I Will Teach You How To Transform That Boring Topic Into an Interesting One

One night I felt something-a strange force sitting on top me.

I wanted to scream, but couldn't. Just like in my other dream, my mouth was open, but no sound came forth. My legs would not budge. I was paralyzed. And my heart felt like exploding.

I STRUGGLED to no avail-my hands fixed firmly on the bed... And it suddenly dawned on me that this could be my last night on earth.

Almost giving up I remembered a man -a man called Jesus.  After seeming helplessness, I was able to force the name out of my mouth and out of the blues- I felt a gentle release.

The muscles on my face relaxed, my pounding chest which heaved in frantic beats  hit a steady rhythm and I FOUND myself awake, sweat pouring out of my frightened body.


This is the same difficulty you go through when creating content in a boring niche.


you struggle to create mesmerizing and engaging content to no avail.


You feel there is nothing that can be done.

You know what?

That's a damn big lie...

To buttress my point:

I will show you how a blog on tarpaulin can be made interesting

I will show you how to come up with topics that are interesting even if you are in a boring niche

And I will show you how to blow the mind of your readers, and make them want to come read some more

Is it so easy?


I know you may find it difficult creating content that is memorable-content that hits the sweet spot of your readers and creates the trigger that forces them to share-sending it into the viral market.

What is the solution?

1.       Go For World view Content

According to Jeff Goin, creating content that connect you with your core readers requires you create content with a world view.

In order to have a better understanding, let me share an example I lifted from Jeff Post.

Jeff in that post shared a formula you could use to create a worldview content. And it goes like this.

"Every {Blank} can/should {Blank}"

An example

"Every Californian Should Go Surfing"
“Every parent should care about organic food”
“These are statements  not everyone agrees with, which is an essential characteristic of a worldview. By definition, your worldview must not be something everyone would connect with. It must be somewhat divisive.”… Jeff Goin

Perhaps you are still confused about what a Worldview means.

Let's break it down.

In the above example, Californian is the world view while the niche is surfing.

So you can see that by connecting your worldview to your niche-you can easily create content which is memorable.

To make your niche topic a "world view" -infuse the word why. Using the previous example, it becomes: Why Every Californian Should Go Surfing.

One other interesting thing about "worldview"content is that it can help spark controversy-which can be a good thing as it helps create readers on both side of the divide. Yes, some of this may turn out to be critics but you will also get true fans which you seek.

2. Ask The Right Questions.

Did you know that content in a boring niche can hit 5,135,161 views?

Never! No way!! You are joking!!!

That was my exact thought when I heard that a talk on spaghetti landing that outrageous number of views.

And I did what I had to do...

I read it... And I got hooked.

What did Malcolm String Together To Make That Content Awesome?


He asked the  question:

"Why Do Brands Sell So Many Styles of Spaghetti Sauce when they used to Sell Only One?"

-Can you see how this interesting question made a topic on spaghetti interesting?

3. Tie It Up With A Story

Apart from asking an interesting question, Malcolm used a story to explain why.

As a content creator, try to storify your content  as Kevin did in this exceptional post.

He shared his experience about a Psychopath he had as a roommate-that's why life experience spices up a post and wows the mind of the reader.

Stories isn’t just a staple of bloggers; organization such a Coca-Cola, Eat24, and Lego tell awesome stories.  So it’s time you incorporate it into your content marketing channel.

4. Be Creative

Imagine you own a plastic bottle industry. What kind of article do you think you can create that would crave people’s attention?

What kind of article do you think will be able to generate over 697000 views?


Then you are in for a surprise, because a single article did generated that number of views. And it’s simply titled: 23 Creative Ways To Re-Use Old Plastic Bottles.

This article will blow your mind. The article shows how plastic bottles can be used to create vertical gardens, light bulb, brooms, jewelry stand- just to mention but a few.

How Can You Accomplish This in your boring niche?

Think of an inspiring way you can use your product.

When you do this creatively you are sure to break the traffic bank as this guy did.

5. Strip Away The Technicalities of Your Product.

Do you belong to a fiber laser niche, where writing a copy that blows your readers mind seems to be next to impossible?

Have you even written an article titled: “Top Ten Fiber Lasers’’ that draws dismal traffic?

Don’t worry, just pick your pen and add this to your to repertoire of tricks.

What You Should Do.

Find out where your product has been featured. For instance, when Mike Essex was faced with the same challenge of creating an evergreen article in the fiber glass niche - a  boring niche, he decided to focus on where the product has been used.

His research made him discover that fiber lasers have been used in movies.

Focusing less on the technicalities, he came up with the article titled: Top Ten Movie Scenes With Lasers.

By so doing Mike created captivating content that appealed to a much broader audience.

6. Repurpose Your Content

If your content seems bland, or you feel like throwing up when you think of your niche-it’s time you do something innovative.

It’s time you do something that not only entices your readers, but also forces them to click the share button without thinking.

It’s time to spice up your article with graphics, meme, infographics or videos.

By converting your bland text into various formats- you increase your chances of your content going viral.

To Create Meme, use:

To Create Infographics, use:

To Create a Slideshare, read:

7. Create A Swipe File

As you scavenge the net reading  *chocks* of awesome article -don’t  let those headlines that pulled you into the copy die a natural death.

Do Something

Take those headlines and keep them with the url in your swipe file so that you can revisit it.

For example: if my niche is the Tarpaulin niche and I come across an info-graphic on the periodic table of SEO which I have deposited in my swipe file; I can simply revisit the swipe file later on so as to see if I can rejig my brain to deploy the headline to create a similar infographic though in a different niche.

8. Use Hypnotic Words

Imagine if you had the power to influence people’s subconscious minds.

Imagine if you could do it by using simple trigger words to activate involuntary hypnotic “reflexes” in their brains.

You would never suspect these hypnotic words of holding any power.

They are simple, and innocuous.

“But when you use them consciously and correctly, they can dramatically improve your persuasive power.” …….says the author, Bnonn.

Yes, hypnotic words have such power.

They make your copy powerful if you know how to work them into a boring niche.

They draw your audience into your story, gives them a sense of ownership and makes you sneak into their mind through the back door of their imagination.

As a result it becomes easier for them to make the purchase.

Three examples you can use are: “Imagine, You and Because”

9. Use Power Words

Power words are words that make us feel anger, anguish, hatred, joy..in fact raw emotion.

For example, Jon in his post: 317 Power Words deconstructed one of Churchill's Speech as shown below:

We have before us an ordeal of the most grievous kind. We have before us many, many long months of struggle and of suffering. You ask, what is our policy? I can say: It is to wage war, by sea, land and air, with all our might and with all the strength that God can give us; to wage war against a monstrous tyranny, never surpassed in the dark, lamentable catalogue of human crime. That is our policy. You ask, what is our aim? I can answer in one word: It is victory, victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory, however long and hard the road may be; for without victory, there is no survival.

Can you guess which words stirred the imagination of his audience?
By infusing power words as you write your copy, you kill boredom and draw your reader into your post.

Glaring Example In A Boring Niche

Blendtec an American company in one of their copy had this to say:

Blendtec is more than just a blender—it can change your life. See how Blendtec has become more than just a kitchen appliance to athletes, parents, chefs, artists and more.

Looking at the above copy, you can see the use of “change” a “power word.”

By using the  word “change,” people are enticed to click the video on how blendtec can actually change their lives-this therefore increases conversion.

So Back To Statement I Made About Tarpaulin

How can I make a blog about tarpaulin and ratchet straps interesting?

To do this I need to create an interesting headline.

And below are five headline that I crafted using the techniques in this post.

-Who Invented The Tarpaulin?
-What is The Most Beautiful Tarpaulin in Iceland?
-Three Things Tarpaulin Can Teach You About Creating Remarkable Content
-Did You Know That John.F.Kennedy Used Tarpaulin in His Bed Room?
-Four Reasons Tarpaulins are Better Than Aluminum Roofing Sheets?

N/b: The John F Kennedy’s bit wasn’t researched so it could be false.

These are just a few topics you can create out of the tarpaulin. And to tell you the truth I spent less than five minutes coming up with them-just because I used the world view strategy, asked interesting question a person not interested in tarpaulin will love to read.

So what holding you back from making your blog more interesting?
I bet its you not using this information to your advantage.

Before, I drop my pen; I have a one request to make:

Give me the best headline you can think of about tarpaulin that will make you click the read button.
Lets see your creative force in action.

Meet you in the comment.


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