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Why Non-Native English Speakers Should Use Grammarly Except they are Grammar Kings and Queens

As a non-native English speaker, I always had issues with punctuation before Grammarly came to my rescue. Knowing when to use the almighty Colon or double dash was a challenge to me.

These factors coupled with using the right syntax made editing all the more difficult.
Though Microsoft word did catch some of my typo’s, I discovered that Microsoft word just acted as a big sieve that allowed sentences with the wrong syntax to seep through.

This gave me tons of headaches until someone recommended Grammarly to me. That’s why I love to use it.

Grammarly corrects far more mistakes than your regular word processor.

For non-native English speakers- Grammarly is of great importance; except your  English Tutors are plain awesome.

If you are like me and you want to avoid using ‘in’ in place of ‘or’ then Grammarly is for you—because it has the ability to catch improper phrases, clauses, and sentences.

Grammarly also gives your writing a professional edge. And it is really cost effective.

If you …

How To Protect Your Integrity At All Cost

Ever wondered what it takes to build a solid reputation-one that stands through thick and thin?
One that will take the FBI to crack a hole in.

Perhaps your thought tells you, "It's the trust factor."

This is sometimes true-THOUGH not always so.

You know why?

Its because trust has a limit, especially if the organization you have to contend with is a large one.

This is why it’s important you strive to protect your online integrity.

Hence, the need to share a story with you.

Reason You Need To Protect Your Integrity
An article in forbes shared the experience of Erik Kopelman, a business development professional who was haunted by an accusation that appeared on the web in 1997.

"It was an accusation printed in the student paper about the misuse of funds” he says.

Why Buying SemRush Will Generate You More Search Traffic

Do you know a website that you had love to outrank? But you have a problem-you don’t know what keywords the sites target or rank highly for.

Perhaps you don’t really know how to use Google Keyword Planner but you want to know the actual position of that site on Google for a particular keyword. Don’t worry you are in the right place, because am Going to show you how to use SemRush to achieve your goals.

23 Top Small Business Ideas For 2017

Have you thought about starting a small scale business but you have a challenge finding that great idea that can make you a business owner and a boss? Not to worry, I will be sharing with you 23 great ideas that you should implement in 2016.

How to Make Cash with Your Payoneer (Refer a Friend) Mastercard

Making money with Payoneer affiliate program is not all magic. It’s as simple as telling your friend to get a Mastercard for free.

This technique is called affiliate marketing and it’s easy to get into. You don’t have to be an extrovert to make money from affiliate marketing. All it takes is for you to convince people to use the product.


Imagine going to a hair salon where you are given a dazzling haircut.
Imagine coming back home to ask your friend if he loves the hair style.
Imagine him telling you yes! and the need for you to show him where you got the haircut.
Imagine taking him there and putting moolah, kudi or ego into the barber’s pocket and getting nothing in return.

Do you feel bad?

Perhaps Yes! Perhaps No!

But the situation can definitely be different if you go to a barbing shop that pays you to get customers.

And this is what Affiliate marketing is about.

Affiliate marketing involves convincing your friends, and acquaintance to use a genuine and beneficial service or …

Step By Step Guide on How To Get Payoneer Card In Nigeria in 2016

Payoneer is an industry-leading global payout platform that simplifies the world of commerce by removing limitations that typically surrounds international commerce.

As a payout company, Payoneer works just like Paypal. It started its journey under the membership of MSP (Member Service Provider) MasterCard.

It gives you and I the opportunity to possess a free MasterCard (Debit Card) which is accepted worldwide for payments & transactions.

Payoneer came into being in 2005 and has its headquarter in New York. Its reliability as a payment platform has made it popular around the world as it is used in almost 200 countries.

In this guide, I will explain how you can obtain this card in Nigeria in order to receive online payment.

8 Steps To Driving Targeted Leads With Yahoo Answers

You know you need leads, traffic and sales to keep your business running.
You’ve embraced blogging just the way the masters say you should do?
However, you seem to want to kiss your blog goodbye as your blogging seems not to be converting traffic into sales.

You feel you’ve crafted the perfect headline

How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog/Website Through Forum Activity

Forums are great platforms to draw awesome traffic. If well utilized it is more than just a platform for communication. That's why I decided to write an article on how to use forum to drive targeted traffic.

