How To Make Money From Jumia Without A Webiste

There are many bloggers in Nigeria and beyond who desire to make money from Jumia but are scared due to the requirement of working with code. If you are in this boat-- there is no need to be scared or bothered, because I want to share with you a simple way to make money with Jumia without needing a site.


All it takes is for you to sign up for the Jumia Consultant Program. To sign up for the program you can mail your CV to

If its a challenge getting your CV read just whatsapp me on 0803653354. And I will get back to you.

What is the benefit of the Program?

The program gives you the opportunity to

- Become you own boss

- Meet more people

- Expand your reach: By selling to more people

- Make more money: Increasingly the fastest way to make money on the side.

If you think is hard getting started but you are interested in making purchases at a discount price then drop me a message on Whatsapp-08036532254 so I can  make orders on your behalf.

How Can I Reach Out To People, When I Don't Have a Marketing Bone?

Many people are scared of getting into marketing, because they feel they don't know what to tell people. What if I tell you can start making sales without having to convince people in your work place; though that is a great strategy-more on that later?

All it takes is for you to do the following.

-Send broadcast messages on Whatsapp
-Send your friends messages on facebook.
-Post photos of what you've bought on facebook
-Share photos of great deals on facebook
-Post images of products on sites such as

What happens when you get a response from people?

People who contact will want to know how the product will get to them and the quality of the product. So in order to win them over you have to clearly explain to them the product you have on offer. Be truthful as integrity matters in this business. If they ask how long will it take for them to get the product delivered simply tell them it takes between 3-8 days.

What Happens When You Have a Challenge Answering a Question Asked By a Potential Customer?

Simply tell the client that you would need to get more information about the product and you will get in touch with the person later. You don't need to manufacture answers or you risk getting a client pissed off after a purchase. So if this is a challenge simply mail the staffs of Jumia. I did this when I hadn't complete information on a product a client of mine wanted to purchase.
Below is the conversation I HAD WITH their staffs

What happens when You Finish Making an Order?

When you finish making an order on Jumia, you are giving an option to publish the photo of what you have on facebook. Doing this can create added visibility for the product as other may want to buy same.

If you have any question you want me to answer concerning this you can ask me so I can update this post


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