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25 SEO Mistakes That Will Land You in Google Hell

A masked man storms a shop brandishing a grenade. Bystanders and shoppers notice the big G…. MAYBE A member of a GANG… With their eyes down, they quickly move to the door and out onto the street…. A month later he comes back. This time the thug pushes the poor woman on the ground almost breaking her leg in the process. Shocked from the onslaught, she gasps for air. The thug not yet done flings the grenade and her shop goes down in a pack of smoke. He drags her to one side and sternly warns her, “Next time don’t do what you did” The Question: what did she do? Answer : she committed SEO mistakes that Google had to sack her from its market place. Just like her I also made the Google god’s angry. I stole people’s content …..Not like +Adrienne Smith   did or +Jon Morrow   taught. I stole people’s content without acknowledging them. Is this strange? Nope, it happens all the time. How I got Google Kicked out of Search Engine Land.

Ultimate Guide To Making Huge Money Online With Konga Affiliate

Okay, let me be frank with you; this article shares a step by step method to earn cash with or without a website. In short it’s so detailed that I advise you bookmark this page or download it for further reference. How to Make Money with Konga Affiliate Marketing You are in a dilemma. You are scared of setting up a website because you feel you have poor writing skills. So you feel earning money online is a mirage. Or perhaps you have the writing skill of Wole Soyinka but terms like SEO and Google Keyword Planner has frightened the hell out of you. So to you it’s an impossible bid-an act you mustn’t attempt. What of if I tell you are DAMN WRONG. Yes, I mean every word, every letter of what I just said. I want to tell you that it is possible if you only take action- If you only sign up for the affiliate programme and take the steps I will outline in this article. You don’t need to be afraid because I will show you how you can achieve your goals with images to guid

The Secret Strategy Jumia used in Getting 270000 Active Customers

Jumia  has achieved a huge growth rate in just three years.  She has recorded 26 million dollars in net revenue between January to June 2014.  Do you know what? She currently has over 270,000 active customers across its seven operation in Nigeria, Cameroun, Egypt, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, and Morocco. How Jumia Sky-Rocketed its Growth