don’t sell a feature.

Personal Development

In page 45 Ryan shares; how you can reshape a broken life, a life of no vision, a life of fear?

According to Ryan, it’s all about Personal development--- it’s about unleashing the flow of creativity locked within you, through eye-opening strategies.

In Chapter 8 he shares how he battled fear, and how he was able to give it a “knock down” punch...I didn’t say knock out because fear will always rear its ugly head, but you have a job to do, you just have to knock it down whenever it finds its way up.

So are you seeking to live in the jungle of Costa Rica, get 5000 facebook friends or land yourself over 29000 twitter followers?


Do you desire to become a freelance writer, a connection wizard or to land an awesome Testimonial from +Yaro Starak  and +Chris Brogan?

Then get the book

So you can quit your job and become a professional blogger
So you can travel around the world and live life to its fullest
And so you can find time to be an amazing dad or mum to your wonderful children.


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