How to Make Cash with Your Payoneer (Refer a Friend) Mastercard

Making money with Payoneer affiliate program is not all magic. It’s as simple as telling your friend to get a Mastercard for free.

This technique is called affiliate marketing and it’s easy to get into. You don’t have to be an extrovert to make money from affiliate marketing. All it takes is for you to convince people to use the product.


Imagine going to a hair salon where you are given a dazzling haircut.
Imagine coming back home to ask your friend if he loves the hair style.
Imagine him telling you yes! and the need for you to show him where you got the haircut.
Imagine taking him there and putting moolah, kudi or ego into the barber’s pocket and getting nothing in return.

Do you feel bad?

Perhaps Yes! Perhaps No!

But the situation can definitely be different if you go to a barbing shop that pays you to get customers.

And this is what Affiliate marketing is about.

Affiliate marketing involves convincing your friends, and acquaintance to use a genuine and beneficial service or product while also dropping moolah into your bank account.

However, for the sake of this post I am focusing on making money with Payoneer.

All it takes is for you to sign up for the Payoneer Refer a Friend Program.

To sign up for the Refer a friend program take the following steps:

Steps To Sign Up for The Refer a Friend Program

1. Visit this Page and Click Start Today

2. Login to your “My Account” on the Payoneer page

3. Click on the Refer a Friend Banner

The refer a friend banner is located on the right side for the website. Once you click on this banner you will be taken to their affiliate page.

4. Fill in the necessary requirement and earn 25$ reward for each referral that signs up. And receive at least $100

How Can You Get Others to Sign Up For the Program.

1. By writing a Review Post about Payoneer

A review post should simply be about the services Payoneer renders and your experience while using them.

2. A Solution Post

This post will focus on the problems Payoneer can solve. For example it can be:

Step By Step Guide on How To Get Payoneer Card In Nigeria

3. By Doing a Sponsored Post on Facebook

To achieve this, you will need to set up a facebook page. If you already have one – you should simply boost your post to your target audience.

To get the best from new pages, you may need to phrase the page name and make it damn enticing.

For examples: Someone can name the page: New Income Opportunity for Nigerians
Once you’ve set up the page, the next thing is to do sponsored post or facebook adverts.

4. Promote on Social Media

The promotion I mean is the free form of promotion - not paid promotion. Simply share the article you’ve written to your friends on facebook or followers on twitter.

5. Comment on Other Blogs

Seek out for sites that use comment luv plugin. once you landed on the site read the articles and drop amazing comments; this way more people will be able to find your content.

However, ensure you don’t drop spam comment or will end up being banned.


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