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17 Epic Website To Drive Traffic To Your Food Blog

Driving Traffic to your food blog may appear difficult but it isn't if you strive to engender conversation in most of the communities listed below. source: flickr 1.      Google+ Google plus is an awesome site where you can post   photos or the latest article about your recipe. While not everyone has an audience active on Google+, the number of people who interact socially with any Google products on a monthly basis now reportedly exceeds 500 million. One advantage of Google+ is that apart from social traffic, Google provides bloggers with  opportunity to interact with their audience through many fronts. This includes You-tube, and your blog-if you install G+. Though authorship seems to have died, Google still offers you the opportunity to get your photos seen on search engine if you have an active G+ PAGE. Google plus also helps build the ranking of your site if you are able to draw engagement on the platform. Further reading: