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Why Non-Native English Speakers Should Use Grammarly Except they are Grammar Kings and Queens

As a non-native English speaker, I always had issues with punctuation before Grammarly came to my rescue. Knowing when to use the almighty Colon or double dash was a challenge to me. These factors coupled with using the right syntax made editing all the more difficult. Though Microsoft word did catch some of my typo’s, I discovered that Microsoft word just acted as a big sieve that allowed sentences with the wrong syntax to seep through. This gave me tons of headaches until someone recommended Grammarly to me. That’s why I love to use it. Grammarly corrects far more mistakes than your regular word processor. For non-native English speakers- Grammarly is of great importance; except your  English Tutors are plain awesome. If you are like me and you want to avoid using ‘in’ in place of ‘or’ then Grammarly is for you—because it has the ability to catch improper phrases, clauses, and sentences. Grammarly also gives your writing a professional edge. And it is really cost e