Why Non-Native English Speakers Should Use Grammarly Except they are Grammar Kings and Queens

As a non-native English speaker, I always had issues with punctuation before Grammarly came to my rescue. Knowing when to use the almighty Colon or double dash was a challenge to me.

These factors coupled with using the right syntax made editing all the more difficult.
Though Microsoft word did catch some of my typo’s, I discovered that Microsoft word just acted as a big sieve that allowed sentences with the wrong syntax to seep through.

This gave me tons of headaches until someone recommended Grammarly to me. That’s why I love to use it.

Grammarly corrects far more mistakes than your regular word processor.

For non-native English speakers- Grammarly is of great importance; except your  English Tutors are plain awesome.

If you are like me and you want to avoid using ‘in’ in place of ‘or’ then Grammarly is for you—because it has the ability to catch improper phrases, clauses, and sentences.

Grammarly also gives your writing a professional edge. And it is really cost effective.

If you doubt it— try the services of professional editors.

Imagine the money you will cough out just to get what Grammarly offers to you at rock bottom prize or even for free.

Imagine your account in red just because of your insane desire to produce outstanding content without really analyzing if its profitable.

Without much ado, I recommend Grammarly to every non-native English speaker who wants to save time, energy and money.

How to Use Grammarly Editor

Once you have finished typing your document either in word or notepad, the next step is to save the document and upload it in Grammarly.

 The App will then scan through the text and point out errors.

These errors will show up at the right hand side of the screen alongside suggestion on how to fix them.

To fix them, simply click on the highlighted text and you are good as done.

Features of Grammarly Editor

1. Browser App

I love this App because instead of the usual Gmail or Microsoft word correction tool; I have this amazing app that helps me check my web-based writing.

All it takes is for you to download the plugin for Chrome.

So, whether I am typing a mail on Gmail, Facebook, twitter or Word Press; the app makes me produce great content with minimal error in it.

2. The In-browser editor

This was the standard way to correct an error before the launch of the browser app. The in-browser editor requires you to login to Grammarly before use.

Once you’ve logged-in, a dashboard comes up where you can upload your text document or write a new project or if you desire to check out previous edits on the platform.

To show you how powerful Grammarly is – just take a look at the document below. The first part is written with Microsoft word.

As you can see, Word tells me there are no errors but when the same document is processed by Grammarly the result is different.

The tool is this powerful because it has an awesome scanning algorithm.

So instead of analyzing words from a database, It utilizes the database located in the cloud. With the aid of the algorithm, Grammarly scans every part of the document and also determines if punctuation and grammar are in tandem with academic rules.

3. Plagiarism Checker

Another top notch feature of Grammarly is their Plagiarism checker. I know most of you are already familiar with Copy Scape — but I love Grammarly because it not only serves as Grammar check but can  help me determine if a post or article has been plagiarized.

Imagine outsourcing a guest post to a client.
He is done and your smile knows no bound as you eagerly mail the guest post to your target blog.
You patiently await their response.
Then, you get this bombshell that shakes you to the marrow:

“The article is copied”.

Sorry, if you’ve ever been in that shoe. With Grammarly checker you wouldn’t be embarrassed as you can simply find out if the article has been plagiarised.

Grammarly plagiarism checker cross-checks your text against other over 8billion webpages, detecting plagiarized passages and highlighting sections that have been published elsewhere.

So this is why I recommend it.

So, do you use any other tool to check your spellings and grammar? I will love to know

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