Ultimate Guide To Making Huge Money Online With Konga Affiliate

Steps To Make Money With Konga Affiliate Progrmme

Okay, let me be frank with you; this article shares a step by step method to earn cash with or without a website. In short it’s so detailed that I advise you bookmark this page or download it for further reference.

How to Make Money with Konga Affiliate Marketing

You are in a dilemma.

You are scared of setting up a website because you feel you have poor writing skills.

So you feel earning money online is a mirage.

Or perhaps you have the writing skill of Wole Soyinka but terms like SEO and Google Keyword Planner has frightened the hell out of you.

So to you it’s an impossible bid-an act you mustn’t attempt. What of if I tell you are DAMN WRONG.

Yes, I mean every word, every letter of what I just said.

I want to tell you that it is possible if you only take action- If you only sign up for the affiliate programme and take the steps I will outline in this article.

You don’t need to be afraid because I will show you how you can achieve your goals with images to guide you.

I will show you how you can monetize your site or Facebook page because I know that’s what you want - so that you can put food on the table or smile to the bank as Pascal did.

But you need to understand one thing.

You need to understand that without a website, for you to succeed you must be active on social media; be it Facebook, Instagram, or twitter.

However, I feel Facebook provides a formidable platform to achieve your goal of earning money with Konga- i.e if you harness it properly.

This is why I advise people to ensure they understand the importance of relationship building as it helps breed trust and increase sales.

So enough of the preamble: let’s get into the business.

The Step By Step Process of Earning Money Online With Konga Affiliate

1. Sign Up For The Affiliate Program

To sign up for the affiliate program, you need to register here. Once you’ve clicked the link you’ll be shown the page below.
Just fill in the details

2. Wait To Receive an Invite

Once you've filled in your details and submitted, the next thing is to wait for your invite. The invite will be sent to your registered e-mail.

3. Log-in To Your Dash Board

Once you have received an invite, you can login to the dashboard. To do this, click on the link in the email you were sent or visit the Konga's affiliate site and log-in.
As shown below, you will need to put your e-mail address and password in the provided space.

4. Get Your Affiliate Link

Once you’ve logged in, look at the left-hand side of the dashboard and click on the promotion tab.

When you click on this tab you will see Banner and link - click on it also- this will then take you to the "Get Affiliate Link".

The Get affiliate link page allows you to input the link of any product you want to promote. However, in choosing a product - select the one you are comfortable about. This will give you an edge when promoting it.

How To Get The Link (Not Affiliate Link) of The Specific Product You Want to Promote

To do this you need to go back to Konga.com and search through their catalogues

There are several ways to do this:

ü Go to “Shop by Category”:

Once there you can click on:

*Phones &Tablet
*Computer & Accessories
*Konga Fashion
*Home & Kitchen
*Baby, Kids & Toys
*Other Categories

Once you’ve clicked on any of the categories you are interested in – you can then drill further and find a specific item to promote.

For example, if I find a Toshiba laptop the next step to take is to click on it. This then takes me to a page where I can buy the Toshiba Laptop.

Once on this page: I will go to the browser tab and copy the available link.
Having copied the link, I can then go to the Get Affiliate link page and input the link I want to promote so I can get the special affiliate link.

ü Use The Search Bar

Just write the word of the item you desire to promote on the search bar.
For example, if the phone I want to promote is the fastest selling phone on Konga- what I need to do is:

Type Infinix phone in the search tab.

As you can see below there are several brands of Infinix phones to pick from. Once you’ve made your choice - the next logical step is to click the phone as I mentioned previously and copy the link in the browser tab.

As you repeat the process, it will become easier for you to do, and other faster techniques will pop right into your brain- or you will simply discover them.

Continuation of How To Obtain Your Special Affiliate Link

Simply put the link you’ve gotten during your search at the right-hand side (of the get affiliate link page) where it is written “Insert the Product Link”. Then click on “Show Me My Affiliate Link”.

The code so generated is your affiliate link: you can copy the code or URL and place it on your website or social media of your choice.

5. Get Targeted Traffic

Posting your affiliate link on your website or social media may not bring you the money you seek. The reason is because people are banner blind. Hence to make money you must learn the art of content marketing.

What this simply means is that you should endeavour to provide content your audience desire. To achieve this, you need to look for the keywords people will use to find your content.
This is why keyword research is important.

If you know little or nothing about keyword research I recommend you read this guide on How to use keyword planner.

I have used pictures to help simplify the process.

Also you need to use Ubersuggest to get long tail words.

Once you’ve gotten the right keywords you can go ahead to create content. This kind of content is laser focused and drives targeted traffic.

Another thing you need to take note of is the need to write reviews of the affiliate products.

The reason is because writing reviews of product you want to promote is good and most people who check out reviews of product are already in the buying mode. So it is easy for you to convert them in customers.


In writing reviews ensure you use simple English people can understand. There is no need of using big grammar to confuse your visitors.


The more confused a visitor to your site is the less likely he or she will buy from you.

Note: if visitors do click on your affiliate link or banner and end up not buying, don’t be angry, because konga with the aid of cookies will still give you a commission if the visitor ends up buying something else.

6. Promotion

What if I Don’t Have a Website?

For those who don’t have a website but do have a facebook page or twitter account it isn’t the end of the road if you have substantial followers on any of the platforms.

What you need to do is for you to write the reviews of the products on your facebook page.

You can then promote the post through the following means:

 By Sharing to Facebook Groups:

These groups should be groups that find your post informative. Just sharing your post to any group you see may not be very effective. So it’s important you streamline the groups you target your post to.

 Through Forums:

To use forums to promote an affiliate link can get you banned. So what you need to do is write a review on your facebook page of topic you find interesting and put a call to action in the post linking to your facebook page. You can also put the facebook page link in your signature.

 Facebook Adverts

This method requires you to pay money. To be frank with you getting the most visibility to you facebook page in the age of declining page reach without paying is almost an impossible. So just set up your mind that paid reach has come to stay.
However, you need to ensure your adverts are targeted to your intending audience.

 Boost Post:

Whenever you post an article on your facebook page-you’ll see the boost option-this gives you option of paying to get your post visible to a wide audience.

As I MENTIONED in the Facebook ads option-your post must be targeted to get the best result.

For example, if you want to boost a post on pampers, you should ensure the post is targeted to women within the age range of 25-35. The reason I will target this age range is because they target demography are most likely nursing mothers or newly married couples.

Failure to properly target your audience can lead to money wastage.


You should understand that affiliate marketing like any business requires interest. If you can’t sustain your interest in a particular niche you will find it difficult to succeed.

However, it is doable.

So why not take the bold step to visit Konga Affiliate Page and Get Started


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