So take a cup of coffee as you learn how to utilize it to the best of your ability. What is a Forum? A forum is an online-discussion board where people ask questions, share their experiences, and discuss topics of common interest. Some call it forum boards or bulletin boards while others refer to them as threaded discussions.

No matter what definition you decide to give to forums, one pretty good characteristics of a forum is that it allows you to ask questions or give answers to a question in a threaded format.

Benefits Forums Can Provide To Your Business

The Nearly Ultimate Quora Guide to Driving Traffic to Your Blog

For any business to become successful-traffic is needed. This is true for both offline and online businesses. It is because of my love to solve traffic problems of new website owners that I am putting together this guide called the Nearly Ultimate Quora Traffic Guide.
If however, you have not heard of Quora before, let start with the definition. Quora DefinitionThis is an online question and answer community just like Yahooanswers. Its difference lies in the fact that members of the community have the ability to vote up or vote-down an answer. Secondly members of Quora are professionals in their chosen niche. This is what makes Quora different from Yahoo answer.
How to Sign Up to QuoraYou can sign up to Quora using either your e-mail or face book or twitter profile. This is a plus as it shows that people on Quora are real people-compared to those of Yahoo answers. If you decide to use your social media profile to register, you’ll be required to authorize the app-which you’ll need to accept…

25 SEO Mistakes That Will Land You in Google Hell

A masked man storms a shop brandishing a grenade.

Bystanders and shoppers notice the big G…. MAYBE A member of a GANG… With their eyes down, they quickly move to the door and out onto the street…. A month later he comes back.

This time the thug pushes the poor woman on the ground almost breaking her leg in the process.
Shocked from the onslaught, she gasps for air. The thug not yet done flings the grenade and her shop goes down in a pack of smoke.

He drags her to one side and sternly warns her, “Next time don’t do what you did”

The Question: what did she do?

Answer: she committed SEO mistakes that Google had to sack her from its market place.
Just like her I also made the Google god’s angry. I stole people’s content…..Not like +Adrienne Smith  did or +Jon Morrow  taught.

I stole people’s content without acknowledging them.

Is this strange? Nope, it happens all the time.

How I got Google Kicked out of Search Engine Land.

Ultimate Guide To Making Huge Money Online With Konga Affiliate

Okay, let me be frank with you; this article shares a step by step method to earn cash with or without a website. In short it’s so detailed that I advise you bookmark this page or download it for further reference.

How to Make Money with Konga Affiliate Marketing

You are in a dilemma.

You are scared of setting up a website because you feel you have poor writing skills.

So you feel earning money online is a mirage.

Or perhaps you have the writing skill of Wole Soyinka but terms like SEO and Google Keyword Planner has frightened the hell out of you.

So to you it’s an impossible bid-an act you mustn’t attempt. What of if I tell you are DAMN WRONG.

Yes, I mean every word, every letter of what I just said.

I want to tell you that it is possible if you only take action- If you only sign up for the affiliate programme and take the steps I will outline in this article.

You don’t need to be afraid because I will show you how you can achieve your goals with images to guide you.

I will show you …

The Secret Strategy Jumia used in Getting 270000 Active Customers

Jumia  has achieved a huge growth rate in just three years.
 She has recorded 26 million dollars in net revenue between January to June 2014.
 Do you know what?
She currently has over 270,000 active customers across its seven operation in Nigeria, Cameroun, Egypt, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, and Morocco.
How Jumia Sky-Rocketed its Growth

51 Awesome Benefit Of Blogging To You and Your Business

Is blogging a hype way of building a lucrative business? This question is one which many businesses are asking based on the number of blogs inhabiting the blogosphere.

The answer is no especially when done right.

17 Epic Website To Drive Traffic To Your Food Blog

Driving Traffic to your food blog may appear difficult but it isn't if you strive to engender conversation in most of the communities listed below.

source: flickr
1.      Google+
Google plus is an awesome site where you can post   photos or the latest article about your recipe.

While not everyone has an audience active on Google+, the number of people who interact socially with any Google products on a monthly basis now reportedlyexceeds 500 million.

One advantage of Google+ is that apart from social traffic, Google provides bloggers with  opportunity to interact with their audience through many fronts. This includes You-tube, and your blog-if you install G+.

Though authorship seems to have died, Google still offers you the opportunity to get your photos seen on search engine if you have an active G+ PAGE.

Google plus also helps build the ranking of your site if you are able to draw engagement on the platform. Further reading:

2.      Google + Comm…