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2 Branding Principles Small Businesses Can Learn from Coca- Cola

One beautiful day, I took a stroll into my friend's small restaurant.

My friend is an enterprising young lady. She knows how to cook African  dishes.

As usual I took a seat surveyed the environment and discovered something that struck me.

It was the branding all over her shop.

It was a Coca-Cola branding Fiesta.

Right at the entrance of her shop stood her sign board branded by coca-cola.

On each eating tables lay 2 mini-coke bottles which contained salt and tooth pick.

The fridge was also Coca Cola branded.

This got me thinking.

It taught me an all important lesson.

Coca Cola knows the impact of branding.

They fully understand the impact branding has on sales.

To achieve maximum impact they deployed Copy writing.

Copy writing on wall papers were placed in several  strategic places.

Some of the Ads states:

Meals taste better with Coke
Refreshes like no other
The Perfect Match

This is copy writing at its best.

5 words, 4 words, 3 words packed with powerful imagery that enchants you …

Oriflame North For Men Deodorant Review

This skin proven recipe is a beauty to embrace.
Oriflame North for Men deodorant offers you 24 hours dry protection.
This means you apply it once and you are good to go to the next day.

North For Men  deodorant comes with an anti-white mark technology.

The technology gives your skin a flawless appearance after application.

Unlike most aftershave in the market,  Oriflame North fragrance is dermatologically tested. This shows you that integrity is the watchword.

It also comes with zinc a compound known for its ability to prevent the damaging effect of UV light.

North men comes with 24 hours protection

Age Control Cream

Wearing a youthful look at age 40 is definitely possible.

Thanks to North for men. This advanced formula helps to keep the skin firmer.
It has been dermatologically tested -with 79 % of respondents agreeing that North for men helps fight signs of aging, 79%

Buy on Jumiafrom #1200
or Buy in Bulk at discounted rate by becoming a consultant

Review: Oriflame North For Men AfterShave Balm For Nigeria

Hi everyone, today I’m want to talk about one of the best after shave balms for men in Nigeria. Before I talk about this delightful aftershave balm, let get to know the difference between an aftershave balm and aftershave lotion.

An after shave balm is a cream based product which is used after shaving, in place of an after shave lotion.

 After shave balms are skin friendly as they not only soothes skin irritation but also moisturizes the skin.

 After shave lotions contain mostly alcohol as its base ingredient. It leaves the skin dry after use. Unlike the lotion, After-shave balms are mostly are alcohol-free and provides various other benefits to the skin along with moisturizing.

Since they are cream based, they are also available in organic variants. Now to the Oriflame North Aftershave Balm Review. The Oriflame North for Men aftershave is an aesthetic delight.

Its cover comes with a transparent hue that is comfortable to remove and at the same time firm enough to prevent the balm fr…

Oriflame Love Portion Perfume in Nigeria Review

Buy now

The hue depicts seduction.
Its slender bottle looks captivating.

Men love this deeply femine fragrance.
The opening reveals of cocktail of ginger, tangerine or orange.

It also has a note of sweet cocoa.

It has rum-like quality, for some this may be consider a bit on the strong side.

For others it breathes a tinge of sandal wood and tonka beans.

After a few minutes, a spritz of coffee can be seen to float through your being.

This scent is definitely lovely, especially if you are one to love chocolate/coffee blended notes.

Have any difficulty ordering reach me on whatsapp 08036532254

Oriflame Nigeria Digital Catlogue 2016

Are you looking for the Oriflame digital catalogue for 2016? Look no more! Here is the latest Oriflame Catalogue If you want to become an Oriflame Consultant you can read this. or Register here

Oriflame Consultant in Nigeria

The question on the mind of people are: 

-Where can I find an Oriflame consultant in Nigeria?


I am an Oriflame consultant and I guide people to success.
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I can act as your guide through the process. I have step by step process that will take out the stress from you. I have written guides on how to do your payments and make orders.

I reveal tips on how to get customers and become successful.

These tips are however only available to a select group of people.

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ORIFLAME FACE of NIGERIA 2019 BY ORIFLAME: How To Register/Qualify

Are you a male or female aspiring model or already a model?

 Are you looking for an opportunity to break out of the model rat race and get to the top? 

Then this is the opportunity to do so.

Oriflame Nigeria is offering you the opportunity to be the face of their brand in Nigeria in the “Face of Oriflame Nigeria” competition.

Just imagine landing on the cover page of their catalogue.
Just imagine the opportunity to make money in the process.
Just imagine being a leader representing an international brand
Just because you registered as a consultant in Oriflame Nigeria.

If this catches your fancy or if you know someone who will like this opportunity now is the time to bless the person’s life by providing this life-changing information.
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 The winner will be featured in Oriflame Catalogue 2017 Oriflame Model Contract worth NGN100,000


 NGN 75,000


NGN 50,000

CHANGE your life today!


How to Pay for Oriflame product in Nigeria

Oriflame has a catalogue of products that includes:

- Perfumes
- Skin care: blemish solver, cleansers, moisturising lotion
- Personal &Hair care: body lotion, conditioners and foot cream, foot scrub, hair mask, hand and nail cream shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant and hair oil
- Make up that consist of eyeliner, eye pencil, lip gloss, lipstick, mascara, Nail polish, and powder - just to mention but a few.

Probably, the question on the mind of people who want to order Oriflame product is: How Can I go about it?

If this question has been of concern to you –bother no more since this article you will teach you 3 ways to pay for Oriflame product in Nigeria.

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3 Ways To Pay For Oriflame Product In Nigeria

2018: The 10 Best Waterproof Laptop BackPacks Review

The best laptop packs aren’t an easy find. When purchased –they hold a special place in your heart because they offer your precious item protection from terrible weather elements.

That’s why I encourage you to read this created list of the best waterproof laptop backpack in 2018 you can find in the market. 

And you may find they’re nothing like the backpack you have used before –you may just find that these backpacks are truly amazing.
These laptop backpacks are not only water-resistant. 

They are also design friendly and comfortable to carry about.

 The designs are eye-catching and beautiful. 

Whether you want to take your laptop to Mac Donald or you want to take a hike with your laptop - these backpacks offer you state of the art protection against bad weather conditions. 

With these laptop bags, you no longer need to fear the drizzling rain or snow flurry as they offer you the protection you would never have imagined.

2018 Best Waterproof Back Packs
These backpacks are not for everybody. Th…

How to Make Money In Nigeria Without A Website

I have talked about how an individual like you can actually do something great for yourself from the comfort of your home. However, today I am here to tell you one of several ways you can make money online in Nigeria without a website by utilizing the Kaymu’s platform.  I am sure you must have heard of E-bay that gigantic website where you can buy and sell.
You need not worry if haven’t heard of it. This is because the Nigerian alternative is just at your door and you can deploy it as a strategy to make cash online.
Is making Cash Online in Nigeria without a blog Possible?

How To Be a Beauty Product Distributor in Nigeria: The Oriflame Example

There are lots of people out there who have a desire to get into beauty product selling. May be you are in this category but you have a challenge of starting.

If this is your challenge then this post is for you. In this post you will learn why being a distributor for Oriflame is a potential money-making machine. One thing I love about being a beauty product distributor is that it can be done on a part-time basis.

So even a banker can get into this business. The role of a Distributor Manufacturers produces products while retailer sells them to end users. There is another category of people who link product manufacturers to the retailers who sell to consumers.

And believe me when I say manufacturers love distributors because they make it easy for their product to get to nook and cranny of the country. So if you have the ability to source for retailers who can purchase a particular brands product and sell to the consumer you can be sure that being a distributor is a role you can play.


Importance of Language transcription services for Nigerian Business

Contact Peter on 08036532254 For Spanish, German, Portugues, French Translation and Transcription service in Nigeria. Language transcription services involve creating textual records of either video or audio recording or other texts written in a different language to that of your choice. It can be recordings of meetings, or conferences. Or it can be a business document written in another language. Why is Transcription Important? With the growth of Artificial Intelligence, many business people fail to appreciate the importance of language transcription services. They feel that automated machine can do the needful work. This assumption is quite far from the truth –reasons being that; there is an extent to which a machine will be able to transcribe sound into text. Also the ability of a machine to understand the syntax of another language and for it to thereafter ensure that the syntax is retained in the new language it is converted to -is difficult to achieve. This is another reason why…

Newbies: Simple OffPage Optimization Techniques that will Double Your Traffic

While creating awesome content is an important strategy to drive traffic. In order to boost your traffic level damn fast you will need to consider off page optimization.

What is OffPage Optimization ?

Off Page optimization is the process of optimizing your site outside your website. Its aim is to push up your blog ranking on Google. And this involves building of back links

How to Register and Make Money as a Jumia Affiliate by Inserting Ads

Jumia Nigeria was formally called Kasuwa. Kasuwa successfully re-branded itself to Jumia in order to reposition itself as a leading African online retailing company and In order to achieve its desire of becoming the best. This it has succeeded in doing in Nigeria.

With its in-depth penetration of the market in Nigeria, the opportunity has risen for Nigerians to make money online as an affiliate of Jumia.

How to Become an Affiliate of Jumia (Note Some Links are Affiliate links)

Becoming an affiliate of Jumia requires that you have a blog. If you don’t have one- you could register with blogger and make money through promoting their hot deals. This will give you the leverage to promote their products online

Note however that having a blog is not the only criteria

Other requirements include having a sizable amount of traffic to your site
On approval of the program, you can start promoting various ranges of products available.

How to Apply to For Jumia Affiliate Program 

First, visit http://…

How to Pay For Oriflame Registration

Lots of people are at a loss on how they should pay for the Oriflame Nigeria registration fee which is #3000 hence the reason for writing this post.

The Step By Step Method for Paying for Oriflame Registration in Nigeria

Ultimate Guide To Making Money With Study Soup

The Ultimate Guide to Making Money as a Student with StudySoup

Why did I write this guide?

I wanted to give you an extensive and detailed guide of ways you can deploy Study Soup site to make money.

This study guide is filled with chock full of tactical and actionable ideas you can implement  as a student to make money.

Who is this guide for?

If you’re in school, and you are very good in taking note in classes, this guide is for you.

The ultimate guide to making money with study soup is for any student looking for extra income to purchase textbooks, pay off student’s loan, to feed or  to do shopping.

The Ultimate guide to earning money with Study Soup is for anyone who blogs on: How to make money, small business,

affiliate marketing.

This guide provides actionable tactics you can deploy study soup and smile to the bank.

How Much of This Guide will Benefit You?

To get the most out of this guide, you’ll want to read everything. While this is the best way, you may want to focus on specif…